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From one woman whose relationship broke down following an unsatisfying sex life, to another who says her boyfriend's big willy made him lazy in bed, they've seen first-hand how important size can be. And now, as new research by Big One Dating reveals an eight inch todger is the perfect length, two men have also lifted the lid on how their big and small manhoods have affected their sex life.

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While one man admits his bigger size can prove a challenge for some women, another says he was once abandoned by a woman mid-way through because of his small package. Dinky One was so successful that its founders later launched BIG One, a dating site for the above average man and women who like their partner bigger. Now we meet the men and women who say finding a partner who fits your size is the key to long-lasting love Georgia Gardiner, 26, prefers to date men with small penises because they are way better in bed.

The junior stockbroker from Leeds, Yorkshire, says men with big penises are lazy in the bedroom while those who are smaller than average make way more effort.

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He was super confident because of his size and told me women loved it. He expected me to be thrilled. The size of his penis limited the positions we could try.

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I really liked him, and wanted the relationship to work, but when I told him how I felt he thought I was strange for not loving that he had a big penis. I way preferred the look of it and he put so much more effort in - the sex was amazing. Men with smaller penises, in my experience, are more open to talking about what they can do in the bedroom and are less arrogant in all aspects of life and the relationship.

Arrogance is a massive turn off for me. My next boyfriend had a smaller penis, about 5 and a half inches, and was a great lover. Men should not be afraid to admit they have a small penis. To me, size does matter. Lots of my male friends lack serious confidence in bed, and when dating, because they say they are embarrassed of their size. Mine has made me confident in every aspect of life, from confidence at work to getting changed in the gym to impressing a new sexual partner. Beauty school owner Deborah-Jay Kelly, 52, says being open about penis size from the start is the key to long-lasting relationships.

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The year-old, from Loughton, Essex, prefers to date a man with a larger penis because it makes for a much healthier, enjoyable sex life. Connecting in the bedroom, mentally, physically and emotionally goes way beyond the bedroom.

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It ends up impacting your whole relationship - I should know. Most of my friends met and married their husbands as virgins on their wedding night, meaning they had no idea what their partner was like in bed, or the size of his penis. I remember thinking it was much smaller than average, but was too excited to have sex with him that night to overthink it.

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I was rarely satisfied in bed and when he eventually asked me why we were not connecting, I told him I struggled with the size of his penis. Him not being able to satisfy me and me never feeling fully satisfied ended up impacting us in the long run.

I felt guilty and so did he, I felt frustrated and so did he - which le to tension and arguments. When we split, I wanted to start dating again, but I found it hard not thinking about what size they are down below. I don't see the point of getting to like a man, only to find out he won't be able to satisfy me in bed. Sex should be much more openly discussed, especially in the dating world. The year-old, from Stockwell, south West London, says he knows how to make up for his size. I lost my virginity when I was She looked at my penis and said: 'Is that all?

I just don't like wasting my time on dates with women who are not going to give me a chance in bed. I take care of myself, I eat organic food, work out every day, work hard in my career and really want to provide for someone when I fall in love again. in. All Football. All Lifestyle Health Horoscopes. Jenny Francis. Most read in Fabulous.

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We know penis size DOES matter after relationship break downs, lazy sex and being abandoned in bed halfway through