Woods witch seeking hedge knight

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Register. Container minimized. So I've just started again and looking to either start up some RP or in on some stories. He wandering the length of the Ebonheart Pact territory trying to meet like minded people and to stick to his oath to defend the week. I'm not really looking to a guild just at the minute, more wanting to get a taste of the community and get back into RP before finding myself a home.

If anyone's interested in doing some RP or might have some room for a new person in their storyline can message me on here of in game etharal. Hey there, I hope you're still around!

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Not really sure, but do reply here if you are. Here are some sites to help you out! If you let me know what you're looking for I don't mind looking through countless of thre to help you find somewhere you feel you belong :d 1. Dagerfall Covenant EU Site 2. Ebonheart Pact EU Site 3. Posted Feb 28, Delete this post?

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Woods witch seeking hedge knight

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