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Their showroom was on E 34th Street. Everything is broken, as Dylan says. Faber is recalled by a large facing the East River painted on its original building at 37 Greenpoint Avenue at West Street, and by the huge yellow terra cotta pencils on its old Art Deco building next door at Franklin. I arrived in Greenpoint inon the news that it was on the verge of a comeback. It was built in by Helmle and Huberty. Harte also manufactured vinyl car mats among there menu of products. Directly in front of the ESB is 3 Park Avenue, a building turned at a diagonal to the street grid, completed in It was replaced in by the massive Pulaski Bridge a block to the east.

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Commercial Street itself faces a terrific view of mid-Manhattan, which, as usual in Brooklyn waterfront areas, is off limits to most, behind barbed wire. Landmarked Milton St. The street is marked by two tall spires, belonging to St.

Anthony of Padua, a Catholic church built in On the left is a house where a friend lived in the s; he had the top floor bay window, from which we could see the picturesque scene. Some of the interior detail of the Meserole has been preserved on the drugstore ceiling. GMDC rehabilitates vacant maunfacturing buildings for use by small companies.

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I was born and raised on India st. Stanislaus at Driggs Ave and Humboldt st. I attended St. Alphonsus church and school there also. The fourth generation Josephs still runs a skeleton of the store and is 75…. The park contains a triumphant crescent-shaped shelter pavilion deed in by famed architectural firm Helmle and Huberty.

Should you require and further info please feel free to write I generally check my s approx 3 to 4 times daily. There was a bathtub in the kitchen and a single electrical outlet to suffice for two and a half rooms. Wow, thanks for posting the photos of Greenpoint. Might that be why there are cattle skulls as part of the decor? Oakum is manufactured for plumbers and used for packing around steel pipe fittings or caulking lead ts.

Less than a decade after the battle, William Street was renamed for the famed vessel. I recalled almost all of the photos you posted on this site. As a matter of fact, syrup of figs is still used as a laxative. If you follow it eastward, it reaches Sunnyside, Queens, changes its name to Roosevelt Avenue, and plunges into Woodside, Corona and ultimately, Flushing. I used to live at N. You and myself and Norman Funicello used to hang out together all over N. Send me an - hlinhart gmail. But back to Manhattan Avenue.

My fathers company went out of business aroundand have no idea when Harte finally went out or sold out. With sincere gratitude Puerto Rican. The old school phoneprobably EVergreen, is still there too. The rusting industrial area on West Street, the western end of Greenpoint, has been the location for dozens of motion picture scenes where a desolated area is in the script. Franklin Street was the original road from Greenpoint to Long Island City, opening in as a toll road. It has been ly called L, and then Lincoln, Street. The reality was that Greenpoint was never necessarily in need of a comeback.

Great Rebuttal Rudy. My dad is gone. Best, Gloria. My father always described Leonard Street and the area as Polish.

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Ceciliajust below the southern Greenpoint border at Herbert Street and North Henry Street, is recognizable for miles by its illuminated green dome. I am 64 and lived in Greenpoint since but knew it since …and my family goes back to As far as I know and Josephs great grand son who is 40 told me that the first Josephs established the store in ….

My apartment, however, on Green Street, was in need of a comeback. Ken, when did you go to St. I went from Lived on Franklin between Huron and India. Parts of West Street are lined with what I have never seen in other parts of NYC: sidewalks made up of cut wooden blocks. Of course we are Irish and I am surprised to hear the area was Irish. I grew up playing on the docks along West st. Thank you for sharing that more accurate recollection. Your post was so interesting. The King of All Buildings can be seen spectacularly from Greenpoint, as well as from southern Queens communities just to the north.

Hey Rudy, Loved your comments.

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Brought back many good memories of a time gone by and let this soldier forget if only for awhile the horrors of war. Greenpoint Savings Bank, on Manhattan and Calyer. Did you know Barbara Wody. Many Sunday afternoons were spent with my cousins in the park and somedays in a movie with a bright yellow facade that I recall was at the corner of Driggs Ave and Russel St. My dad attended PS and as a young man,sang in St. Greenpoint at that time 19 20sshad large Irish as well as Polish enclaves.

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Great post, great photos. You brought back great memories… Thanks! The pencil factory itself, on Franklin Street near Java, is recognizable by a distinctive yellow star-in-diamond symbol. It was built in the s where the old Meserole family farm had stood. Old-school Greenpoint reasserts itself a few doors down. I am looking to relatives who live on India st.

My father business Wearever Shower Curtain Corp. The son would love to sell and build a 7 store half block hipster condo. Lena squeezes out of the smashed windshield and hobbles down West Street in her underwear, which she appears in for most of the movie. Joseph and sons, but they have quite the little empire on Manhattan Ave. Might the Norwood, at Manhattan, have been a hotel originally? It took about 20 years for the comeback, if you can call it that, to happen, spurred from nearby Williamsburg, where trendies from the East Village had arrived and spilled northward, to a degree.

Partially shown on the right is a building once known as Greenpoint Home for the Aged, set considerably back from the street. I was born and raised on Franklin between Huron and India.

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The bank itself was established in It was laid out in as a means of bringing Manhattanites to the new Calvary Cemetery in Maspeth. A back window afforded a view of the King of All Buildings. Your webmaster shot these images in August and December and wrote the on April May 1st, Many Brooklyn memories conjured up by these photos. Regards, Howard H. Thank you for doing so. Thanks for the memories and for keeping the old Greenpoint alive!

The abandoned JK Restaurant Supplies, next door, is an example of the dual nature of Greenpoint, with some pockets stubbornly resisting a comeback. I found the hotel with mattresses piled in the windows intriguing, as well as the building which, except for the four small windows, has not one opening that is the same. Start a chat. About me. Two buildings, Franklin and Eagle Streets. Sell and buy real estate, cars and other stuff in luxembourg classifieds on www.

You are here gmdc rehabilitates vacant maunfacturing buildings for use by small companies. Underground sex brockton ma by video duration But back to Manhattan Avenue. Want sex free luxembourg sex My dad is gone. Anti-colonialism within europe Of course we are Irish and I am surprised to hear the area was Irish. If you are visiting or live in orangeburg, south carolina and are looking for bdsm, we can get you connected with other adult friends fast. Browse by last name A back window afforded a view of the King of All Buildings.

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Photo: Chris Sattler. Sixy girl brockton covid your well-being is important to us! It was built by industrialist, shipbuilder, and real estate speculator Neziah Bliss. Popular women.

Franklin polish girl with red scion my neighbor

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