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Breadcrumbs Section. Woman does not perceive that this influence which man has on her causes her to deviate from the line of her own development; she does not look upon it as a sort of unwarrantable intrusion; she does not try to shake off what is really an invasion of her private life; she is not ashamed of being receptive; on the contrary, she is really pleased when she can be so, and prefers man to mould her mentally. It is not only inexperienced girls but even elderly and married women who copy each other in everything, from the nice new dress or pretty coiffure down to the places where they get their things, and the very recipes by which they cook.

And it never seems to occur to them that they are doing something derogatory on their part, as it ought to do if they possessed an individuality of their own and strove to work out their own salvation. They accept what is imposed on them gladly, and adhere to it with the greatest firmness. That is why woman is so intolerant when there has been a breach of conventional laws. The way in which woman can be impregnated with the masculine point of view, the saturation of her innermost thoughts with a foreign element, her false recognition of morality, which cannot be called hypocrisy because it does not conceal anything anti-moral, her assumption and practice of things which in themselves are not in her realm, are all very well if the woman does not try to use her own judgm ent, and they succeed in keeping up the fiction of her superior morality.

Complications first arise when these acquired valuations come into collision with the only inborn, genuine, and Women looking real sex Otto feminine valuation, the supreme value she sets on pairing. It is also impossible for a woman to have a clear idea of her destiny, or of the forces within her: it is only he who is free who can discern fate, because he is not chained by necessity; part of his personality, at least, places him in the position of spectator and a combatant outside his own fate and makes him so far superior to it.

One of the most conclusive proofs of human freedom is contained in the fact that man has been able to create the idea of causality. It is only a man who can talk of the dira necessitas within him; it is only he could have created the idea of destiny, because it is only he who, in addition to the empirical, conditioned existence, possesses a free, intelligible ego.

Hysteria is the only attempt on her part to overcome it, and, as I have shown, it is not a genuine attempt. The hysteria itself is what the hysterical woman tries to resist, and the falsity of this effort against slavery is the measure of its hopelessness. It is as if woman were under a curse. At times she feels the weight of it, but she never flees from it.

H er shrieks and ravings are not really genuine, and she succumbs to her fate at the moment when it has seemed most repulsive to her. Thus it comes about that although woman lacks all the Women looking real sex Otto of the male sex, she can assume them so cleverly and so slavishly that it is possible to make mistakes such as the idea of the higher morality of women. But this astounding receptivity of woman is not isolated, and must be brought into practical and theoretical connection with the other positive and negative characteristics of woman.

IndividuationRecognitionPleasureSexual desireLimitation of the field of. The series shows that man possesses not only each character which is found in all living things, but also an analogous and higher character peculiar to himself The old tendency at once to identify the two series and to contrast them seems to show the existence of something binding together the two series, and at the same time separating them.

It is as if man possessed all the properties of the beasts, with, in each case, some special quality added. What is this that has been added?

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How far does it resemble, and in what respects does it differ from, the more primitive set? The terms in the left-hand row are fundamental characteristics of all animal and vegetable life. All such life is individual life, not the life of undivided masses; it manifests itself as the impulse to satisfy needs, as sexual impulse for the purpose of reproduction. Individuality, memory, will, love, are those qualities Women looking real sex Otto a second life, which, although related to organic life to a certain extent, are toto coelo different from it.

This brings us face to face with the religious idea of the eternal, higher, new life, and especially with the Christian form of it. Just as all earthly life is sustained by earthly food, this other life requires spiritual sustenance symbolized in the communion service.

The one is determined from without by the bonds of natural causation; the other is ruled by the moral imperative from within. The one is limited and confined to a definite purpose; the other is unlimited, eternal and moral. The characters which are in the left row are common to all forms of lower life; those in the right-hand column are the corresponding presages of eternal life, manifestations of a higher existence in which man, and only man, has a share. A clearer grasp of this sensuous, impressionable lower life will make it clear that, as I have explained in earlier chapters, the case is reversed; the lower life is merely a projection of the higher on.

And the great problem is how the eternal, lofty idea came to be bound with earth. This problem is the guilt of the world. My investigation is now on the threshold of what cannot be investigated; of a problem that so far no one has dared to answer, and that never will be answered by any hum an being. It is the riddle of the universe and of life; the binding Women looking real sex Otto the unlimited in the bonds of space, of the eternal in time, of the spirit in matter. It is the relation of freedom to necessity, of something to nothing, of God to the devil.

It is the binding of eternal life in a perishable being, of the innocent in the guilty. As the absolute female has no trace of individuality and will, no sense of worth or of love, she can have no part in the higher, transcendental life. The intelligible, hyperempirical existence of the male transcends matter, space, and time. He is certainly mortal, but he is immortal as well. And so he has the power to choose between the two, between the life which is lost with death and the life to which death is only a stepping-stone.

Some sort of relation to the idea of supreme value, to the idea of the absolute, that perfect freedom which he has not yet attained, because he is bound by necessity, but which he can attain because mind is superior to matter; such a relation to the purpose of things generally, or to the divine, every man has. And although his life on earth is accompanied by separation and detachment from the absolute, his mind is always longing to be free from the taint of original sin. Just as the love of his parents was not pure in purpose, but sought more or less a physical embodiment, the son, who is the outcome of that love, will possess his share of mortal life as well as of eternal: we are horrified at the thought of death, we fight against it, cling to this mortal life, and prove from that that we were anxious to be born as we were born, and that we still desire to be born of this world.

But since every male has a relation to the idea of the highest value, and would be incomplete without it, no male is really ever. It is only women who are happy. No man is happy, because he has a relation to freedom, and yet during his earthly life he is always bound in some way. None but a perfectly passive being, such as the absolute female, or a universally active being, like the divine, can be happy.

Happiness is the sense of perfect consummation, and this feeling a man can never have; but there are women who fancy themselves perfect. Time has no objective, no meaning, for woman; no woman questions herself as to the reason of her existence; and yet the sole purpose of time is to give expression to. Happiness for the male! That would imply wholly independent activity, complete freedom; he is always bound, although not with the heaviest bonds, and his sense of guilt increases the further he is removed from the idea of freedom.

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Mortal life is a calamity, and jnust remain so whilst mankind is a passive victim of sensation; so long as he remains not form, but merely the matter on which form is impressed. This trace of light, however, does not come from his perceptions; so far as he is ruled by these, man is merely a passive victim of surrounding things. His spontaneity, his freedom, come from his power of judging as to values, and his highest approach to absolute spontaneity and freedom comes from love and from artistic or philosophical creation. Through these he obtains some faint sense of what happiness might be.

Woman can really never be quite unhappy, for happiness is an empty word for her, a word created by unhappy men. Women never mind letting others see their unhappiness, as it is not real; behind it there lies no consciousness of guilt, no sense of the sin of the world. Such suicides are accompanied practically always by thoughts of other people, what they will think, how they will m ourn over them, how grieved - or angry - they will be.

How is it possible for a woman to look upon her unhappiness as personal when she possesses no idea of a destiny? The most appallingly decisive proof of the emptiness and nullity of women is that they never once succeed in knowing the problem of their own lives, and death leaves them ignorant of it, because they are unable to realize the higher life of personality.

I am now ready to answer the question which I put forward as the chief object of this portion of my book, the question as to the ificance of the male and female Women looking real sex Otto the universe. Women have no existence and no essence; they are not, they are nothing.

Mankind occurs as male or female, as something or nothing. Man in his highest form, the genius, has such a relation, and for him the absolute is either the conception of the highest worth of existence, in which case he is a philosopher; or it is the wonderful fairyland of dreams, the kingdom of absolute beauty, and then he is an artist.

But both views mean the same. Woman has no relation to the idea, she neither affirms nor denies it; she is neither moral nor anti-moral; mathematically speaking, she has no ; she is purposeless, neither good nor bad, neither angel nor devil, never egoistical and therefore has often been said to be altruistic ; she is as non-moral as she is non-logical.

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But all existence is moral and logical existence. So woman has no existence. Woman is untruthful. In order to speak the truth one must be something; truth is dependent on an existence, and only that can have a relation to an existence which is in itself something. Man desires truth all the time; that is to say, he all along desires only to be something. So that woman always lies, even if, objectively, she speaks the truth. Woman is the great emissary of pairing.

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The living units of the lower forms of life are individuals, organisms; the living units of. Each monad, however, is differentiated from every other monad, and is as distinct from it as only two things can be. Mon have no windows, but instead, have the universe in themselves. Each monad creates for itself a detached entity, a whole; but it looks upon every other ego as a perfect totality also, and never intrudes upon it. At this stage it well may be asked if women are really to be considered human beings at all, or if my theory does not unite them with plants and animals?

Is she then human, or an animal, or a plant? Anatomists will find the question ridiculous, and will at once dismiss the philosophy which could lead up to such a possibility. For them woman is the female of Homo sapiens, differentiated. Let him mind his own business. But they are hum an beings. Even the absolute woman, whom we think of as without any trace of intelligible ego, is still the complement of man.

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An appearance of discriminative power, though not the reality, language, though not conversation, memory, though it has no continuity or unity of consciousness - must all be granted to them. They possess counterfeits of everything masculine, and thus are subject to those transformations which the defenders of womanliness are so fond of quoting. The contrast between the subject and the object in the theory of knowledge corresponds ontologically to the contrast between form and matter. Matter, which in itself is absolutely unindividualized and so can assume any form, of itself has no definite and lasting qualities, and has as little essence as mere perception, the matter of experience, has in itself any existence.

If the Platonic conception is followed out, it will be apparent that that great thinker asserted to be nothing what the ordinary Philistine regards as the highest form of reality. Form is the only real existence. Aristotle carried the Platonic conception into the regions of biology. For Plato form is the parent and creator of all reality.

For Aristotle, in the sexual process the male principle is the active, formative agent, the female principle the passive matter on which the form is impressed. In my view, the ificance of woman in humanity is. Woman is the material on which man acts. This knowledge gives us the keystone to our structure, and it makes everything clear that was indistinct, it gives things a coherent form. It coincides with this, that the keenest sense woman has, and the only one she Women looking real sex Otto more highly developed than man, is the sense of touch. The eye and the ear lead to the unlimited and give glimpses of infinity; the sense of touch necessitates physical limitations to our own actions: one is affected by what one feels; it is the eminently sordid sense, and suited to the physical requirements of an earth-bound being.

Man is form, woman is matter: if that is so it must find expression in the relations between their respective psychic experiences. Matter needs to be formed: and thus woman demands that man should clear her confusion of thought, give meaning to her henid ideas. Women are matter, which can assume any shape. Those experiments which ascribe to girls a better memory for learning by rote than boys are explained in this way: they are due to the nullity and inanity of women, who can be saturated with anything and everything, whilst man only retains what has an interest for him, forgetting all else.

Woman is nothing; therefore, and only, therefore, she can become everything, whilst man can only remain what he is. A man can make what he likes of a woman: the most a woman can do is to help a man to achieve what he wants.

Woman can appear everything and deny everything, but in reality she is never anything. Here is the explanation of the relation of the psychical to the physical in man and woman.

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Man assumes a reciprocal action of body and mind, in the sense rather that the dominant mind creates the body, than that the mind merely projects itself on phenomena, whilst the woman accepts both mental and psychical phenom ena empirically. None the less, even in the woman there is some reciprocal action. However, whilst in the man, as Schopenhauer truly taught, the human being is his own creation, his own will makes and re-makes the body, the woman is Women looking real sex Otto influenced and changed by an alien will suggestion. Man not only forms himself, but woman also - a far easier matter.

The myths of the book of Genesis and other cosmogonies, which teach that woman was created out of man, are nearer the truth than the biological theories of descent, according to which males have been evolved from females. We have now to come to the question left open in Chapter IX, as to how woman, who is herself without soul or will, is yet able to realize to what extent a man may be endowed with them; and we may now endeavour to answer it. Of this one must be certain, that what woman notices, that for which she has a sense, is not the special nature of man, but only the general fact and possibly the grade of his maleness.

It is quite erroneous to suppose that woman has an innate capacity to understand the individuality of a man. Woman has no relation to man and no sense of man, but only for maleness; and if she is to be. And, finally, match-making is nothing else than this. It is thus that the duality of man and woman has gradually developed into complete dualism, to the dualism of the higher and lower lives, of subject and object, of form and matter, something and nothing.

All metaphysical, all transcendental existence is logical and moral existence; woman is non-logical and non-moral. She has no dislike for what is logical and moral, she is not anti-logical, she is not anti-moral. She is neither the affirmation nor the denial. A man has in himself the possibility of being the absolute something or the absolute nothing, and therefore his actions are directed towards the one or the other; woman does not sin, for she herself is the sin which is a possibility in man.

The abstract male is the image of God, the absolute something; the female, and the female element in the male, is the symbol of nothing; that is the ificance of the woman in the universe, and in this way male and female complete and condition one another. Woman has a meaning and a function in the universe as the opposite of man; and as the hum an male surpasses the animal male, so the human female surpasses the female of zoology.

Women looking real sex Otto

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