Well my b day is today i want to go out

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Birthdays are special. They mark the continuity of the greatest of treasures — life. On your special day, you mark another year of your victories over the vices of the unpredictable life. The way one might choose to celebrate a birthday might differ from the other person.

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Now, since happiness and celebration are things that come first from within, you could begin by wishing yourself a happy birthday in your own unique way. This differs from person to person as well. Friends and family updates will always come and notifications to alert of their wishes will be displayed in our. However, you can often steal some of the glory. Here will explore the numerous birthday statuses that one can possibly use on their timelines. Use responsibly! One of the best days to thoroughly laugh at yourself is on your birthday!

Go ahead and use these status updates on your preferred social media platforms to announce your special day in the most humorous way possible. Facebook has revolutionized how we wish ourselves and each other happy birthday. Besides the written wishes, there are several pictures, applications, emoticons and videos that can be ed on Facebook to announce birthdays. Here are some birthday status updates:. Some birthday wish updates may bear a lot of wisdom and discernment yet with a funny twist to lighten the day as below.

Happy Birthday. No need to panic but this seems like the end of the line.

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Hey Mr. Not joking about it. Happy Birthday to… Me! Birthday Wishes for Myself.

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Well my b day is today i want to go out

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Happy Birthday Best Friend Wishes