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A very interesting story. George Kennedy-Skipton was my maternal grandfather, although I only met him once, in the mid 's when he turned up in London unexpectedly, much to the consternation of Helen my grandmother, who lived with us until her death in and Enid, my mother.

Neither really talked about him at any point, although my grandmother did talk a lot about her time in Hong-Kong during the occupation. The impression I got as was that he had collaborated in some way, but no details. Helen went out to Hong-Kong sometime in the s, presumably to help him settle his affairs business, that isand came back with some imposing pieces of Chinese furniture, which passed to my mother and then to my sister when Enid died in I can't remember if this was before or after he turned up in London.

Thank you again for a fascinating story shedding some light on a hidden side of my family. Tom Jones Peterhead, Scotland. Dear Tom: Thank you for your posting. It's so nice to hear from one of George and Helen's grandchildren. It must have been very difficult for Helen surviving in occupied Hong Kong. There was a note from Micky Hahn, the 'New Yorker' columnist saying that she had seen Helen and that she appeared to have access to funds and that she regularly took Enid and Laetitia to Kowloon for piano lessons.

Thanks again for the post and for sharing your memories. I was a fellow-student of chemistry in Dublin in the early '60s with Henry Kimmy K-S and although we knew a little of his background in Hong Kong it is fascinating to read the full story. I was at a small lunch last week for a group of chemistry graduates and womeone was asking what had become of Henry. I used to see him and his wife May at reunion dinners in Manchester Lonely girls in the neighborhood Skipton a few years ago but have just just discovered that he died in Southport on 25 Jan this year and was buried in West Kilbride - close to where he had worked for many years at ICI Ardrossan.

Michael Richardson Chester. Dear Michael: Thank you for your interesting post. I think a few peope had tried to contact Kimmy over the years but perhaps he wanted to leave his past in the past. I was sorry to hear of his passing so recently. I had read an that he studied Geodesy - did he drop this in favour of chemistry. I also read somewhere that he had been an MD but not suure of that is correct.

Thanks for your information. Philip Cracknell. Dear Philip. I'm pleased to see that you have posted the announcement of Henry's death. I should have sent you the link rather than leaving you to find it for yourself! The references to Geodesy and qualification as MD must be the result of a "Chinese whisper"!

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Henry studied Chemistry at T. He then went on to study for a Ph. Explosives Division at Ardeer in Scotland. I have a photograph of him at the back of a group outside the chemistry building in and can send this to you if you contact me at michael dot richardson at btinternet dot com. We had a meeting of the local branch of the TCD Graduates Association last Saturday and it seems that the committee were aware of Henry's death and I think that a representative attended his funeral.

After the day's proceedings were finished I was asked to say a few words about Henry's family background and his time at Trinity. Best wishes, Michael. Henry will be received into St. Bride's R. Dear Philip, I just came across this, very interesting. Henry was my father and George my grandfather. I was given both their names, Henry George. My father did keep in touch with some people and there was someone he regularly ed from his schooldays.

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His mind started to wander a little in his latter years and he lost contact with some people. As you say, he passed away this year, my mother in June If there is anything you wish to know, please let me know. Henry Kennedy-Skipton. Henry: Thanks for your posting. It's greart to hear from a member of K-S family.

Please do let me know if there is anything that you think I should add or amend.

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I wrote the original article in but have updated it from time to time as new informatyion arises. Best wishes, Philip. I knew K. Tall, gaunt and very fit. Laan Tau Camp, referred to as is holiday home in some places. This was Laan Tau Camp, a string of isolated stone built cabins in a ridge between 2 peaks about feet above sea level. Only access was a rocky path winding around the mountainsides. Not sure if all the cabins had water. Sewerage was very primitive. The Camp was mostly occupied by fundamental Christians.

The mess hall at the centre of the saddle was where will all ate. It was my job in the summer to carry food and gas up to the camp. He roamed the mountains alone. Rumour in the camp was that he spent most of his time in his tiny cabin, alone. Yug: Thanks for your post which was very interesting to read.

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Yes, quite a spartan life in Lantau Camp. The stone built cabins are still there and I believe are occasionally let out. He was six years younger than Helen. He was of Irish descent and had been educated at Trinity College, Dublin. It seems that George K-S had a secret love — he had a Chinese mistress with whom he had a son Henry whilst still married to Helen.

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In Chinese society having a concubine was not unusual. In June there had been increased concern that war with Japan was imminent, a compulsory evacuation order was issued and British women and children were somewhat hurriedly evacuated firstly to Manila and then on to Australia. This was unpopular with many of the wives who wanted to stay with their husbands many citing the fact that the women of London had stayed with their husbands during the blitz. Many of the 'bachelor husbands' formed protest groups and there were well-attended protest meetings that were held right up to the start of the war.

Some occupations were exempted for example Government stenographers. Certainly, the compulsory evacuation order was unpopular with many and created a lot of heated protests from the husbands who wanted their wives and children back. They were angered by the fact that so many wives had managed to dodge the compulsory evacuation order. However, once the war started those same husbands must have been very glad that their wives and families were safe in Australia and not having to suffer the dangers and terror of the period of hostilities and the privations of subsequent internment.

Helen had not reported for evacuation or had otherwise avoided the evacuation process.

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Although born in America she had a British passport and accordingly should have been evacuated in June I wonder why she was so determined to stay on especially given the fact that she had her two young daughters to think of. It is true that a of people felt that compulsory evacuation was an over-reaction and that Japan was blustering.

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On the other hand, Lonely girls in the neighborhood Skipton may be that she was concerned that her marriage to George was already breaking down and perhaps she was aware of her husband's distractions with another woman and felt by staying on she may be able to save their marriage. In her appeal against evacuation she cited the fact that she was American by birth although she admitted that she travelled on a British passport, she cited racial discrimination in that the order did not apply to Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and others nationalities but I think her main objection is found in her comment that 'it is a serious matter to break up families ….

She could have applied to become a volunteer nurse. If she had ed either the ANS civil or VAD military nursing service she could have legitimately avoided compulsory evacuation. It must have irked senior members of the Government that the wife of a senior Government official was making such a public protest to the Government's evacuation policy. She never remarried, I suspect she always loved her husband, I am not even sure they actually ever divorced.

As far as I can tell he looked after both his Chinese 'wife' and his son from that relationship and Helen and her two children who lived in London following repatriation from Hong Kong. He built a bungalow there with the address being No. Its location can be seen in the road map depicted below.

Bob Tatz who was there as a ten-year-old orphan in December still recalls the long drive shown in the map extract and aerial photo below leading to the Kennedy-Skipton family home. Maps Office Middle Gap Road is still a narrow road ending in a cul-de-sac that hugs the slopes of Mount Cameron and is little changed since except the houses are perhaps more grandiose. Grandiose houses in Middle Gap Road today - the site of No.

Lonely girls in the neighborhood Skipton

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