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Books challenged, restricted, removed, or banned in as reported in the Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom from May through March Download PDF. Source: Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, Nov. Removed from the Laton, Calif. Unified School District because it contains violence and profanity that might harm students.

The novel is considered by many critics to be the finest work by the New Mexico writer, widely respected as one of the leading Hispanic writers in the U. Source: Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, Sept. Removed from the seventh- and eighth-grade reading list at the Unity, N. Source: Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, Mayp.

Removed from the Aledo, Tex. Middle School library and restricted at the high school library to students with parental permission. A parent complained about the references to drug use, vulgar language, and descriptions Simi Huntsville sex encounters sex. Challenged because of graphic sex, but retained on the advanced placement English list at Chamberlain High School in Tampa, Fla. Challenged at the Fairfield, Iowa Middle School and High School libraries because of a graphic description of a sexual act.

Challenged, but retained on the Downers Grove, Ill. Removed from the Barron, Wis. The books were then returned to the library while a federal court considered the lawsuit. Source: Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, Jan. The decision was later reversed.

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Removed from an elementary school in Arlington, Tex. Source: Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, Mar. Banned from middle school libraries in the Elgin, Ill. School District U46 because of its sex scenes. The decision was upheld in June after an hour of emotional school board discussion. Source: Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, Maypp.

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Challenged, but retained at the Granville School library in Catskill, N. Pulled from the Many, La. Pulled from the Ouachita Parish school library in Monroe, La. The Simi Huntsville sex encounters chapter of the ACLU filed a lawsuit in the federal courts on October 3,claiming that the principal and the school superintendent violated First Amendment free speech rights and also failed to follow established procedure when they removed the book. The three-year-old school library censorship case headed to court after the Ouachita Parish School Board made no decision to seek a settlement at a special meeting April 12, On August 17,the Ouachita Parish School Board agreed to return the book to the library and to develop a new book-selection policy that follows state guidelines for school media programs.

Challenged at the Warrenville, Ill. Bunce Elementary School library in Pavilion, N. Removed from the Baker City, Ohio High School language arts program because of two selections in the book. The Bluest Eyeby Toni Morrison, includes a description of a father raping his eleven-year-old daughter.

Being Thereby Jerzy Kosinski, includes descriptions of sexual relations. Challenged, but retained at the Hastings, Nebr. Public Library along with forty other books on the topics of witches, magic, the zodiac, fortune telling, and ghost stories most of the Dewey Decimal category School District because the data is outdated. Challenged in the fifth-grade Oak Brook, Ill.

Butler District 53 curriculum because of violence and inappropriate language. Butler District 53 curriculum because the book contains racial slurs. The controversy began in early when a parent complained about sex, violence, and profanity in the book that was part of an advanced placement English class. Challenged on the required reading list for ninth graders at Colton, N.

Challenged on the York County, Va. Pulled from the elementary school collections, but retained at the middle school libraries in Anchorage, Alaska Banned from an elementary school in Lufkin, Tex. Removed from the Waltham, Mass. High School summer reading list because of two sexually graphic passages.

Students were not required to read or even look at the publication, nor were they required to read any of the books listed in the publication. Pulled from the Spokane, Wash. School District libraries after a parent complained its depictions of children hitting animals and destroying property gave her second-grader the wrong message. Removed from the Central School library in Hunstville, Ala.

Challenged, but retained on the ninth-grade accelerated English reading Simi Huntsville sex encounters in Bloomfield, N. The board was still set to review Catcher in the Ryeby J. Pulled from the Boerne, Tex. Independent High School library and barred from the curriculum after several parents and students complained about its racial epithets and sexually graphic passages. The book was later returned to the library. Challenged, but retained at the Auburn-Placer County, Calif.

Library because of sexually explicit material.

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School District because of the book's homosexual theme and because it contains outdated information about AIDS. The book was then returned to the library while a federal court considered the lawsuit. Limited to students in the seventh grade or higher at the Canal Winchester Middle School in Columbus, Ohio because of references to sex, a self-induced abortion, and drug use. Source: Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, Julyp.

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Written parental permission is required to see the book at the Palm Beach, Fla. Challenged, but retained in the Chester, S. High School library with the provision that parents can instruct the school not to let their own children borrow it.

Challenged as extra reading material at Westcott Junior High School in Westbrook, Maine because the novel describes people having sex and the mutilation of animals and people. Removed, but later returned to the Enfield, Conn. Challenged, but retained at a Lake Butler, Fla. A parent complained because the issues of infanticide and sexual awakening are discussed in the book. Removed from the Medford, Wis. Middle School library because of foul language and the opinion that it was not "inspiring. Removed from a Federal Hocking High School English class in Athens, Ohio because it contains a sexually graphic passage that some have deemed offensive.

Kearsley, Mich. In addition, the complainant suggested that the library move sexually explicit materials, as well as ones about homosexuality, into an adult section and establish a review committee to screen materials. Unified School District because the novel about the Vietnam War contains violence and profanity.

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Removed as required reading in the Livonia, Mich. The book, however, is limited in its classroom use to small discussion groups for girls only. Challenged at the Wichita Falls, Tex. Public Library The deacon body of the First Baptist Church requested that any literature that promotes or sanctions a homosexual lifestyle be removed.

District Court Judge Jerry Buchmeyer ordered attorneys to agree to a restraining order, which put the books back. Challenged, but retained in the juvenile non-fiction section of the Nampa, Idaho Public Library Source: Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, Julypp.

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Pulled from a junior English class at the Shawnee High School in Lima, Ohio because it contained offensive material, including sex and violence. Challenged, but retained at the Grant Wood Elementary School media center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa despite objections to the book's inclusion of a brief incident of an old man exposing himself to a six-year-old girl.

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Removed from Escondido, Calif. Passages deemed offensive made references to whiskey drinking, bribery, sex, and a nightmare about dismemberment. Challenged, but retained at the Orfordville, Wis. Elementary School library Challenged, but retained on the library shelves of a Dallas-Fort Worth-area elementary school Challenged at the Cousens Memorial School library in Lyman, Maine because the book portrays hunters in a negative light.

Restricted to fifth- through eighth-graders who have written parental permission in the Zeeland, Mich. No future installments can be purchased and teachers are prohibited from reading the books aloud in class. The book was considered objectionable because of the intense story line, the violence, the wizardry, and the sucking of animal blood. Challenged, but retained in Frankfort, Ill.

Simi Huntsville sex encounters

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