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I love my children, but I also love my sanity, and that sanity comes from bad TV and sweet, sweet silence. I have six-year-old twins, and right now they go to bed at around p.

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I hear other parents talk about their first graders staying up and hanging out with them until p. When do they watch The Bachelorette and eat the cookies they hide from their children? By p. At that point, I am unable to even pretend to parent anymore. All conversations my children try to have with me between the hours of 8 p.

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The more I talked to other parents about bedtimes, however, the more concerned I got that p. I have a tendency to get lulled into complacency by the habits of day-to-day life, and sometimes forget that my children keep getting older and occasionally the rules need to change.

So when I learned that my kids had the earliest bedtime of all of their first-grade friends, it made me a little nervous. Was I putting my kids to bed way too early? Was I about to lose the only time of the day when I am able to fully and completely relax? To address my concerns, I decided to ask an expert for guidance. Did she think that p. First graders need ten to twelve hours of sleep a night. Otherwise they are sleep deprived, and we all act like two-year-olds when we are sleep deprived. My kids wake up at a. I can put them to bed at 5 p. Now Timmy, go get Momma another martini.

If I had older kids who were doing homework and then going to bed at 9 p. I take my kids to and from school every day. I have three hours with them before school and three hours after.

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I am not hurting for time with my. If I had a job where I had to be at work by a. Of course I understand why some parents would want to push that bedtime back by an extra hour or so in order to get some time with their children. You know, for bonding. Or for algebra, which is the opposite of bonding.

Thankfully, I no longer feel any pressure to let my kids stay up past p. I want to watch inappropriate TV with my husband and have a glass of wine. Meredith Bland is an award-winning humor and parenting writer from Seattle.

She works as a staff writer at Mommyish, and has a humor blog called Pile of Babies. You can follow her on Twitter at pileofbabies. at letters time. Getty Images. By Meredith Bland. I never, ever, want my children to stay up past 8pm. Get our Health Newsletter. up to receive the latest health and science news, plus answers to wellness questions and expert tips.

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Worked 12am off late ne good girl wanna hang tonite

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What time do you go to sleep?