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The female was not injured. RCMP conducted patrols searching for the suspect but did not locate him. Police do not feel there is a risk to the public at this time. If you have information about this crime, please contact Red Deer RCMP at or your local police department. A little talk over tea anyone? Young Red Deer man combines technology, talk, and tea for Teawithmike. During this period, he became fascinated with a burgeoning online world and how it could better serve local communities.

This fascination led to Todayville, launched in A year-old man is facing various charges including aggravated assault in connection to a violent assault on a woman who was picking up her three children Wednesday afternoon from a central Edmonton daycare. At approximately p. Wednesday, July 14,the year-old mother was standing outside of the daycare facility near Street and Avenue waiting for the front door to be unlocked, when she was approached by a male. It was reported to police that the impaired male attempted to forcibly pull the backpack off her shoulders.

The woman held onto the backpack, as the suspect male unzipped it and attempted to reach inside. Erik Johnson. Paramedics treated and transported the woman to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. She has since been released from hospital.

Rockie Rabbit, 30has been charged with aggravated assault, choking to overcome resistance, robbery and breach of conditions. On Aug. The man had been arrested by members of the Edmonton Police Service EPS on July 30 following a brief vehicle pursuit which had resulted in serious injury to an uninvolved pedestrian, and was terminated by intentional contact made by two EPS vehicles.

As is required by the Police Act, these events were reported to the DLE and, based on the information that was known at the time, EPS was directed to maintain conduct of the investigation. Several days later, while being interviewed in relation to that investigation, the man alleged that he had been assaulted during the course of his arrest and had sustained several injuries.

This additional information was again reported to the DLE, and ASIRT was directed to assume conduct of the investigation into both the pursuit and any force used during the subsequent arrest of the affected person. On July 30,at approximately a. Members followed Brown Deer ab female looking for female vehicle without activating their emergency equipment until the SUV stopped and the driver, later identified as the year-old man, exited. During its flight from police, the vehicle mounted the sidewalk at Street and struck a female pedestrian and a light post. Officers who observed the collision formed the opinion that the collision with the pedestrian was deliberate.

Overt action had been required to mount the sidewalk and strike the pedestrian, who was standing in a well-lit area. After striking the pedestrian and the pole, the SUV continued east on Avenue, with police continuing pursuit. A second EPS vehicle remained at the scene of the collision to render aid to the female pedestrian, who had sustained numerous serious injuries.

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Having witnessed what appeared to be the deliberate use of the SUV to strike a pedestrian, the driver of the lead EPS vehicle indicated that he believed it was necessary to attempt to end the criminal flight using deliberate vehicle contact. A marked police van subsequently made deliberate contact with the SUV, this time striking it head-on, and brought the SUV to a halt.

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Three police officers pursued the man on foot. During this pursuit, the lead officer deployed his conducted energy weapon CEWwhich was successful in bringing the man to the ground. The officer verbally commanded the man to roll onto his stomach, as he had turned onto his back.

The man was initially compliant, but resisted when officers attempted to handcuff him. Once in custody, the man was observed to be sweating profusely, making spastic movements and acting in a manner that indicated to the arresting officers that he was under the influence of methamphetamine. Accordingly, after searching him, EMS transported the man to hospital. Medical records obtained during the course of the ASIRT investigation confirmed that at the time of his examination at hospital, the man had a two-centimetre laceration to his forehead which was not actively bleeding, two abrasions on his shoulder area and mild swelling of the front of his head.

A CT scan revealed the presence of an age-indeterminate nasal fracture, meaning that doctors were unable to determine whether the nasal fracture had occurred during this event or earlier. Medical staff determined that the man was fit for incarceration, and released him from hospital that same day.

As ly indicated, shortly after he was incarcerated, EPS interviewed the man in the course of their investigation. During that interview, the man described his arrest, discussed his injuries, and asked the interviewer about the condition of the woman he had hit during the incident.

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The man described his flight from police and the collision with the pedestrian but stated that a police vehicle had struck him before the collision with the pedestrian. He also stated that he did not remember hitting anyone. The man stated that his girlfriend ran away from police following the collision but stopped to watch his arrest. He stated that she told him that at one point six police officers were beating him.

He further stated that at the time of the incident he was under the influence of methamphetamine, which he had used approximately five hours before the incident. He stated that his girlfriend was under the influence of heroin, which she had consumed approximately one hour before the incident. During the first interview by EPS, she stated that she had been the lone passenger in the vehicle being operated by her boyfriend.

She indicated that he had lost control of the vehicle while turning and began to drive on the sidewalk before striking a lamppost. She stated that neither of them was aware at the time that they had struck a pedestrian. During the statement, she indicated that when the final collision with the police vehicle occurred, the man jumped out of the vehicle first and was pursued by police. She now stated that following the final collision, she ran and hid under a car that was approximately 10 to 20 metres away.

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The recorded calls revealed repeated attempts by the man to influence the evidence of his girlfriend in conversations directly with her and with other parties. On several occasions, the man referenced the impact that her assistance would have on his chances of getting bail on the charges arising from the incident. The man advised her to downplay that aspect of the story when dealing with the police, and to state that she was not sure of the details.

During the calls, the man repeatedly exaggerated the extent of his dealings with police, stating that he had smashed four police vehicles, that he had four CEWs used upon him, had received four broken bones in his face during the incident, and had sustained dog bites during his arrest.

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It appeared that in a of the exchanges, the man attempted to instil fear in his girlfriend in order to ensure her cooperation, and encouraged her to turn herself in to police, which he repeatedly suggested would help him. Despite being under no obligation to do so, each of the three police officers directly involved in the arrest of the man provided voluntary statements to ASIRT for use during the investigation. One officer acknowledged deploying his CEW during the foot pursuit of the man, which resulted in the man falling to the ground.

When the man continued to struggle on the ground, and was described as actively resistant, the officer reactivated his CEW, which allowed him, with the assistance of the other two involved officers, to place the man in handcuffs. On the basis of the information available to police during this incident, they were lawfully placed to arrest the man in relation to a of Criminal Code offences, including possession of stolen property and criminal flight causing bodily harm.

As the officers were engaged in the lawful execution of their duty, they were authorized by Sec. While the description of the amount of force used during the incident varies widely between the descriptions provided by police and the man and his girlfriend, when looking Brown Deer ab female looking for female the evidence in this matter as a whole, it is impossible to place any weight whatsoever on the versions offered by the man and his girlfriend. In addition to the ificant inconsistencies between the versions offered by both the man and his girlfriend in their own multiple statements, which would on their own ificantly compromise the ability to rely upon their evidence, the recorded attempts by the man to influence the evidence of his girlfriend in hopes of convincing her to tailor her evidence to match his own is fatal to the credibility of both witnesses.

Independent evidence conclusively established that the girlfriend was not present to witness the arrest. Based on the available reliable evidence, the force used to arrest the man was both reasonable and necessary. Once restrained in handcuffs, there were no additional uses of force, and the man was taken into custody without further incident. There are no reasonable grounds, nor reasonable suspicion, to believe that any of the officers committed any Criminal Code offence s.

The officers were lawfully placed in their actions with the man, and the force employed was reasonable and necessary in the circumstances. Pop-up spray parks are popping up across Red. Calendar GoogleCal. Connect with us. Report An Issue. Submit Report. Up Next A little talk over tea anyone? One man in custody. Duane Rolheiser. Follow Author. Crime Woman assaulted in front of her children outside of their daycare. Published on July 16, By Todayville Edmonton. News release from Edmonton Police Service Downtown Division officers arrest male during violent assault on woman outside of daycare A year-old man is facing various charges including aggravated assault in connection to a violent assault on a woman who was picking up her three children Wednesday afternoon from a central Edmonton daycare.

Continue Reading. Alberta Investigation concludes suspect convinced girlfriend to lie to police. Published on July 14, Most Popular This Week! Alberta 1 day ago. Alberta 4 days ago. Central Alberta 1 day ago. Economy 4 days ago. Current Month.

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Pop-up Spray Parks. Pop-up spray parks are popping up across Red Deer this summer. Participants are reminded to not attend if they are feeling unwell or are currently required to quarantine.

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