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You can also use Facebook to look up old friends and find new ones. Why would you want to enlarge your Facebook social circle? Well, having friends is really the whole point of ing Facebook. But first Chat buddy or friend requested need to gather your pals. Read on to learn how. In the world of Facebook, a friend is any Facebook member who has agreed that you two have something in common.

Maybe you play on the same softball team, volunteer at the local animal shelter together, or keep running into each other at parties thrown by the same ex-roommate. Facebook has no way of verifying the relationships between friends. But one of the major differences between Facebook and MySpace—the other big social networking site—is that Facebook strongly encourages truthfulness. On Facebook, the goal is to put together a manageable list of people you actually know—and actually care about keeping up with. Two people become Facebook friends when one person extends an invitation and the other person accepts, or confirmsit.

When you become friends with someone on Facebook, three things happen:. One of the best, most addictive things about Facebook is its confessional nature. The exception to this is if your friend has specifically blocked you from seeing certain personal details, as explained on Fighting Back. Before you can make someone your friend, you first have to find that person on Facebook.

The site gives you four different ways to do this:. You can browse through the potential friends Facebook suggests for you based on criteria such as both of you going to college at the same time and sharing a common Facebook friend. Some of your real-life friends and acquaintances might already be on Facebook.

To find them, use one of the following search methods:. Simply click her picture to see her profile. Facebook displays a list of people matching the name you typed in. If the list is gigantic, you can narrow your search using the drop-down menu at the top of the list. Choose Location, Education, or Workplace from the menu, and then type a location, school, or workplace in the text box and click the Filter button.

In Facebook, all clickable links are blue.

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Search for Facebook members who are classmates, ex-classmates, or coworkers. At the top right of any Facebook screen, click the link and, from the drop-down list, choose Edit Friends. Then scroll down and click the Other Tools link. Clicking either of these links takes you directly to the Find Friends displaying a list of folks along with ways to organize them to quickly find the ones you want to befriend.

The next screen that appears depends on which link you click and how many details you added to your profile. Search for people you regularly from your web-based. At the top right of any Facebook screen, clickthen choose Edit Friends; if you already have a few Facebook friends, you also need to click Find Friends on the left side of the Friends screen. Alternatively, you can click the two-headed Friend Requests icon that appears to the immediate right of the Facebook logo in the upper left of any screen, and then click the Find Your Friends link that appears.

While Facebook is a reputable outfit and pledges not to store your password, you might want to skip this step if this whole sharing business makes you queasy. Search for people you regularly instant message. To do so: At the top right of any Facebook screen, click the Profile link.

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On the left side of your profileclick the Info link, and then scroll down and click the Edit icon next to the Contact Information heading. When you finish, click the Save Changes button. Then, at the top left of your screen, click the Friend Requests icon the silhouette of two peopleand then click the Find Your Friends link.

Finally, type in the screen name and password you use with your service and then click the Find Friends button. Search for people you regularly using a list of contacts. Depending on the program you use, you can export a list of addresses from the program and let Facebook scan the list for matching Facebook members. Scroll down the that appears and click the Other Tools link, then click the Contact File link. Then follow the instructions you see to create and an contact file Facebook can read.

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After you finish, click Find Friends. Facebook either displays the Facebook members whose addresses match those on your list, or a link you can use to get technical help. Leaf through the friend suggestions Facebook offers. Chat buddy or friend requested the left side of the screen that appears, click Find Friends, and then scroll down to the People You May Know section. Facebook gives you an easy way to invite these people to :. Facebook sends invitations to all the addresses you listed. If you have more than a handful of addresses to type in, consider having Facebook grab them from your web-based Finding People Who Are Facebook Members or from a file you export from your program Finding People Who Are Facebook Members.

Back in the olden days of Facebook, the site gave its members an easy way to connect with each other one-on-one based on shared interests and other profile information, such as political views, hobbies, or favorite bands. You simply typed in what kind of folks you wanted to meet—for example, single moms in your area who like to knit—and bingo: You got an instant list of potential pals, complete with a built-in conversation opener. Rather than the advanced Chat buddy or friend requested feature you used to use, Facebook now offers four different ways to find like-minded members:.

Friend suggestions. As you just learned, Facebook suggests folks you might be interested in being friends with based on criteria such as your profile details and the friends you already have. On the left side of the search that appears, click the Groups link to narrow your. You can find out more about Groups both old and new—including how to create a new one—in Chapter 7.

Keyword search. On the left side of the search that appears, click the People link. If you decide to conduct a keyword search, prepare for a mountain of. Also keep in mind that Facebook displays no matter which member detail matches your keyword or what words or phrases surround it. To home in on Facebook members who live in a certain city, attend a certain school, or work at a certain company based on their Facebook profilesselect Location, Workplace, or School at the top of the searchtype in your criteria, and then click the Filter button.

Third-party search applications. To find a search application: At the top of any Facebook screen, type search in the Search field, click the magnifying glass icon, and then click the Apps link on the left side of the screen that appears. Facebook applications vary in quality, and they all look and work a little differently.

To learn more about Facebook applications, flip to Chapter To invite a Facebook member to be your friend:. Search for the person you want to befriend see Finding New Friends. Fill out the confirmation box that appears and then click Send Request. If your friend agrees to the friendship and responds either to the or the Facebook request Finding People Who Are Facebook MembersFacebook adds your name to her friend list, and her name to yours.

Facebook also sends you a Notification see Customizing Your Mini Feed letting you know that she confirmed the friendship. Still no answer? When someone tries to add you to her friend list, two things happen: Facebook sends you an invitation and posts a little notice on your Home telling you that someone wants to be your friend. Open the message and click the green Confirm Friend button or the confirmation link.

Doing so whisks you to the Facebook where you can confirm your friendship as explained in the next section. To confirm a friend request from inside Facebook:. The icon looks like the he and shoulders of two little people hover your cursor over the icons to see what each one is called. When you click it, Facebook takes you to the Confirm Requests. Friend requests also appear on the upper-right side of your Home under Requests. Make sure you want to accept the request, and then click Confirm. Easy, huh? Simply click this link or, on the right side of her profileclick the Mutual Friends link to see the acquaintances you share.

To do so:. On the screen that appears, click Not Now. Back in your program, delete the friend-request. On the Requests that appears, click the See Hidden Requests link. After you do, Facebook gives you the chance to confirm the request, or delete it for good. Facebook automatically displays 10 randomly selected friends on the left side of your profile you may need to scroll down to see it. You can:.

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See all of your friends in one fell swoop. At the top right of any Facebook screen, click the wordand then click Edit Friends. On the Friends that appears, click the Recently Interacted button and, from the drop-down list, choose All Friends. The beauty and fun of Facebook lies in its who-knows-who connections, and the site makes it easy to play matchmaker. Click the link and then, in the dialog box that appears, click to turn on the checkbox next to as many of your other pals as you like.

When you finish, click Send Suggestions. See friends who are online right this minute. Click the Chat link and a window pops up showing you exactly which of your friends are currently logged into Facebook. To send a real-time chat message to a friend, in the Chat window, simply click the name of the person you want to chat with. See Chatting for details on chatting. See your friends organized by whether you know them from college, work, your area, or a common passion.

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On the Friends that appears, click the Recently Interacted button and, from the drop-down menu, choose Search by Current City or Hometown to see friends grouped by where they live now or used to liveSchool to see friends who belong to college networksChat buddy or friend requested to see friends who belong to work-related networksor Interest to see friends who listed Chihuahuas, chili cook-offs, or some other interest on their profiles.

The options Facebook gives you for viewing your friends are great if you have only a handful of pals. Creating a separate list for each group of people lets you keep track of your different social circles at a glance. And because Facebook lets you send the same message to all the friends on a single list all at once see Viewing a Friend Listcontrol how much news about the list you want to see on your News Feed Chapter 6and even invite everyone on the list to the same Group Chapter 7 or Event Chapter 8creating separate Friend Lists helps you communicate with folks quickly and reduces the risk of having your worlds collide.

Facebook lets you create up to different Friend Lists, each of which can contain up to 1, names. At the top right of any Facebookclick the link, and then click Edit Friends. Add some friends to your list. The easiest way is to click the thumbnail pictures of the people you want to add to your list. When you finish, click the Create List button. Your newly created list appears on the Friends clickthen Edit Friends to get there beneath the Lists heading.

Chat buddy or friend requested

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