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Lucky you! What a beautiful country full of gorgeous wide-open spaces, castlesVikings and a capital chock-full of fairy tale charm where royals still rule and mermaids may swim. But, what is life actually like here in Denmark?

Not sure what else to expect? Here to help.

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But it rarely is. This classisk open-faced sandwich can be topped with anything. Like pickled herrings. Or potatoes. Or fried fish. Or shrimps in mayonnaise. Or raw beef and raw egg. You should try one. Or two. Or more. Vienna bread. They are not actually Danish. I counted. Just kidding. So is eating the entire sack of eggs.

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Then sliced. You only eat them with a knife and fork and rarely during the meal will you put down your utensils, potentially even using them as an extension of your conversation. The knife, not the burger. That no one tells you. A slight challenge when you move in December and there are only 7 hours of daylight. Maybe to combat that lack of daylight issue come winter. And they are exceptionally good at it. They are actually very straightforward. Use them. Or get dinged. The bell is real. For us all. It depends on where you learned English. Now you pay a deposit. Or just hej. There is no correlation.

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You just have to learn it. It is a gasping sound, that at first, makes you think the person is shocked. But they have a thousand ways to say thank you. Tusind tak. A thousand thanks. My personal favorite. Mange tak. Many thanks. Tak for sidst. Thanks for the last time. Tak for mad. Thanks for the food. And on and on. No way. But public drinking is ok. Vintage is better. But the shoes. Then those are painted on.

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Jeggings work on men and women. And fur. And dresses and suits. And the other bike. Big brother can track nearly every aspect of your life with that little. You make an outing to procure Fredagslik. Danes have some of the highest per capita consumptions of candy in the world.

This statistic does not include chocolate. Just candy. That makes about half of the people here happy. At the grocery store, the organic options are packed in plastic to keep it from touching the conventional counterparts. That heats up water which is then pumped into your house and heats your home. Those pipes are sometimes too hot to touch. Ok, maybe just mine currently. They will eat outside bundled in wool and scarves and fleece blankets to get that vitamin D. Still, most Danes are not actively religious. See point above.

And singing. Danes have Fastelavn which they celebrate before Lent in February where children dress in costumes and play the ancient ritual — beat the cat out of a barrel. Or they used to. Now they just whack barrels filled with candy. Lucky cats.

Cat Queen. If you break the last board down, you are the kattekonge. Cat King. Both win a paper crown to wear for the day. Or find the whole almond in the risalamande at Christmas. You have hygge. You are happy. Candy can be part of it. But not all of it. You survive the dark winter. But you here, you will end up lighting them all year round.

If you accept the ritual. Even when water temps reach near freezing.

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Happy in the lid. But keep trying. Or on the bus. But once you get to know them, they are truly super interesting, funny, warm, crazy generous, loyal and up for most anything. At least once. Velkommen til Danmark. Welcome to Denmark. Want to know more?

Hot Denmark guy wants first black girl

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