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View a full description of this newspaper. The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this using optical character recognition software:. Celebrated for its jjreat leavening strength and heallhfulneaa. Assures the food against alum aud all forms of aduleratlon common to the cheap brands, 'ltoyal Baking l'owder Com- pany New York. Behind their flinging canople Here net. The restless hands, so keen for play, Lie clinch' i and do not stir, Her breath so light It scarce would sway A web of gossamer; Her baby voice that coos and crows, In sweetest cadengo keeping, Is hushed: the house no music knows While baby's sleeping.

On the pillov? Her lips Just parted In a smile, Some pretty secret keeping; An angel whispers to her while My baby's sleeping. Heaton in "The Quilting Bee. Away up in the Adirondocks, in the town of Minerva, a few years ago, lived a man of the naino of Daniel Lynoh. Lynch lived baok in the lumber district and on the banks of a nice little stream.

Anxious to make money and turn his timber into cash, ho built a mill. It was a rather queerly constructed affair, for, instead of a frame, ho used as corner posts for his building four trees. Dan began the manufac- ture of lumber and had it piled up in large quantities all around.

After trying in vain to grtt a few dollars out of his venture he abandoned the place and moved into town.

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Years passed, and one day Dan thought ho would visit the scenes of his unforiunato speculations, but on his arrival at the spot was surprised to find that his mill had gone. There in the bed of the stream was the old flumo and wheels, but no build- ing. As be stood gazing in wondor on what was left of his old estab- lishment something—perhaps a lit- tle bird—attracted his attention up in one of the trees, and imagine his surprise on looking up, for about 13 feet in the air ilbove him was his milL In his absence the four trees that ho had used as corner ffSts had grown and taken the mill up toward heaven.

Calve Is Superstitious. One Saturday afternoon, just aft- er Mme. Calve had sung the jewel song in "Faust"—and divinely she brought out tho dramatic value as well as the musical beauty of it— Mile. Bauermeister, as Martha, in «queezing between Mme.

Calve and the table on wliioh the jewel casket Hay, brushed off the mirror. Calve ran at once and pick- ed up the mirror. Closely she exam- ined it to see if it were cracked, and her face broke into a radiant smile when she discovered that the mir- rev was intact. She pressed tho bit of glass joy- fully to lier bosom and then re- placed it on the table.

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Edouard da iteaike, who was also on the stage, awd his fair associates, some specta- tors aver, devoutly crossed them- selves, moreover, when the mirror fell. Nothing unluckier than to smash a mirror is known to the su. Attorney—Let me ask you, sir, how many secret societies you be- long tot Witness—What has that to do with this case! Attorney—Never mind what. I insist on knowing. Witness—Do I have to answer that question, your honor? The Court—It can do no harm. I think you mny answer it.

Witness—Well, I belong to three.

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Giving to the l! Maurice Bnrryniorennd somo per- gou with whom he hud business dealings were walking down Fifth avenue together. They passed a blind man, who stood with a-tin cup in his hand nnd a to explain tho situation on his breast. The man, whom Barrymore was trying to im- press, stopped. With great delil»orn- ifbn be drew u bitmlftil of si'ver tmm bis pocket.

After shuffling and tsewcliing it over for some time ho ,«t last found a nickel, which he dropped in the tin cup Then he re- placed the irflver in his pocket and ; slowly buttoned his roat. Barry-,more, who was irritated at the in- terruption, said, "Oh, come along. The commanding officer was puzzled that a man should risk his neck for papers of such lit- tle moment. It's a matter of no im- portance. Won't you smoke with me, general?

The prisoner's eyes rested wistfully on tho other weed, and tho general noticed the glance. Ho was a kind hearted though eccentric man and said: " 'Smoke tho other yourself, pris- oner. It's the last consolation you'll have, for you will undoubtedly be condemned to be shot. Theji the general sniffed. Those cigars contained important dispatches? You hold in your hand, general' — mockingly — 'in- formation which wrfuld have made you one of tho greatest men in the northern army.

That information you have converted into smoke, the smoke which is wafted so hospita- bly about our he at this moment. No wonder you objected to the fla- vor of tho cigar, general, for within the tobacco was placed a long dis- patch in the finest tissue paper. What was in tho dispatch, general?

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Read it in the smoke above our he. What words do you see in these impalpable clouds? Thank you, g'0? Tho tobacco tissue paper mixture tasted more fragrant to me than tho finest Carolina would have done.

Au re- voir I Long live the Confederacy. Amphibious Man. Man becomes almost amphibious in certain regions. Temperature per- mitting, he swimi as woll, dives bet- ter, than many animals—better, for instance, than any dogs.

The Groek sponge fishers and the Arabic divers must have sight almost as keeu be- low water as that of the sea otter. They have even learned by practice to control the consumption of the sir supply in their lungs. The usual time for a hippopotamus to remain below water is 5 minutes. The pearl fisher can remain below 2 min- utes. In a tank a diver has remain- ed under water for 4 minutes. But temperature marks tho limits of an's amphibious habits. In stipends, salaries and wages to their numerous officers, clerks and staff the corporation of London snend« yearly unwarrl of fcfiOO It bu tMCOisQ th.

A single dose will convince you of their wonderful effects and virtue. A Known Fact. An absolute cure for sick head- ache, dyspepsia, malaria, sour stomach, dizziness, constipation bilious fever, piles, torpid liver and all kindred diseases.

Attorneys - at - Law. Buciunax, VV. IIkndeiwon County. Attorneys and Connselors-at-Law. S3"0tBce in the uourl House R. TEXAS w. Brewed end!? Thete conditions make Uio demand for A sunt. No Uum will rfcet tlutt cure. We believe in giving our customers the World's Best at the Worlds Cheapest and our belief is strongly ex- emplified in our new Spring and Summer assortment of Which you will find perfect in satisfaction and reliability. It is our intention and purpose to treat every onewho enters— our establishment so well, and to give them such good value for every dollar they invest that they will come back again and again.

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We are continually studying the needs of the people we deal with and endeavoring to give them a better quality for less money than they can find elsewhere. Ladies' Gloves, A full lino of Fostsr Hook Gloves in tau, oxblooil, fjroy, black, cream and wbito, with black Btitching, also tho new corn with black stitching at "til ii pair; every pair warranted. Dress Goods. White lawns aud dimitios at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and ;S0 cents per yard. Double width half wool Shephard plaidn, regular price 20c. Half wool Manchester cballi 10c. Cbamelon niobnir worth 45c.

All wool serge in tnu, black, grey an-J! Black crepon worth 85c. Silk grenadiuo worth! Novelty skirts at 1 25, 1. Ledies' Shirt Waists. A splendid waist for 25c. A batter waist, for Mo. Waist with white detachable col- lar 50c.

Pure Brenham is looking for her man

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