A chateau in bordeaux with your dough

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What does family mean to you? With all that is going on with the pandemic, I truly believe that family has taken on a whole new meaning. Well, maybe not a new meaning, but rather gaining a new respect for family.

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Sadly, it is often our loved ones that we take for granted. And no matter how much we love them, it is inevitable that at some time we will hurt them. Family means many different things.

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Thankfully, we have moved away from the old construct that it is a mother and father who have or children. We have learned that it is so much more. We can call our friends family, our pets are family and we see many families that do not fit the stereotypical norm. What matters is that everyone has family. They have someone, or some ones, who they can count on. People in their pack that make them feel good about themselves. People or pets that make them smile and allow them to feel good about themselves.

What about wine lovers. We are one heck of a community. I have met so many oenophiles that I am honored to call my friends and some that I would call family. They are such a large part of my life. I enjoy spending time with them and discussing all topics. Believe it or not, we even have non-wine discussions!

These people make me smile. Celebrations in our household include wine! Heck, non-celebratory nights often include wine. The technology is set aside and the focus is on one another.

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Asking questions about their day and sharing our thoughts. Remember it is all about quality time. Sitting and sipping while the evening hours pass by, is a celebration unto itself. We spend so many hours running that the ability to enjoy a glass or two of wine together is something that should be acknowledge and is something that makes you a true family. Although it is often thought that Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of Bordeaux, it is actually Merlot that holds that title with sixty-six percent of all vines planted.

Its climate is regulated by the Atlantic Ocean as well as its three rivers, the Gironde estuary, and the Dordogne and Garonne rivers. The region consists of winegrowers, merchants, 77 brokers, 29 cooperatives, 3 unions and countless families that recognize the importance of family. I thought that the ideal way to pay tribute to the families that work together to create these wines was to spend a couple of evenings enjoying them while focusing on quality time with my family. The Thienponts have been in the wine industry since Today, the patriarch of the family is Jan Thienpont.

He, along with his brothers and 50 cousins, make up the 4th generation of the wine business. Jan and his brothers rescued Chateau Robin from disarray. Fun Family Fact: Jan and his brothers are mountain climbing maniacs! On the palate it was dry, with medium acidity, tannins, alcohol and body. Daisy Sichel along with her father, uncles and cousins carry on the tradition that began with her grandparents in Fun Family Fact: The Sichels love sports and train together for triathlons and marathons. The Sichel family continues its unwavering aspiration to produce a high quality wine. There is no better family night informal meal than a nice big plate of warm cheesy and toasty nachos.

The wine poured deep garnet in the glass with medium aromas of black plum, black fruit, earth and leather. On the palate the blend was dry, medium acidity, tannins and alcohol with a full body. Medium flavors of cigar, chocolate and black plum with a long finish. They bottled their first sweet wine in Sandrine and her family have learned that the best way to produce quality wine is to work together and to learn from each other. Fun Family Fact: The family enjoys sailing together.

Sweet wines take extreme care and patience. This fruit is harvested by hand over five different sweeps in order to choose the bunches that are perfectly affected by Botrytis. The wine is then aged in vats for twelve months before being bottled where it ages for an additional year. Sweet Bordeaux wine pairs exceptionally well with salty-sweet flavors. Awhile ago, I made maple dough and wrapped it around bacon. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The saltiness of the bacon along with the sweetness of the quarter cup of maple syrup in the dough screams out for a sweet wine pairing. The aromas are pronounced showing apricot, chamomile, honey and almond. On the palate A chateau in bordeaux with your dough is sweet, high acidity, medium alcohol, full body and pronounced flavors of honey, almond, apricot and white peach.

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Bordeaux Families Sharing the Work and Fun