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Moore becomes a student teacher at his old school in Castleford where he feels too young to control his students. After recovering from a gas attack in hospital Moore returns to fight in France shortly before peace is declared. A programme cover for a play written by and starring Moore, first performed at Castleford Grammar School.

Moore right and his sister Mary performing as the title characters, Narayana and Bhataryan. LH X11 Decorated Platec. Starts studying sculpture at Leeds College of Art where he is the only full-time sculpture student. This carving in sycamore wood is one of the the earliest known sculptures by Moore, undertaken whilst he was a student at Leeds College of Art. Discovers Ezra Pound's memoir on the sculptor Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, which became one of the most influential texts on his work. At this time, Moore begins to use experimental techniques whilst drawing from life; this is one of the earliest instances of Show me single naked girls in Castleford combination of pen, ink, chalk and wash.

Leon Underwood quits from the Royal College of Art but continues to teach Moore and his friends privately at their request. Granted a travelling scholarship after graduating to see the work of the Old Masters in Italy. His trip is delayed until as he acts as sculpture tutor until a replacement can be found. The first example of carving through the stone, foreshadowing his later use of the hole to create a formal contrast between the solid and void.

Moore begins creating sculpture in concrete, which at the time is largely confined to architecture. LH 41 MaskCast concrete, current whereabouts unknown. The first of twelve masks created over the next three years inspired by Mexican and African masks. Collection: Whitworth Gallery, Manchester. Bird, bronze.

Only one of the casts' whereabouts is known, at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Henry Moore carving West Wind Relief. The five different angles and lines incorporating the central figure suggest Moore was considering how this composition would translate to a carved sculpture. Marries Irina Radetzky, a painting student at the Royal College of Art, moving together to Hampstead, a hub of the arts. Wilenski for the highly respected Apollo: the international magazine of art and antiques.

Carved from a stone found on the beach whilst on holiday to Norfolk with Barbara Hepworth and John Skeaping. Inspired by Sumerian figures which often feature enlarged he and clasped hands as a means of emphasising their humanity. LH 88a Headc. Res from his teaching post at the Royal College of Art after a vicious press campaign against him backed by colleagues. Moore described this venture into abstraction as an important stage in the development of his sculpture.

Performs as an ancient Greek torso in the staff performance at the Chelsea School of Art Christmas concert. The abstraction of the bust indicates the influences of Hans Arp and the Surrealists on Moore during the s. Moore used drawing as a tool to develop and eliminate ideas for sculptures, often using repetition on single s.

Exhibits and publishes a book with Unit One, co-founded with Paul Nash, Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth the year to promote modern art, architecture and de. The geometric shape represents architecture although the incisions refer to the human body.

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Moves to a house called Burcroft in Kent. A modern bungalow rather than a cottage, the house was much lighter, and Moore described the garden as encouraging his interest in making sculpture for natural landscapes.

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Sits on the committee of the International Surrealist Exhibition at the New Burlington Galleries, London, exhibiting three drawings and four sculptures. Even at its most abstracted, Moore insisted that his work always referred to human emotions if not physical resemblance.

Circle: International Survey of Constructive Art includes texts by Moore at a time when he was close both to the Constructivists and their opposition, the Surrealists. The first of a series of stringed sculptures inspired by mathematical models in the Science Museum and exhibiting constructivist tendencies.

LH Mother and ChildPlaster and string. Made for the terrace of a country house to bridge the passage from the architecture to the landscape.

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Irina and Henry leave London for Hertfordshire after the street of their home and studio is bombed, first renting half of Hoglands before buying the whole house. The earliest example of a series of abstract sculptures representing the tension of points almost touching.

Out of sympathy for the shelterers, Moore does not make any direct sketches underground, instead taking descriptive notes on the back of an envelope before returning to his studio to draw from memory. Becomes a Trustee of the Tate Gallery holding the position until then again from to The greens and blues of the figures and the close composition evocatively portray the dank, crowded conditions of the underground. Commissioned to create des for textiles, which were Show me single naked girls in Castleford into head scarves and other fashion items and soft furnishings, Moore initially created a series of 'textile de' drawings.

After a two-year break from making sculpture during the war, this is one of ten maquettes for a commission for a Madonna and Child in a church in Northampton. Leeds University gives Moore an honorary degree, the first of over 20 he will receive from universities internationally. Moore felt this piece had a richer three-dimensional sense than any of his large wood carvings. Moore created a of drawings with repeated studies of his daughter throughout her childhood. Commissioned for the first open air exhibition in Battersea Park, where Moore sits on the organising committee.

Scaled-up from a maquette for an unrealised commission for a school in Impington, the first cast of Family Group was created for Barclay Secondary School at Stevenage, a town created under the New Towns Act. LH Helmet Head No. Moore is overjoyed with the positioning of this piece in the wild surroundings of the Keswick Estate, Glenkiln, Scotland where it is later ed by his King and Queen and Upright Motive No. From a portfolio of lithographs exploring the Promethean myth which includes echoes of his draped sculptural figures of the period.

Moore is the subject of a BBC documentary titled Henry Moorethe first ever film on a living artist, to coincide with his commission for the Festival of Britain. Moore with the plaster Reclining Figure: Festivalc. Henry and Irina visit Greece where Moore is struck by the light and influenced by the drapery of Classical sculptures. Antony Caro right with Alan Ingham, another of Moore's assistants, working in the garden foundry c. Reclining Figure: Festival in situ at the Festival of Britain, Pencil, wax crayon, watercolour wash, pen and ink.

Accompanying a day-time version and reflecting earlier influences of Surrealism with parallels with a drawing, Crowd Looking at a Tied Up Object. Double Standing Figure is displayed at the entrance to the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, which houses works by eight younger sculptors. Moore with Double Standing Figure in the garden at Hoglands, c. Moore was particularly pleased with this panoramic setting high above the loch.

The first commission for Harlow New Town, the family group was chosen to represent the young families living in the town. Appointed a Member of the Order of the Companions of Honour in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, a ificant accolade only awarded to 50 people at one time. LH Upright Motive No. Moore created 13 upright motive maquettes and this was the first of five to be enlarged. Upright Motive No. Animal Head resembles bones, one of the natural materials to profoundly influence Moore. Modern Art in the United States at the Tate Gallery brought a large exhibition of modern painting, sculpture and prints from America to the UK for the first time.

After a trip to Greece inMoore adopted the use of drapery to emphasise the form of his figures as inspired by ancient Greek art. The sculpture is currently on loan to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and another cast is in the Tate's collection at Tate Britain. Two Piece Reclining Figure No. The thin, sharp forms represent a stylistic change, which was inspired by a bone which, along with plasticine additions for the head and base, formed the maquette.

Visits New York to look at the site of a possible commission at the Lincoln Center for a sculpture within a large pool; decides on a two-part reclining figure, which is unveiled in Other notable members include artist Graham Sutherland, author JB Priestly and chemist Dorothy Hodgkin third from left, bottom row who later became the subject of a series of Moore's drawings. Inspired by two interlocked stones Moore found, and also refers to his interest in ts and bones. Buys a house near the Carrara marble quarries in Forte dei Marmi, Italy prompting a resurgence in carved works in marble.

Sundial in its original setting outside The Times Building, London. Commissioned to commemorate the 25 th anniversary of the first controlled nuclear chain reaction. Unlike other abstracted two-part mother and child sculptures, here the maternal and infant elements touch indicating their interdependency. The title and the form refer to Western Sudanese Dogon masks that were included in the Surrealist magazine, Minotaure that Moore contributed to in and which continued to impact on his work throughout his career.

LH a Upright Motive No. The totemic form appears ancient and is reminiscent of prehistoric fertility goddesses such as the Venus of Willendorf. The largest of a of works that feature points almost touching, creating a dynamic tension.

At over five metres high this sculpture was constructed in pieces at the Henraux marble works, Querceta, which Moore described as like building a cathedral. Large Square Form with Cut on show at the seminal exhibition in Florence. Named after Moore placed the sculpture in a field in his estate he leased to a farmer, becoming a favoured shelter of the sheep.

Moore becomes the first living artist to be awarded an exhibition at the Forte di Belvedere, Florence, which is opened by Princess Margaret. Henry Moore gives Princess Margaret a private tour of the exhibition before the evening opening ceremony. Moore's King and Queen can be seen to the right. Much of the land and the sculptures on it are transferred to the Trust.

Moore in the grounds at Perry Green, A wrapped up Locking Piece can just be seen behind Show me single naked girls in Castleford. The real Moore left examining his waxwork counterpart, Madame Tussauds, Originally conceived to be placed on a hill in Perry Green, a position later occupied by Large Reclining Figurewhich was bigger and could be seen better from afar.

From a series of lithographs inspired by the poems of W. Auden for an exhibition at the British Museum. Moore was commissioned to produce a work for Goslar, Germany after being nominated for a prestigious art prize by the town; he selected this work, ly titled The Falling Warrior and changed its name for the location in the Imperial Palace Garden. Moore donates 36 sculptures and a complete set of his graphics to Tate after first discussing the gift in Henry Moore being presented with a miner's lamp during the unveiling of the Castleford Draped Reclining Figure6th June Moore first used protruding lines on sculpture created from attaching string to the model in his work Reclining Figure: Festivalhe has revisited the device here to add geometric lines to an organic form creating a contrast more usually reserved for his drawings.

The Miners' strikes begin across the country protesting the closures of mines and restrictions in pay. The anonymity of the figures are enhanced by the smooth surface, which is achieved by the cast being taken from a polystyrene model rather than plaster which allows for more surface texture. Moore dies at his home in Perry Green on 31 st August survived by his wife, Irina, daughter Mary and his grandchildren.

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