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He spent his childhood in Aneroid helping his family and playing hockey. When he reached his late teens, he enlisted in the service so that he his brothers who were fighting in World War Two. He was 20, she was They were married for 68 years. After the war, my grandpa changed his Polish last name which had more consonants than vowelsto something quintessentially Anglo-Canadian so that he could find work in the town where he and my grandmother settled.

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Soon after, he started a stucco and plastering business with his best friend. My grandpa and grandma, circa the late 's. The majority of my memories of my grandpa involve him sitting at the kitchen table, with a beer in hand, telling one of his infamous stories. When my long-time now ex boyfriend met my extended family for the first time, my grandpa immediately recognized a captive audience.

My ex spent the rest of the long weekend, sitting at that kitchen table, drinking beer, listening to my grandpa tell him every story in his repertoire. Storytelling abilities aside, my grandpa was still part of a generation where boys went off to fight wars, and masculinity was defined by back-breaking labour and a stiff upper lip. As was the norm for many men Granny Aneroid his era, he could be a bit gruff at times.

My grandpa never held my hand, or took me to the zoo, or even had a real conversation with me until I was in my teens. However, from the time we spent together as a family around that kitchen table I learned other things.

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I learned about the makings of a good story and how to time a punchline. My grandpa loved and connected with us in the best way he knew how — by sharing stories of who he was and where we came from. My grandpa was a man of many juxtapositions. He was a man who understood both Polish and Saskatchewan sexs, but loved the bagpipes and played in the local pipe band. A man whose life took him to California, Mexico and all over the Caribbean, but who really seemed to light up when he was sitting in one place telling a story.

He had such great stories and I really admired his fearless entrepreneurial spirit. I feel like he passed a bit of both onto you. He was a little bit mischievous and had a wicked sense of humour — one that allowed him to laugh at the absurdity of holding a baby and a beer in the same hand. My grandpa narrated his own life from that kitchen table, and while doing so inspired me to do the same. He also taught me that sometimes all you need is some Saskatchewan sexs company and a good yarn.

I wish I could have shared all this with him in person before he passed away.

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