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Is it your first time in Athens? Are you a born-and-bred Athenian? Whether you are a newbie or an old-timer in the city of Athensthere are always riveting things for you to experience! From relaxing wanderings around scenic neighborhoods to discovering culture through local flavors, exploring Athens is a never-ending task! The city lures you in, making you always return to catch up with the new ventures or rekindle memories of exciting experiences.

Here is a carefully selected list of 50 things to do in Athens to make sure the city lives up to your dreams! Explore the historic neighborhoods of the Greek capital city. Taste delectable Greek beer in an Athenian microbrewery. One of locals' favorite thing to do in Athens: Relish the sunset from 'Vrahakia'. Snap a photo with an Evzone and watch the changing of the guard. Give in to your love for cinema at the University Cinema Club.

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Savor the king of Greek street food: the delicious souvlaki! Attend a classical theater performance in the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. If you're a fan of Greek Mythology, don't forget to a Percy Jackson-themed tour! Visit the neighborhoods of Athens demonstrating the best Greek street art. Enjoy a relaxing walk on the paved Apostolou Pavlou Street. Unveil hidden treasures at the market on Avissinias Square.

If Athens' panoramic view is what you are after, this hilltop is the ideal place for you to visit. Do so, and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Athens and the thrill of heights! You can reach the top of Lycabettus Hill by the funicular or — for the most adventurous - by walking up the hill. To top it all off, this spot of the city is Instagram-ready and perfect for photos!

It is no coincidence that Greece is known all across the world for its exquisite culinary offerings. Thankfully, the streets of Athens are overflowing with high-quality eateries, from traditional taverns to gourmet restaurants and everything in between. Whether you want to visit the seaside Sounio and the Temple of Poseidonthe historic Delphithe imposing Meteorathe wine- Nemeathe famous Epidaurus with its popular ancient theater, or the picturesque and hopelessly romantic Nafpliotheir close proximity to Athens make it extremely easy for you to do so, without even having to spend a night in any of those places.

If organizing a day trip feels overwhelming and too much work, you can trust the hand of the expert Greeking. Under the quiet light of the morning sun or the romantic ambiance of twilight, take a stroll around the city center and discover the most historic neighborhoods of Athens - SyntagmaPlakaAnafiotikaMonastirakiPsirriand the luxurious Kolonaki! Everything seems different in the morrow as the nostalgic figures of the buildings reveal their stories! Greek beerhowever, is much less talked-about, often getting overlooked for not being a traditional Greek Cute Athens looking for fun and friends drink ; a missed opportunity, if you ask me.

Despite being on the low, there are numerous Greek beers that are delicious, with new breweries popping up at a rate of knots during recent years. Case in point: the first and only microbrewery in AthensNoctua Brewery. Noctua Brewery is the brainchild of four daring friends who all quit their jobs to devote themselves to beer production, and thankfully, it paid off.

Located on Pireos Avenueless than 10 minutes from 'Kerameikos' Metro stationit has opened its doors to visitors who are eager to learn about the process of beer-making, indulge in beer-tasting of local varieties, and take a bottle or two home as a memento of this original, enjoyable experience.

Beer is a cool, rock-n-roll drink; everyone knows it! Looking for some alternative things to do? Dance makes our hearts beat faster, improves our brain function, and cheers us up! Does it sound like your cup of tea? Being one of the most sun-filled cities in the world, going for a picnic in Athens is one of the best activities you can choose to experience, one that everyone is going to love! Athens may be dominated by the cement-grey color, but there are still several places to enjoy greenery and sunshine. Lie on the grass and gaze at the sun, enjoying its warmth on your skin.

Despite its proximity to the city center, however, not many people -not even the locals- know about this botanical oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. Alternatively, let us arrange a picnic adventure just for you! Are you looking for a gorgeous romantic spot to watch the sunset?

Nothing compares to Vrahakia which translates to 'little rocks' at the top of the Areopagus hillnear the Acropolis. It's an ideal spot for relaxing and sorting out your thoughts, a must-visit place in Athens that will bewitch and inspire you. Greek Mythology is a set of fascinating tales you can now be a part of! Explore the Acropolisthe sacred hill that goes back to BC, with its ancient monuments fighting their stand on the area since the 5th century BC, the glorious Parthenon — a work of brilliance— and the Acropolis Museum, by setting on an interactive adventure of role-playing.

Let fate pick the Greek god you will become for the day and set on a mythical adventure to discover the divine formula that will help you find your way back to Cute Athens looking for fun and friends famed mountain of the gods, Olympus.

Following a of fun and engaging clues, you will leave our country with a wealth of knowledge regarding the ancient Greek civilization.

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That one is among the classic things to do! Get to Syntagma Square and find an Evzone - a guard wearing the traditional Greek uniform. Rakomelo - credits: www. While being in Athensyou definitely need to get a taste of the local spirits of Greece!

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Rakomelo is a Cretan alcoholic beverage made of raki, honey, clove, and cinnamon. It is mostly served warm to pair with dessert after a rich meal. This lending library consists of over 2, titles of both Greek and international graphic novels and comics that address a wide audience of all ages and tastes. You can also borrow comics as you would do in a regular lending library; all you need to do is up to become a member at no cost whatsoever!

Look at Athens bringing us closer to each other, awww! Being cultured is always cool and being a cinephile is only an asset for your trip to Athens. If you live and breathe cinematic excellence, you are guaranteed to fall in love with Irida, the university cinema club.

The association organizes many cultural activities in regard to the art of cinematography, such as free screening and open workshops, bringing cinema-lovers together under the same roof. Most of the year the mild weather of Athens qualifies for a visit to the beach! The coastal suburbs of the city bristle with wonderful clean beaches.

Breathe in the sea mist on a walk by the beach during the autumn and spring months; spend your time there with your family, playing around, sunbathing, and swimming under the glorious Athenian sun! When summertime comes, going to the beach for a cooling dive is not optional anymore, it's mandatory!

You can also read our blog post about the best beaches in Athensso you can make an educated decision about which Athenian beach fits your criteria best! The youth of Athens has an unquenchable desire for partying! A long night out seems to be a must at the weekends and those exhausting all-nighters make street food necessary to keep the energy levels high all night long! Night-crawlers in Athens always gobble up something either in-between parties or just before their return home, which is the reason why street food in Athens is such a big part of modern Greek culture!

You Cute Athens looking for fun and friends find burgers in Kolokotroni Stchicken nuggets in Mihalakopoulou St, crepes in Panormou St, and hot-dogs almost everywhere. If you want to get a comprehensive insight into Athens' street food scene, check out our ultimate guide to Athens' street food. There is a cool story behind this street. Back in the day, Pittaki street used to resemble an abandoned dirty alley. Then, one day the people of Athens were encouraged to donate their old lighting fixtures, chandeliers, and all sorts of lighting materials, while painters transformed the walls along the street, leaving their creative mark to the art project.

Now, Pittaki St is a beautiful homely alley ideal for romantic evening walks, and its new, photogenic look is popular among Instagrammers and photography-lovers that visit the city. The round sesame bread which the Greeks call ' koulouri ', is ideal as breakfast or as a light snack during your wanderings around Athens.

Koulouri -or variations of it- can also be found all around the eastern part of the Mediterranean and the Balkan countries. In Greecedespite it being traditionally made in the region of Thessalonikiyou can find many street vendors with trolley stands full of different types of koulouri in central Athenian streets or outside Athens metro stations.

Alternatively, you can buy one from any bakery you come across. Keep in mind that koulouri is one of the foods consumed during our Athens food tour. Hence, if you want to taste koulourialong with other traditional Greek flavorsdon't hesitate to us on a sense-provoking, 4-hour journey into Athens' culinary scene!

There is no better place to indulge in a fun all-nighter than in the city of Athens! Athens by night is a must-do experience, especially if you are a night-owl looking for unique bars and nightly eateries! Athens is full of fun and intriguing spots and dancing until the sun comes up is the best way to feel the local vibe of the city!

Things to do in the evening: Taste delicious Greek mezesdrink special cocktails, meet the energetic locals, and when you see the first morning light, wolf down some street food and hit the bed! Athens Central Market Varvakeios Agora is one of the top places to visit if you're a foodie in Athens. It is the ideal place to feel the local vibe and browse through the richness of the Greek cuisine; from fresh vegetable and fruit produce to meat, fish, nuts, honey, and spices, Varvakeios Market is a colorful palette oozing with aromas of Greece!

You could also our Greek cooking class and enjoy your own authentic Greek meal! Tip: Our Athens food tour enters the Central Market and one of our most favorite food stops takes place in one of its' restaurants! Familiarize yourself with Greek grape varieties and get an insight into the local wine production. If there is one time when you have a free pass to utter relaxation, it is during your vacations. In the oldest neighborhood of Athensthe arresting Plakayou can revel in leisure and pleasure in a traditional bathhouse, where you can enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic steam bath.

Al Hammamas it is called, follows ancient routines from Asia to come up with unique hammam and spa treatments with the highest-quality products on the market. Without paying through the nose, you can also get your hair washed and your body massaged, or even take advantage of a special offer for couples. To top it all off, following your unwinding experience, you will be served a warm cup of tea. How cool is that? Embark on a Greek cooking class adventure and taste the authentic nature of the locals, which is voiced through the flavors of their land. The rich bounty of Greece offers the optimum products to compose delicious dishes with simple ingredients.

Fancy to discover how? us for a Greek cooking lesson and stroll around Athens' Central Market to take a grasp of the goings-on of Greek food ; then fill your bags with the best of goodies in the city and meet an expert Greek cook to teach you the art of making ature Greek dishes! You might think that Athens is all about its history and its ancient glory, however, when you visit the city, you will soon easily realize that the richness of its culture is evident everywhere!

Although not as popular as in the rest of the world, vintage and second-hand shopping in Athens has become an exciting activity during recent years. In the context of the development Cute Athens looking for fun and friends alternative shopping, Athens now has its own Kilo shop and the concept is pretty simple: you get to choose among a vast variety of vintage or second-hand clothes and pay by their weight.

Browse the shop and choose between jackets, skirts, shirts, coats, trousers, denim wear, furs, shoes, scarves, and all sorts of men, women, and kids wear! There are many scales in the shop that make it easier for you to know the price of the new piece of your wardrobe. Vintage Love, Reset Thrift Shop and Hotsy Totsy Athens, are excellent thrift shop choices as well, giving you the opportunity to own ly loved clothes of excellent quality. Explore the National Garden of Athens and find a small oasis of greenery within the bustling city!

Adjacent to the Greek Parliament Building in Syntagma Squarethe National Garden boasts for its lush plantation and offers a quiet place to chill amidst the hustle and the bustle of the city. You can also our Athens tours and explore the National Garden among other marvels of Neoclassical architecture in the city! Visit Klafthmonos Square, a historic square that hides a world of ancient discoveries under its grounds: the remnants of the Themistoclean Wall.

Cute Athens looking for fun and friends

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