Married guy for married girl of any age

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She said because they can cater to her needs. I also remember a Ghanaian actress once made a comment about women having to depend on men to sustain themselves.

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Of course she was dragged on social media for uttering such statement during her interview. I think polygamy is a widespread ideology among women and their preference with men, especially in African countries. From my conversations and observations, provision of basic needs is one of the major reasons why women tend to prefer married men to single men.

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Married men are more secure sources of funding for women because they can provide for their needs. In some cases, women find love and companionship in their relationship with these men. Age, single men unwilling to settle down, the maturity of married men and experience amongst others are also reasons why single women prefer dating married men. I believe men on the other hand, usually involve themselves with several women to satisfy their desires for companionship amongst other reasons. Sex is often the exchange for the money, gifts and outings women receive from married men.

The same principles apply to married women whose husbands engage in extra marital affairs. The women are usually bitter, crushed and unhappy inside though they seem cheerful outside especially those whose husbands have children from these affairs. The men on the other hand, are often distant from their families especially their wives. Now that feminism and women empowerment is in vogue, I wonder why women still have to depend on men for money to provide their needs.

Can't women work for their own money to cater for their needs? Also, does this practice not put the parties involved at the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and other diseases especially when it is with men with many sexual partners? I wonder why single women would want to put themselves at such risk. Stop being pressured to end up married to avoid making costly mistakes. April 22, Like Post Submit a post. Image Credit. What is wrong with that? Discover other stories from young voices around the world -and share yours!

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Married guy for married girl of any age

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