Looking for meaty lips to nibble on

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Your first mental image when thinking about lips or mouths might be a passionate kiss.

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This post provides hundreds of ways to describe them in creative writing and poetry. Pouting might indicate agitation, aggravation, confusion, contemplation, disapproval, disbelief, dislike, exasperation, flirtatiousness, impatience, irritability, nervousness, pessimism, resentment, sadness, skepticism, suspicion, wariness, worry, etc.

Use sparingly, although they function well in flash fiction or third-person omniscient point of view, and when you want to speed the pace. Several adjectives, when describing lips, may suggest something different when describing mouths. Provocative lips might indicate a seductive tone, but a provocative mouth might be aggravating. Demanding lips evoke a sexual image, whereas a demanding mouth implies an overbearing character.

Generous lips might be large, or they might be yielding and responsive. Provide context if necessary. Rather than modify lips or moutha of the following words could refer to faces, expressions, or motivations.

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Many skin attributes also perform well as lips and mouth descriptors. A and B active, adulterous, adventurous, affectionate, aflame, aggressive, alluring, amorous, amorphous, ample, appealing, ardent, audacious, avid, awkward, barbarous, belligerent, bewitching, bitchy, bitter, bloody, bone-dry, bony, Botoxed, boyish, brash, brutal, busy. C cadaverous, callous, capable, capacious, careworn, carnivorous, caustic, cautious, cavernous, chaste, cheerful, cheery, childlike, clumsy, coarse, coherent, cold, complacent, conspicuous, contemptuous, corrugated, critical, crooked, cruel, crumpled, cynical.

D and E dainty, dead, delectable, delicate, delicious, demanding, demure, desirous, desiccated, determined, devilish, disdainful, dispirited, disrespectful, dissatisfied, doll-like, dour, downcast, droll, dry, eager, effeminate, elastic, electric, eloquent, energetic, enigmatic, enthusiastic, evil, expectant, experienced, expressionless, expressive, exquisite.

F and G fascinating, fevered, feverish, fine, firm, flaccid, flat, flawless, fleshy, flexible, flirtatious, foolish, forceful, formless, foul, fragile, fragrant, frigid, frothy, full, furrowed, furtive, generous, gentle, girlie, girlish, glassy, glib, glossy, gnomish, goofy, grave, greasy, greedy, grim, grotesque. H and I hard, haughty, heartless, heavy, helpless, heretical, hesitant, honeyed, hungry, icy, impassioned, impassive, impatient, imperious, impertinent, impetuous, implacable, impudent, incoherent, inflamed, inflexible, innocent, insatiable, inscrutable, insubstantial, intractable, inviolate, irreverent.

J to M juicy, kissable, lax, leathery, lecherous, lewd, libelous, libidinous, licentious, lifeless, loathsome, loose, lopsided, lovable, luscious, lush, lustful, malicious, manly, masculine, masterful, meager, meaty, merciless, merry, mischievous, misshapen, moist, motionless, mute, mutinous. N to P narrow, nasty, naughty, nervous, numb, obstinate, oily, oversized, passionate, pathetic, pebbly, perfect, perfumed, petulant, pinched, piquant, playful, pliable, pliant, plump, practiced, prim, prodigious, profane, proficient, prominent, proud, provocative, puffy, pugnacious.

Q and R querulous, randy, rapacious, ravenous, raw, relentless, reluctant, repulsive, resolute, responsive, restless, reticent, reverent, rigid, ripe, rough, rubbery, ruthless. S sacrilegious, sad, sarcastic, sardonic, sassy, satirical, saucy, savage, scabrous, scaly, scornful, scurrilous, seductive, sensitive, sensuous, serious, sexyshapeless, shrunken, silent, silky, sinful, skillful, slack, slick, slippery, sloppy, smooth, soft, sore, sour, spicy, stained, starving, stern, sticky, stiff, stony, strong, stubborn, submissive, succulent, sulky, sullen, sultry, sunken, sweet, swollen.

T and U talented, tense, tentative, thick, thin, thirsty, tight, timid, toothless, tough, traitorous, tremulous, truculent, uncertain, uncooperative, unrelenting, unresponsive, unsatisfied, unsmiling, unwilling, unyielding, upturned. V to Y vacuous, virgin, voluble, voluptuous, voracious, vulgar, wanton, warm, waspish, waxen, well-cut, wet, wide, willing, winsome, wistful, withered, witty, wormy, worshipful, wrinkled, wry, yielding, youthful. Although some of these adjectives might suit lips or mouththey excel for describing the upper lip:. B to W bifurcated, bushy, clean-shaven, furry, hairless, hairy, long, mustachioed, naked, perspiring, short, stubbly, sweaty, whiskered.

D to S droopy, exaggerated, floppy, generous, missing, non-existent, pendulous, sagging, soul-patched, split, Looking for meaty lips to nibble on. When creating comparisons, familiar animals are a good place to start. Readers know what they look like and will conjure an immediate image of the lips so compared.

Some of the following act as adjectives, while others function best in as or like similes. For example:.

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Foods excel as color substitutes. Words such as cherrybubble-gumand tangerine capture color, scent, and taste. In a modern novel, lipstick and stage makeup allow lips to be almost any color. Not so in a Victorian-era piece. Many of the following words function well in similes or can be converted to adjectives by adding suffixes such as —like-ishor —esque. A to Y apical, asymmetrical, bleeding heart, blimp, bow, cherry pie, cinnamon roll, cinnamon-heart, doughnut, fishy, goldfish, heart, inner tube, O-ring, peaked, petal name specific flowershapeless, shapely, sharp, stopunsymmetrical, toilet boil, urinal, watermelon, wedding ring, yield.

Some verbs relay feelings or senses of the POV character, while others are appropriate for secondary players.

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Consider antonyms. Instead of relaxing his lips, an uptight worrywart might tense them. You might prefer to pair many of these verbs with characters themselves rather than their body parts.

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B to R belittle, blister, burn, caress, clamp, clench, close, coax, coerce, compress, contort, crack, crimp, criticize, curl, denounce, deprecate, dribble, drool, entice, force, fuse, gossip, graze, heal, insult, kiss, loosen, lure, meld, open, perspire, practice, press, pucker, purse, quirk, relax, respond. S to Y salivate, scrunch, seal, slaver, slide, slither, slobber, smart, smooch, sparkle, spasm, spit, squirm, squish together, sting, stretch, suck, sweat, swell, tempt, throb, tighten, tingle, turn down, turn up, twist, ulcerate, unlock, yield.

Inventing nouns to replace lips or mouth can lead to silent snickers while you hunch over your keyboard or pore through your favorite thesaurus. Try some of these. B to Y bazoo, blower, bragger, cakehole, chops, doughnut disposal, doughnut hole, flycatcher, flytrap, food vacuum, gob, hatch, hot-air vent, jabberjaw, kisser, laughing gear, maw, motormouth, mug slit, mush, muzzle, nagger, oral cavity, oral orifice, phiz slit, pie hole, puss, skull cave, soup sucker, trap, woofer, word hole, yap, yapper, yodeler.

Does your protagonist notice a roll of duct tape on the counter in his apartment, then whip around to see a face -masked intruder with a gag in hand? Or maybe an amorous encounter. A to W acne, asthma inhaler, baby bottle, blueberries, chewing tobacco, cigar, cigarette, coughing fit, dirt, duct tape, electric razor, facemask, flute, gag, glitter, handkerchief, intubation tube, kazoo, lipstick, mouth guard, mouth organ, mud pie, mustache, muzzle, nebulizer, oboe, piercings, pimples, pipe, razor, scar, scuba regulator, sneezing, snorkel, soot, soother, spit, spit up, stain, straw, teeth, thumb, tic, tissue, tongue, toothpaste, toothpick, trumpet, veil, wart, whistle.

Down in the mouth: dejected, depressed, glum, sad. To have a stiff upper lip: display fortitude, exercise restraint, remain resolute [in the face of adversity]. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Looking for meaty lips to nibble on

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+ Ways to Describe Lips and Mouths: A Word List for Writers