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Bridgerton 's famously raunchy sex scenes have proved something of an embarrassment for star Phoebe Dynevor — because she's been watching the show with her grandparents. We skipped past episode six completely. I was like, 'That's just not worth watching! Phoebe has been partly sheltered from her new-found fame by spending lockdown with her mum, Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor, and screenwriter dad Tony in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. Bridgerton's famously raunchy sex scenes have proved something of an embarrassment for star Phoebe Dynevor — because she's been watching the show with her grandparents.

But it meant watching the show on Netflix with the whole family — 'including my grandma and grandpa' — so forcing her to skip the sex scenes between her character Daphne Bridgerton and the dashing Duke of Hastings. I'm glad for that, actually. It would be very complicated if it went further. I always hear about people falling in love with their co-stars. It's yet to happen to me, but I'm intrigued. The pair had an intimacy co-ordinator who choreographed their steamy scenes and used yoga mats and padding, to give the appearance they were closer than they were.

Comparing the scenes to stunts, Phoebe says: 'It's all about making it look real but not actually doing it — like someone getting punched in a screen fight when you're not actually punching them. When you're not really naked and there are so many things in between you, that makes for a way more comfortable experience. After Bridgerton aired, Phoebe got a message from Daisy Edgar-Jones, who shot to fame in another sex-filled show, last year's Normal People. Phoebe Dynevor: The world's favourite Duchess.

But locked down with Mum and Dad, it's all 'very surreal,' she tells Cole Moreton…. Are they in love in real life? There was so much pressure on us to get it right that it was all about the work. We have a really professional working relationship. On-set romances are fine while everything is good, but hellish if you fall out.

Rumours suggest there is more to their chemistry than acting, but each has been enigmatic about this until now. We have to say we're actors, we're doing a job, there is something to be said for not spoiling the magic… but at a certain point you have to say 'no'. So that's put things straight. Naughty woman wants casual sex Bridgeton is bright, charming and disarmingly direct, but as we talk I can't help feeling she's only vaguely aware of what a massive star she has suddenly become. Bridgerton has hit the -one spot in 83 countries — including the US, India and Brazil — since it went up on Netflix in December.

In fact, it is the biggest series the streaming service has ever had, with 82 million households around the Naughty woman wants casual sex Bridgeton tuning into the show in its first 28 days online. It's very surreal, because I know something's going on but I can't really see it. What's going on is that Bridgerton has been watched by an enormous worldwide audience. That's a sudden rush of global fame for a young actor who before this role was struggling to survive in an industry decimated by Covid. The women are the ones whose desires matter for a change. And the screen lights up every time Daphne flirts with the duke.

It certainly does this time, as the debutante and the troubled aristocrat fake an engagement to get society gossips off their back, then realise with horror that they are actually falling in love. Once they're married the pair make love with naked abandon for most of episode six. The remote was in my hand at all times.

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We skipped past episode six completely! I was like, 'That's just not worth watching. We both laugh at the thought of her on the sofa with three generations of Dynevors, including her soap royalty parents Tim and Sally. When I ask what Grandma made of the show, Phoebe answers carefully. My grandpa said: 'She usually gets really bored by everything but she's so engaged in this. I think that was because it's such an amazing world, quite amazing on the eyes, so bright and colourful.

So she loved it. Her grandmother Shirley was reacting to a palette unlike any other period drama, with lavish Regency costumes in vivid coded colours inspired by the more expressive clothes of the s and 60s. The aristocratic Bridgerton girls wear sophisticated pastels and silver, for example, while the Featheringtons are in bright yellows, reds and greens to al they are outsiders. The show is also far more frank than your average Jane Austen, contrasting the sexual ignorance Naughty woman wants casual sex Bridgeton aristocratic women like Daphne before her marriage with the pleasure and freedom she enjoys afterwards, even using it to take control of her relationship.

Bringing scenes to life is an exciting feeling anyway, but it felt like we were sparking off each other. That was only an audition though, and Phoebe was convinced she wouldn't get the part. I've been acting for 11 years and even when you're lucky it's tough. Born in Trafford, she went to Cheadle Hulme School in Stockport but also ed her mum's trade as actor, playing Siobhan in Waterloo Road at the age of But Phoebe had a lot of rejections and had run out of confidence by the time she was called to audition for Bridgerton in Los Angeles.

Sometimes it does wear you down. Good luck with it all — you're going to be great.

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He sort of smiled and giggled at me. The next day she was told the part was hers. The pair had six weeks to prepare, which included learning how to dance in the style offor the spectacular ballroom scenes in which much of the early flirting between Daphne and the duke takes place. We really did spend hours and hours learning the choreography. As Strictly fans know, that can bring people together. You have to look into each other's eyes, you can't look down at your feet.

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You have to say: 'I need to trust that I'm not going to trip over you and you're not going to trip over me. Bridgerton is based on the novels of Julia Quinn, narrated by Julie Andrews as Lady Whistledown, the all-seeing author of a society scandal-sheet, and the executive producer is Shonda Rhimes Grey's Anatomy, Scandal.

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The female gaze is what we get at every level, says Phoebe. Bridgerton has been described as the ultimate post-Me Too series, and the production values reflected that when it came to the sex scenes: 'You treat it like a stunt — you have an intimacy coordinator,' says Phoebe. This is someone who oversees the moves, as it were.

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It's just all amazing camera angles and you feel so safe. It's all about making it look real but not actually doing it — like someone getting punched in a screen fight when you're not actually punching them. I've done sex scenes before where that wasn't the case and they are entirely different to shoot. Hang on, what does she mean? What were those like? Phoebe won't say which production she is talking about, but her last big show was the blokey Snatch.

And when we say 'action' you just pretend to have sex. Then sometimes the director would yell: 'Touch her neck! And you'd just do what they said. It was a very different experience. It's not like that any more.

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I genuinely believe that you shouldn't be allowed to do a sex scene without one, because it's a complete game-changer. You feel so safe — not just the cast, the whole crew. Otherwise it's really awkward filming two people going at it. What do they do with the yoga balls? So when you're together, you're not actually together — there's a yoga ball between you.

And everything is choreographed. There are no surprises. Daphne's star rises when Queen Charlotte picks her out from among the debutantes presented at court and calls her flawless… but she then has to live up to it. The same pressure was also on Phoebe, leading a massive production for the first time. So much so that she had what she calls a 'full-blown panic attack' on set. It happened as she was filming a scene in which Daphne comes down a grand staircase to meet a prince, with everybody's eyes on her. I've never worked so hard in my life — often six days a week and lo of night shoots.

So you've had two hours' sleep, you're absolutely exhausted, but there is someone saying, 'You've got to look perfect because Daphne's getting married today. How did she cope? But, yeah, there were a few moments of exhaustion.

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Phoebe brought a vulnerability to Daphne that is not in the books.

Naughty woman wants casual sex Bridgeton

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