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Detention Center Gillespie St. Fayetteville, NC The purpose of the Search and Rescue Team is to handle land and dive rescue missions. Land Rescue is responsible for searching for lost, missing or overdue persons from very young to seniors and for evidence recovery.

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Our mission is to reach out and give support to any citizen of Cumberland County and other counties that may need aid in search and rescue incidents. Supervisor — Lt. Spiegler — After hour emergencies should contact the Watch Commander at How do I contact community watch?

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How do I contact the DAs office? How do I contact the Tax office? How do I contact Victim Assistance?

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How do I dispose of medications? How do I file a complaint? Drop down with complaint selections How do I get a paper served? How do I get a report? How do I get funeral escort? How do I get information about the Sheriff's Auction? How do I get someone to come to my meeting? Jury Duty, I have questions? Who do I contact to setup a deputy for a special? Is there a visitor dress code at the jail?

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What am I not allowed to bring into Jail when I am visiting? Where do I go to get married? How do I see if I have sex offenders living in my neighborhood? What do I do if I missed my court date? How do I get a background check and what are the costs? How do I get a gun permit?

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Do you honor my out of state concealed carry? If I am military am I exempt from concealed carry class? Do I need additional documents if I am military? Can I pick up my purchase permit? Can I walk in for fingerprints?

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How can I attach additional documents How long is a E good for? How do I get a background check? Can I get a permit at the age of 18? What will work as proof of residency?

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Can I change my address on my purchase permit application? How Do I Court Dates Courthouse: Dick St. Controls Change language below:. Other Agencies.

Seniors looking for sex with Earl North Carolina

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Special Victims Unit