Out of work last enjoy each others passion

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In the spirit of this lovely Hallmark holiday, we asked employees from all over to answer a question:.

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My boss listens to my ideas and the whole team works together to make them happen. We all support each other and work together to offer creative feedback and then make our ideas a reality. I work full-time on a flexible schedule, both in and out-of-office, and my boss trusts me to produce high-quality work and .

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I select the time, tasks, team, and strategies. They supply the goals — Life has never been better! Every day is different, and it is a constant adventure. I love my job! We provide professional services to trade associations and membership societies and I am able to contribute my experience and skills in marketing, social media, public relations, management, strategy and de to a wide variety of clients.

A positive organizational culture is key to feeling motivated and inspired at work. In the average day at work, I get to blow things up, throw pies, slap my co-workers, toss buckets of water on them and drop my pants.

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No egos, no politics, no gossip. She pushed me to endeavor on projects that I thought were way beyond my abilities for both my age and knowledge, and I am so grateful for her insistence. Rachel Dotson is a former digital marketing manager and blog contributor at ZipRecruiter.

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Out of work last enjoy each others passion

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