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No mom wants to explain boners to her eight-year-old daughter, right?

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Fat people have sex. Fat people have really good sex and lots of it.

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If you believe what you see in the media, you would think I was full of beans. I am most assuredly not. We are portrayed as loud, obnoxious and completely devoid of style.

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We are never appreciated as sexual beings. We are never the leading lady. We are never the love interest. Instead, we are the butt of every dumb joke. This is antiquated and extremely problematic and not at all how the world actually works. Thanks to a gun law in Texas, Eugene is now home to relationship author and blogger Duana Welch. She moved to Eugene last year after her home state of Texas passed a law allowing guns in classrooms. As a college instructor, Welch says she retired in protest, and she and her husband moved to Eugene in search of political ideals more closely matched to their own.

Ever since the ban on the commercial slaughter of gray whales took effect in the s, the species has slowly recovered, and now thousands of these graceful marine mammals make the yearly journey up and down Sex in eugene West Coast, from Alaska to Baja California and back. This is what happened.

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