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Six years ago, four friends planned to kayak a few hours outside of Berlin. Before their outing, they went shopping, loading up on bananas, apples and pears at a grocery store. Kai Gildhorn remembers looking up at trees heavy with apples and plums hanging over the riverbanks as they floated down the river, and then down at the shrink-wrapped fruit in his boat. They shared the map with friends, who shared it with more friends, all of whom added new locations—roide apple trees, berry bushes and wild herbs—to the map.

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Since the first Mundraub map was posted inusers have located more than 21, trees, bushes, vines and fragrant patches of wild ramps all across Germany. Foraging for personal consumption is a tradition that goes all the way back to the Old Testament. Beginning in the midth century, German law differentiated between stealing food for personal consumption and other kinds of theft. Before modern logistics and refrigeration divorced produce from geography, each village had to ensure it had enough fruit to survive.

A 17th century German law required grooms to plant six fruit trees and six oaks before they could legally marry. Prussian King Frederick the Great lined Prussian ro with apple trees to shade and nourish his marching armies. Many European downtowns are still surrounded by green belts— relics of the public orchards and thickets cultivated just outside long-gone city walls.

In the late 20th century, cheap imported produce eliminated the dependence on local trees. Forgotten fruit trees went un-harvested and came to be regarded as public nuisances. Most planners just see the problems. Now web-savvy German travelers have started seeding the mundraub map with entries from around the world.

Passion fruits overhang a hiking trail on La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands. Pomm invited me to a dozen aspiring mouth robbers on a recent Saturday morning. With a bushel basket in the hold of his aluminum cargo bike, he led us to a bleak industrial area on the outskirts of Leipzig.

After about 15 minutes, we pass under high-speed rail tracks and emerge into a hidden orchard, with knee-high grass and widely-spaced trees loaded with green-red apples. It took just a shake of the tree trunk for dozens of ripe apples to come raining down. We gather around and load them into the basket. In fact, the benefits of foraging for fruit may go beyond saving money and trees. In presented recently at the Geological Society Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, Wellesley researchers showed that urban fruit contained the same levels of lead and other pollutants as commercially-grown varieties.

But it also contained Looking to forage calcium and iron, along with higher levels of some other beneficial trace minerals. Looking to forage Curry is a journalist based in Germany. He writes about politics, science, and culture. Find him on Twitter and Instagram.

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Looking to forage

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How urban foraging became the new way to explore a city