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Are Americans eating themselves to death? Confronting a lethal epidemic: obesity. Plus, super sized America. How food portions and clothing sizes are expanding. You may not be eating or wearing what you think you are. Air Force servicemen accused of rape. Their superiors admitted to widespread crisis. Can the U. For decades he ruled as the clown prince of puns and pratfalls. So who would have guessed that while he was making us laugh, Jerry Lewis was battling depression and chronic pain.

We begin tonight with the distinction our country should not be terribly proud of. This is frightening. The Center for Disease Control says obesity is now killingpeople a year. Of all the preventable causes of death, 16 percent of them are due to poor diet, to obesity and physical inactivity.

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That is just behind the 18 percent whose deaths are due to smoking and tobacco use. In response, the government today began airing public service announcements trying to get people to lose weight. This one is called belly. Probably lost it walking on the beach.

Well, in the past, lawsuits have been filed against fast-food places. But today, the House of Representatives passed the so-called Cheeseburger Bill. It goes on to the Senate now. But is this like shutting down the restaurant after all the food inside is gone? And I looked at potato chips that I passed by and feeling good about myself.

And it was only 10 years ago thatpeople died because of obesity-related diseases. And what we need to do is recognize that. We stopped doing physical education in a lot of schools. And we have so much access to fat foods. And we have the opportunity, you know, to go home and watch TV or play on the computer and not do any exercising.

Human habits are hard to change. We saw a snippet of it just a second ago. Lots of people lose them taking the stairs instead of the escalator. What is it you want people to Any military guys want to hook up tonight after they finish chuckling over the commercial? How do you want them to change their lives? When they get home at night, I want to get them off a block earlier off the subway or off the bus and walk home.

I want them not to eat as big a portion at dinner. Eat only half the dessert. Then take the children out and walk around the block, get a chance to know your children, know your neighbors. When you sit down in front of the television tonight, do some sit ups, do some push-ups. If you can only do one, fine. Then tomorrow night, do two. NORVILLE: You know, one of the things that surprised me when I was doing research in anticipation of talking to you, is that when you look at the statistics, inAmericans on average consumed 40, more calories than they did just four years earlier in And make them easier to understand.

And they are putting, as you will find in your restaurants, a lot more items on the menu that are heart-healthy and low-cal and low carb. Secretary Thompson, thanks for being with us. Thank you, sir. Say that again on camera, will you?

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Thanks for having me on there. Keep doing your push-ups, your walking and your sit-ups. The secretary is giving you your exercise campaign. But next, the U. Air Force has a crisis on its hands. Rape charges against its servicemen are running rampant and the military may not know how to stop it. ing me now from Washington is Michael Jacobson. Is it the people who are just simply eating ad nauseum? Or is it the food companies, who have just made it so enticing, how could you say no?

We live in a society that is totally conducive to obesity. Everything is automated. Nobody does hard labor any more. So I think we have our society to blame. Individuals need to take some responsibility.

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But, I think we need to look at what the food industry is doing. Hamburgers are 25 percent bigger, Mexican foods 27 percent bigger, soft drinks 32 percent, and a sack of potato chips is now 60 percent larger for the same price. I greatly respect Secretary Thompson for his sincerity in dealing with this problem. Four hundred thousand premature deaths a year because of overweight and obesity. These are people we love who die earlier that we need to. Public service announcements. You know when they get on.

The government could pass a law requiring chain restaurants to list calories on menu boards and on menu. It would be cheap for the restaurants.

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It would give people vital information. The government, Congress could ban junk food advertising aimed at young children. Kate Betts, A lot of women go to the store, they feel really good. Sizes have changed in the same way portions have. My gosh.

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Look how we have porked out in 60 something years. What is going on here? But I think that there is a strange thing happening with the sizes where the deers are sort of confusing the consumer and nobody really knows what a size 8 is anymore. In that same time span, back then, a 40 regular was a inch and 40 hips. I thought guys were just, sliding the waist down and putting it under their stomach. But they actually made the pants bigger as the waists have gone bigger, too. Because otherwise people are kind of coming into their stores and not find anything that fits them, which is the case usually, I know.

Do you think that will be effective in any way? Or is that just a smokescreen on this whole obesity issue? In the whole history of the United States there has been one lawsuit pertaining to obesity. But if the government could do something about obesity. Sponsor physical education programs. It ought to tax junk foods and use the revenues to subsidize the cost of healthy foods.

Any military guys want to hook up tonight

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