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And yea, there are few bonds as sacred as the one between a footballer and his WAG. But every once in a while, be it through human temptation, error or the pressures of fame, that sacred bond is broken, and the perpetrator vilified in the tabloids and on Twitter, while still playing and making more money than most of us will see in our entire lifetime, but I digress.

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Here are a baker's dozen tales of marital infidelity from world football history, including, of course, John Terry and Ryan Giggs. If you have any others you'd like to share or discuss, as always, have at it in the comments. When John Terry married longtime beau Toni Poole inhe had this to say :. Then, incame the scandal that turned a Chelsea icon and an England captain into a national villain, and first brought the phrase "super-injunction" into the international football lexicon.

John Terry imposed the super-injunction on a Sunday newspaper after hearing it was going to publish a story about his affair with lingerie model Vanessa Perroncel, then the girlfriend of his England teammate, Wayne Bridge. The courts lifted the gag order and the affair was revealed, costing him the England captaincy. Vanessa Perroncel still contends the affair never happened, and Toni Poole has stood by her husband. Manchester United star Ryan Giggs married his longtime ificant other Stacey Cooke inand all seemed well in Salford until an over-exposed, highly-discussed scandal involving a Big Brother star and a Twitter became the talk of the tabloids.

Giggs code name: CTB had put out an anonymous gagging order to prevent the press from leaking details about his affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas. When Giggs' name appeared on a list on Twitter of high-profile people who had taken out super-injunctions. In Giggsy's defense, he seemed pretty remorseful about the whole thing, and he and Stacey have stayed together.

In addition to the Imogen Thomas affair, Giggs was the subject of speculation about another affair in the summer ofthis time with his sister-in-law, Natasha, who was married to his brother Liverpool cheating wives, manager of Salford City, at the time.

When Rooney married Coleen inhis predilection for Liverpool cheating wives of the night was known, although he said his admitted past visits to massage parlors happened before the two were serious and settled. Sir Alex Ferguson contended that the constant media attention Rooney received about the scandal also put a serious strain on his performance on the pitch at Old Trafford, saying "the boy is starting to realise finally, without any question, what kind of focus is on him as a human being.

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But then, not too long after he arrived at Barcelona, he and Merry split, with " unreasonable behaviour Liverpool cheating wives reportedly cited as the grounds. Call it "fowl play": The Bayern Munich icon drew the ire of fans and the German tabloids when he left his very pregnant wife to court year-old Verena Kerth, who the press derisively called a " pierced party chicken. Nevertheless, Kahn and his wife stayed married through ; he's now with neither her nor the pierced party chicken.

He and girlfriend Svenja welcomed a sonJulian, in February of this year. Scottish footballing icon Tommy Docherty, best known for his managerial stints at Chelsea and Manchester United, married Agnes inand the two had four kids together. Twenty-seven years laterit was revealed in the press that Docherty was having an affair with Mary Brown, the wife of a Manchester United physiotherapist. The revelation ended his marriage and his career at Old Trafford, and Agnes never fully recovered from the split.

Five years' after Agnes' death, their son Tom published her diary entries as a memoir. Docherty would go on to marry Mary Brown.

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Yep, even Der Kaiser isn't safe from finding a spot on this list. Although the German icon may be one of the best defenders to ever play the game, he wasn't particularly adept at defending his relationships from falling apart.

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As a teen, Beckenbauer was barred from the West German youth squad after it was revealed he had gotten his longtime girlfriend pregnant but wouldn't marry her. Later on in his career, well into his marriage to his second wife, Beckenbauer got a very belated Christmas gift: he admitted to his wife that he had gotten another woman pregnant at the Bayern Munich Christmas party.

Not exactly what one would expect from a secret Santa. He went on to marry Heidi Burmester, his mistress. The Everton holding midfielder and aspiring rapper's life resembled a chapter of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet when it was revealed he was canoodling with Playboy model Malena Liverpool cheating wives while his wife was pregnant with their second.

Perhaps best summing up Drenthe's philosophy on fidelity is this little incident: When asked how often he had sex, he responded, " With my wife, you mean? Former Germany captain Michael Ballack wed his sweetheartSimone Lambe, inaccompanied by their three beautiful. But last year, Ballack reportedly found himself in an, erm, John Terry-esque situation. Lell has stayed with his girlfriend and Ballack with Lambe, but the story hasn't done any favors for Ballack's reputation or team unity among Die Mannschaft. What do a Peruvian football star and the late Anna Nicole Smith have in common?

They've both claimed to have had encountered ghosts. Although Anna Nicole's ghost-sex claim was likely out of pure madness, Kukin's was more of a cover-up. The International Gas Deportes player was running through the streets of Huamanga in the buff after some women of the night he had gone to see had robbed him. Not wanting to break up his marriage, he blamed it on the supernatural. She failed to believe me. Much like his Chelsea and England defensive teammate John Terry, Ashley Cole was cast as the ultimate villain by the British tabloids after being implicated in a series of extramarital affairs.

At first, the Chelsea star and his girl-group alumna WAG seemed the heirs apparent to the Posh and Becks football power couple throne. But then, the first allegations of infidelity came infrom models Coralie Robinson and Brooke Healy and hairdresser Aimee Walton, leading Liverpool cheating wives a rocky relationship and Cole suing the Mirror newspaper group for a breach of privacy.

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Nevertheless, they tried to keep it going. When new allegations emerged inthe couple split in December, and not soon after, Ashley Cole was linked to American model Kayla Collins. He also had a penchant for booze, birds and excess to rival the late, great George Best's and sadly, as with Best, it would cost him his life all too young.

He married his childhood sweetheart, and she gave him eight children before he left her in He would go on to have an extramarital affair and later marry samba singer Elza Soares, for which both parties were vilified in the Brazilian press. Throw in a few more affairs, including one with showgirl Angelita Martinez and fathering at least 14 children through marriages and affairs alike although some sources speculate the is somewhere in the thirtiesand you have Liverpool cheating wives makings of a larger-than-life sporting playboy. Enjoy our content?

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Liverpool cheating wives

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£16,a-week Liverpool footballer Dejan Lovren discovers his wife is having an affair with £a-month forestry worker