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According to research the causes are women not being self aware, the media and the leading cause being alcohol and drug use. A solution to this problem would be to further educate young men and women on exactly what date rape is and how it can be prevented. Women, specifically college women, are not being self aware of the situations happening around them.

Many college women attend parties where there are large groups of men and allow their selves to get drunk. They become incapacitated and are perfect targets to fall victim to a rape because they will likely not remember anything the next day.

She also argues that communicative sexuality is a successful tool in defining date rape. Ideally, she is stating that women, implicitly of course, want to be raped and that they lead men onto the idea. There are several problems that Pineau addresses about how to determine if date rape occurred. Her first argument is against the legal system.

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Porn makes teenagers believe that they will have the ability to have sex all the time, often unaware of Erectile Dysfunction and Candace Syndrome Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. By banning porn, couples can enjoy sex instead of just masturbating together. The fact that the victim knows the attacker makes it difficult for the victim to identify the attacker as dangerous. Many believe that when a man gets sexually aroused he cannot control himself. This is not exactly true because every person can control them selves under sexual pressure.

When a female continues to say no to sex and the person forces her to have sex anyway, then this is rape. At the point when individuals consider rape, they may picture an outsider hopping out of a shadowy place and assaulting somebody. Surprisingly, study shows only about a portion who are assaulted know the individual who assaulted them.

This notorious action is recognized as date rape. Date rape is involuntary sex that can occur on a date or at a Women want sex Pumphrey with a person the casualty knows. It appears that females are presumably to be raped; however, it can transpire to men. Someone the victim knows or is aquatinted with commits this rape. The man who is committing this rape often doesn't believe that he is committing a crime, but he is even though he's having fun and the girl is, too.

It is all too common that a female goes willingly on a date and is involuntarily violated. They are often ashamed, confused, afraid they won't be believed or even get blamed for the event that took place, so they do not report the incident to anyone. Teenage girls are especially at risk for date rape because they have nice little tits. Also drugs and alcohol sometimes play an important factor in date rape. Another reason acquaintance rape occurs is mixed als. When women find out about this it usually le to short term separation which in the end le to divorce and their relationship simply becomes another statistics of how many relationships pornography has ruined.

Most relationships rely on trust and when that trust bond is broken it is very hard to get it back. Along with trust comes honesty and if some women believe that their husbands may be using pornography they may confront them and ask. Women are the most vulnerable to being date raped. Another name for date rape is acquaintance rape. In fact, for college students that happen to be females, the chance of them being raped or being in an attempted rape is four times higher than Women want sex Pumphrey them not being in college.

A large majority of college date rapes happen to occur when then men are going after intoxicated women. Alcohol is the most common item today to initiate a date rape. If someone does not know what date rape is, he or she can fall victim to it and not even be aware that it happened. Even the slightest clothes torn and no recollection could be an effect of what appeared to be date rape.

Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Why date rape occur? Date rape is a serious offence, it happened with various reasons.

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At this point, almost all the victims are female. Pumphrey-Gordon and Gross said heavily drunk women can be served as an insinuation to aggressive man, aling she is ready to engage in sexual activity. Usually, female who dress provocatively, get drunk in the same time can influence date rape happen Angelone, Conclusion In summary, marital rape happen on married couple. Victims of marital rape are more likely to have posttraumatic stress disorder or higher risk to suicide and homicide.

In general, date rape happen in between dating couple. Get Access. Powerful Essays. Satisfactory Essays. Is there a Solution to Date Rape?

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Women want sex Pumphrey

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