Outdoor enthusiast looking for friend

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I moved away from my family when I headed to college at age Over time, when you live away from home, your friends become your new family. A little over a year ago, I realized that my lifestyle, hobbies and interests were drastically different than that of my older friends.

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So, I went on a mission, to find some badass wilderness babes that could climb couloirs, scale big walls, and backpack up to remote peaks. When I first moved to Denver after college over eight years ago, I was scared. My entire social network had just been forcibly dropped beneath me. I knew no one, and I was alone. Meetup is an online network where you can social groups with a particular interest.

Do you collect comic action figures? Want to network with other small business owners? Looking for other women who are interested in the outdoors? They offer a chance to try something new with a group. Often times, Meetups have a lot of new comers from out of town.

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For your safety, be sure to take a look at how the organizers run things. Do they cap the Meetup at a small, manageable ? Do they require you to give an emergency contact? Tips: Just be yourself. Remember that everyone is there for the same reason, they are all looking to connect with new people just like you. However, outdoor clubs are a fantastic way to meet fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Many of these groups offer classes in outdoor skills, group trips, volunteer opportunities, social events, and even pro deals. I used to be a member of the Colorado Mountain Club. Tips: The more you are involved with these groups, the easier it is to meet people.

Try ing up for a class or volunteer opportunity.

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Classes usually involve a field element, which allows you to go out and practice your skills. I am the first to admit that social media can be a total time suck. However, I met one of my really good friends through Instagram of all places. A lot of local adventure groups have their own Facebook groups. Google around to try and find a Facebook group where you can find outdoorsy friends.

Like and comment on photos and stories as a way to introduce yourself. Say so! That way when you message them, they already know you care about what it is they are up to and you seem more approachable. Hey sister friends! This nearly e-book is packed with hacks, tips, tricks, skills, worksheets and more. Made for women, by women to elevate your trail game!

Out of that there have been a lot of niche-based groups that run meetups, events, clinics or even provide forums to ask questions about outdoor exploits. Most of these outdoors groups have a theme and cater to particular individuals.

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I never want to suggest that you get out there and put yourself in an unsafe situation. Getting outside does have its dangers and these are often amplified when going out with a complete stranger. Before you head out, ask your new partner about their experience. Pick something simple and low-key for your first outing, such as a small hike or a simple day on single-pitch rock. That way you can gauge if you will work well as a team. Talk about how you work through outdoor safety, what your experiences are, and what goals you have.

If it seems like a match, then head out on a bigger adventure. That way, there are no surprises! I used to be a total curmudgeon when it came using the internet to find friends. It takes time to develop lasting friendships, but putting yourself out there is the first step. Note: This website participates in affiliate marketing.

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That means if you click on some of the links and purchase something, I get a small kickback at no added cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more, see the Fox in the Forest Privacy Policy. Search this website. New to the outdoors?

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Check out these first-timer guides just for you! Ultimate guide to hiking for beginners Everything you need to know to rock your climbing career First-timers guide to backpacking Leave No Trace basics Tips for your first 14er What to expect on your first snowy hike or snowshoe Learning outdoor skills with the CMC. Get the E-Book Now! Footer Note: This website participates in affiliate marketing.

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Outdoor enthusiast looking for friend

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How to Make Outdoorsy Friends