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I spent a bit over four years living in the wonderful country of Norway. One of the most difficult adjustments to living in Norway was getting used to Norwegian people — their habits, beliefs, and everyday lifestyle. This post details everything I learned about Norwegian women and men from my years living there.

After moving from Norway to other countries in Europe and Asia, I realized that Norwegians are actually some of the coolest people and most relatable people on the planet. Below I dish on what I learned about Norwegian people from my four years of living in Norway. Some good, some bad, and some just random observations that stuck with me throughout the years.

Please feel free to chime in and add a comment from what you think about or have learned about Norwegian women and men too! The average Norwegian is pretty tolerant. Granted, the tolerance levels vary depending on where in the country you are, but for the most part, I found Norwegians to be accepting and tolerant of other people and their lifestyle choices. Same-sex marriage laws were passed in and there is not a group of ignorant people trying to merge state and religion together by protesting a law that in no way affects them like in some other countries around the globe ie: my own.

Speaking of religion… Norwegians are not religious. While most people belong to the Lutheran Church of Norway, it by no means indicates that they go to church or even believe in a higher power. No one really talks about it or judges you for your beliefs or lack thereof. I really liked that. One thing that completely blew my mind when I first arrived in Norway was how conformed Norwegian people were. The Norwegian Married bored need it norwegian girls even wore their hair the same way.

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I will never forget the ubiquitous sight of Converse sneakers or the atrocity that is a Canada Goose jacket donning just about every person in Norway. Conformity still rules in Norway, but much less than when I first arrived in the country. I am not sure if this is a compliment to them or an insult to me… but dang… their English skills are stellar.

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Norway, along with the other Scandinavian countries, ranks as the top English speaking countries in the world that are not native-English speaking places. There is a very light accent that comes out with most Scandinavians but it is never hard to decipher. But, you will likely meet those people who speak so freakishly good that they will sound completely American to you. Norway does not dub films or television for people over like the age of six or seven. And their English skills are much, much better because of that. There is nothing like moving to a new city alone … and being able to instantly communicate with the locals.

After living in both the US and Germany, I can say that Norway really gets it right when it comes to work-life balance. Your kid is sick? Stay at home with them. Need a mental health day? Take the day off and recuperate. Need to make an appointment with the bank and the hours are unsuitable to your work hours? Take a break from work and head to the bank. Never has a phrase had so much truth. And, as a result, working with Norwegians was a very pleasant experience for me overall.

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Trust me, they will tell you that they do. I worked in a cafe for a while and getting a complaint was a rare event. I think the people just complain when it is absolutely vital and keep their mouths shut when it is not. I long for that Norwegian mentality again. It took me a while to get it. I later realized that their jokes were far above my dumbed-down, slapstick usuals that I was hearing and were actually pretty dang funny. But many people tell me it is a very difficult thing for them to make Norwegian friends after moving to Norway.

I am not really friends with people I grew up with. New friends and empty wallets. Norwegians like to drink. But, alcohol in Norway is expensive, adding to its appeal. Norwegian men and women may not go out for a chilled out Happy Hour on a Tuesday night like Americans, but they will go out… and then some… on a Saturday night. I have never seen the levels of intoxication on the streets that I witnessed living in Norway. I remember walking to Married bored need it norwegian girls one Sunday morning and counting seven piles of vomit on one block alone.

I have since been to Blackpool, England. No words. Becoming friends with a Norwegian is no easy feat for a lot of folks. However, once you have a Norwegian friend, you have one of the most loyal and sincere people in your life. This is obviously a generalization, but I have found it is pretty accurate. I have also found Norwegians to be very inclusive to foreigners or expats on their holidays. They love celebrating with new people and including you as a genuine part of their special days Christmas, In fact, Norway is more diverse than many people realize until they arrive there.

Oslo, especially, is rather diverse in its inhabitants and you can find people from all ethnicities, nationalities, and backgrounds calling the city home. Some of my favorite, underrated musicians from Norway are Anna of the North, Maya Vik, and an oldie but goodie- Royksopp. Many Norwegians really believe that renting a place is bad and you should purchase one as it is a better investment. Where did I go wrong? I guess that the value you place on a home or owning a home may just vary with what I find prevalent in the US.

In the US, buying a home or flat is something that you do because it is the next step. Many Norwegians I know genuinely want their own place and will actively save up for the deposit at really young ages. And when they build or buy a place, they invest a lot into turning it into what they want.

Norwegian people spend so much time, money, and energy into building the perfect almost always white bathroom. With heated floors and beautiful, minimalistic tiles on the walls, the bathroom is often the most stunning room in a Norwegian home. It still fascinates me in a good way. I think most Norwegians would cry if they saw my bathroom in Germany. Norwegians often joke that they are born with skis on their feet. Well, this is probably true. Or maybe it is an evil plot against the rest of the world every four years when the Winter Olympics take place.

They are good at most forms of skiing, but especially cross-country skiing. I have noticed Americans play sports because we are competitive and just like winning. Many Norwegian people love skiing for the sport, but most do it for fun. Not so that they can be one or anything like that… they just genuinely like rocking around the trails on a pair of skis with little obligation. I lived in Norway for four years and never put a pair of skis on. And I love Norwegians for their desire to keep their nature clean and Married bored need it norwegian girls.

Norway was blessed with some of the most beautiful nature on the planet and Norwegians know this and take advantage of it on a regular basis. I have lived in Kazakhstan and I found it astonishing how few Kazakhs took advantage of the easy to access nature in and around Almaty. Norwegians are the complete opposite. You can always find them hiking, active, and playing around in the forests. It was one of my favorite things about living there.

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The Norwegian lifestyle can be a bit too relaxed for me at times… but then I realized I lived on the most picturesque place on the planet and I was bored no more. This is a phenomenon that I never understood. I always thought Americans were bad with being obsessed with the daily lives of others and then I moved to Norway.

Things have changed a bit, but Norwegians are still obsessed with bloggers and getting the nitty-gritty into the everyday lives of other Norwegians. Lifestyle bloggers in many countries will post when they have something to say. Not Norwegian bloggers. They will post multiple times a day and you will know what their entire home looks like and when their dog last pooped.

I used to read a lot of these blogs because it helped me learn Norwegian quickly and I literally could tell you everything about the popular bloggers from their birthday to what they had for breakfast that morning.

And this was all before Instagram came about. Most of my Norwegian friends will tell me I am more traveled in their homeland than they are. The reason most Norwegians shun traveling their own country? Not to mention that Norway is super expensive. If the south of Spain was available over Molde, Norway for a winter trip, where would you pick?

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With that being said, you will run into Norwegians all over the world if you travel. They will usually be the gorgeous ones… taking advantage of cheap alcohol. Taking myself and my inability to budget or save for things out of the equation, Norwegians are masterminds at saving.

If they want something, they will save up for it and buy it. It could be a house or even just a new pair of shoes. It is really impressive. But then again, banking in Norway is brilliant and easy. Just kidding. How dare children have the opportunity to be children?! I quickly learned that Barnehage day-care or preschool was a bit different than in the US. Norwegians can tell you which berries are poisonous. They just understood regular things and had the basic skills that I severely lacked. The currency when I moved to Norway was at the most expensive in history.

Because eating out is expensive in Norway, Norwegians cook at home. It seems like such a simple thing, but it was a massive adjustment for me when I moved to Norway.

Married bored need it norwegian girls

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26 Things I Learned About Norwegian People After Living in Norway