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Instead, differences lie in the way men and women manage their hair. Whiles males typically go the no-fuss route of air-drying their hair, a lot of females put more emphasis on maintenance. They may use heat styling tools, color their hair, wear their hair long, and pop into the salon more often for the latest style. This includes different hair care techniques to avoid dry scalp, hair loss, and other common hair concerns. A clean scalp is a healthy scalp. If the scalp is not cleansed regularly, then there is a disruption of the microbiome balance, says Dr.

How often you wash your hair per week depends on your hair type. This goes for everything you put in your hair — from the shampoo you use to your styling wax. Knowing your hair type — straight, curly, wavy, thin, dry — is the best place to start to find the right products for you.

Robert Jan-Rietveldbarber and co-owner of Schorem Barbier, says that if there is a particular concern you have, such as brittle hair, gray hair, etc. This is the difference between looking well-groomed and messy. There are many different types of Black hair.

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This includes straight, wavy, coiled, or kinky. With each type, you want to keep the hair nourished. If you like to wear your hair short, Medico recommends getting it cut every three weeks or so. This will help keep it looking well-groomed and stylish.

This is also a great time to refresh any fades or intricate hair des. Popular ingredients you should use include shea butter or avocado oil. This will rid the hair of split ends and actually help you grow your hair longer. Keep the hair feeling loose and bouncy by using soft hold products instead.

For this, Medico recommends a soft gel since it gives the hair more flexibility.

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Additionally, try to avoid heated styling tools, such as a blow dryer, straightener, or curler, whenever you can. Since heat damages hair, air-drying is your healthiest option. Research has even found that most people begin developing gray or white hair before the age of This is due to the production of melanin in the hair slowing down.

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This is the pigment that turns your hair, skin, and eye color darker. When strands are devoid of melanin, it can also transform the hair into a dry and brittle texture. Treat this by regularly taking care of your hair and keeping it nourished with conditioner and leave-in treatments.

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If going the dyeing route, Medico says that your best course of action is to use a color that blends with gray. Managing curly hair is no easy task. You may have to deal with dry hair, breakage, and too much volume. Choosing products that enhance your texture is the first step to preventing this, says Medico. The goal is to work with your hair, not against it. Also, be sure to regularly use conditioner on your curls to keep them hydrated.

Curly hair tends to get dry since the curls make it difficult for natural oils to reach the ends of the hair. The first line of defense against dryness for all hair types is to regularly use conditioner in your hair washing routine, explains Jan-Rietveld. While medium strands only require conditioner, you should use a leave-in spray conditioner after washing if you have a super fine hair texture. For coarser hair textures — or whenever your hair is thirsty for a hydration boost — he says to use a deep conditioning mask in place of your conditioner every so often.

A dry scalp can be brought on by a of issues. It could be something simple, like not drinking enough water to something more serious, like eczema.

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Regardless of the culprit, one of the first things you can do to treat and prevent a dry scalp is use the right products. Choose one that contains tea tree oil since it has strong antiseptic, antifungal, and antibiotic properties. There are also many home remedies you can try using natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, tea tree, or aloe vera.

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Oily hair is the result of your scalp producing too much sebum, also called oil. This can be caused by several different factors, such as overwashing hair, hygiene habits, and intense exercise. Male pattern baldnessalso known as androgenetic alopecia, is something that affects more than half of men over the age of While the most extreme route is to get a hair transplant, there are also several non-surgical options.

According to Dr. Lopresti, these are medically proven treatments that will slow down the progression of male pattern baldness. One of the first options he recommends is Rogaine Foam. The next option is Propecia, which is prescribed to primarily stop hair loss with the secondary gain of hair regrowth in the crown. If none of these sound like the right fit for you, you can also try at-home remedies.

This includes:. At some point, you may need to seek advice from a hair care professional or dermatologist about your hair concerns. When it comes to hair loss, Dr. When it comes to more difficult hair concerns, though, such as hair loss, do your research first. You may also want to discuss your options with a trained healthcare professional. Dry hair is a common problem among men. If your hair tends to be dry, you may want to try changing your hair care routine. Thinning hair in men is very common with aging.

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But there are treatments and other products that can help cover and treat hair loss. Whether you've overplucked or have a health condition that causes sparse eyebrows, we have a few tips to try. Hair loss is a common side effect following bariatric surgery. We'll discuss why this can happen. Excessive hair loss can be troubling. Hair loss can be a frustrating experience, but there are products that have some proven research that makes at least a trial run worth it.

This is how…. Learn how keratin treatment for thin hair works, whether it's safe to do, and other tips for maintaining healthy hair. After all, there is no real difference between male and female hair. Keep your scalp clean. Invest in the right products. Start somewhere. Stay consistent. For Black hair. For long hair. For gray hair. For curly hair. Tips to moisturize. For a dry scalp. For oily hair. For hair loss. When to see a pro.

The bottom line. Read this next. Medically reviewed by Owen Kramer, MD. Medically reviewed by Jenneh Rishe, RN. Medically reviewed by Susan Bard, MD.

Looking for a man to take care of

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