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The U. Because of this and the need for expedient, clear communication, service members are immersed in a linguistic world apart from the daily life of a civilian. Some are self-explanatory and others are completely cryptic, but they each have a specific and important sometimes meaning.

Be sure to check out Military. If you want to know more about the military alphabet, check out our complete guide. Recommended by user NGH Air Picket -- Any airborne system tasked with detecting, reporting and tracking enemy aerial movements within a certain area of operation. Alpha Charlie -- Military alphabet used to represent ass chewing. Defines getting verbally reprimanded. Recommended by user Joe Trejo. Anymouse -- A lockbox on Navy ships where sailors may drop anonymous suggestions. Ass -- Armored vehicles such as Strykers and Tanks.

Ate-Up -- Describes a service member who follows regulations so closely that they disregard the context of the situation. Conversely, may describe a service member who doesn't understand regulations at all. Big Voice -- Term used to describe the loudspeaker on a military base. The Big Voice warns of everything from incoming attacks to scheduled ordnance disposal. Bitchin' Betty -- Most U. The phrase is derived from the same anthropomorphizing applied to GPS units in cars, only Bitchin' Betty's alert pilots to life-threatening situations.

Recommended by user jpchopper. Bolo -- A derogatory remark for recruits who cannot pass marksmanship training. The idea being that if one cannot use a rifle, one must resort to a bolo. Bone -- A B-1 bomber. Recommended by user Steve Neal. Burn Bag -- A bag used to hold shredded documents, deed to be burned. May also refer to a useless person. Recommended by user Gregory Waugh. Cannibalize -- The act of taking workable parts of one item and using them in another. Chancre Mechanic -- Medical officer who checks service members for venereal diseases. Recommended by user jloman Chem-Light Batteries -- A mythical object that would be extremely, functionally pointless.

Often the source of fruitless hunts embarked upon by hapless privates. Chest Candy -- Slang for ribbons and medals worn on a uniform. Can be insulting or applauding. Chicken plates -- Sheets of protective material, called Small Arms Protective Inserts, which are used in the Air force guy looking for someone cool to have fun with body armor system.

Comics -- Term used to describe maps presented by military intelligence. The term is fairly derogatory in nature as a slight against the accuracy of the maps. It also refers to the brightly colored layouts and symbols usually included.

Commo -- Communications equipment or the individuals who operate it. Usually given to communications officers on U. Navy vessels. The hat's wide top brim would need to be crushed down to allow for heets to be worn. Dear John -- Common term referring to a ificant other breaking up with a service member through a letter. Recommended by user wilburbythepsea.

Demilitarized Zone -- A specific area in which any type of military force -- including but not limited to personnel, hardware and infrastructure -- are banned. Digit Midget -- Usually used with a as a prefix. X digit midget refers to the of days till an individual goes on leave or retires. Recommended by user Steve Pinder.

Dittybopper -- A term in the Army referring to als intelligence radio operators trained to utilize Morse code.

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Also used as a verb to describe soldiers marching out of synch with a cadence. Dynamited Chicken -- Term originating in the Navy referring to chicken cacciatore or chicken a la king. Embed -- When a reporter stays with the military in order to conduct journalistic business. They typically are provided with security and basic necessities provided by the unit they are embedded with.

Eagle Keeper -- Maintenance crew chief of an F Fangs -- A Marine Corps term for one's teeth. Fart Sack -- Refers to a sleeping bag or an airman's flight suit. Farts and Darts -- Refers to the clouds and lightning bolt embellishments found on Air Force officer caps.

Fashion Show -- A Naval punishment where a sailor is required to dress in each of his uniforms over a period of several hours. Fast Mover -- Slang for a jet fighter. Aptly named due to the rapidity of a jet fighter's movement. First Light -- The time of nautical twilight when the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon.

Force Projection -- The ability of a nation-state to extend military force beyond their borders. Fourth Point of Contact -- From rolling after a successful parachute drop: a term to describe an individual's buttocks. The first three points are feet, calves and back of the thigh. Recommended by user elisemorgan. Fruit Salad -- Slang for a service member's display of medals and ribbons on a dress uniform. This term originated during the Vietnam War and experienced limited use by civilians.

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Geardo -- An Army term for a soldier who spends an inordinate amount of money on gear, regardless of actual need. Gedunk -- Refers to snack foods, such as candy and chips, as well as the place they're sold. Associated with the Navy and can be used in the phrase "gedunk sailor" as a pejorative remark for inexperienced sailors.

Recommended by user bensonmccloud. Grape -- A term with two meanings; one for the Air Force and one for the Navy. A Navy Grape is an individual who refuels aircraft. An Air Force Grape, on the other hand, refers to an easy asment and can be used as a compliment when a service member makes something look easy. It references the closing of two other training facilities in San Diego and Orlando, which both feature far more enjoyable weather. Groundhog Day -- Term originating from the titular movie that refers to deployment s that seem to proceed in the exact same way despite attempts to change them.

Gum Shoe -- Navy slang for a sailor cryptology technician. The first CT school was located on top of a building where tar would get stuck to the bottom of students' shoes. Gun -- Term for a mortar or artillery piece. Must never be used within the military to describe a pistol or rifle. Gunner -- A service member who operates a crew-served weapon, such as a piece of artillery or ship's cannon.

Recommended by user John Alfred. Hangar Queen -- An aircraft that is used primarily for spare parts to repair other planes. Recommended by Steve Pinder. Hardened Site -- A structure usually built under rock or concrete deed to withstand conventional, nuclear, biological and chemical attack. Hat Up -- To change one's location. Refers to the need to wear a hat for the intended destination. Recommended by user JimBrown High Speed -- An individual who is highly motivated and at or near peak efficacy. Can be used sarcastically. Recommended by user sara. Inactive Status -- Members of the Reserves who are unable to train for points, receive pay and cannot be considered for promotion.

Jawa -- Term for an Army soldier who is stationed in a desert area, named after the desert-dwelling aliens of "Star Wars. t Operation Planning -- All type of planning involving t military forces in regard to military operations, including, but not limited to, mobilization, deployment and sustainment. Latrine Queen -- Air Force specific term for a trainee in basic who is in charge of the team responsible for cleaning bathrooms. Left-Handed Monkey Wrench -- A nonexistent tool.

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Often the object of fruitless searches undertaken by recruits at the behest of more experienced service members. Long Pig -- Slang for when a human being is used as a source of food. Typically this happens in extremely desperate situations. Major Nuclear Power -- Any nation-state with a nuclear arsenal capable of being delivered to any other nation in the world. Meat Identifier -- A dish or sauce that identifies what type of meat is being served.

For example, cranberry sauce indicates turkey while applesauce indicates pork chops. Meat Wagon -- Slang for an ambulance or any other medical emergency vehicle. Recommended by user

Air force guy looking for someone cool to have fun with

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