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At the end of three months, the husband has lost ten pounds. The wife, only five. Why are the different when they followed the same routine. Women have always believed it was easier for men to lose weight, and science supports this opinion. According to a study in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicinemerely being female doubles the chance of being overweight. American women are 3. Most people lose muscle mass and gain weight as they age. This change is not in the way your body uses calories, which can makes it difficult to lose weight.

Due to the decrease in estrogen, post-menopausal women are more likely to gain weight than men in the same age groups. Female hormones also store calories as fat, which takes up more space than lean muscle. Men and women have different metabolisms. Thanks to greater lean muscle mass, men have a higher resting metabolic rate. You read that right. Because muscle burns more calories than fat, men burn more calories than women even when doing nothing.

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Of course, the reasoning behind the study was much more complicated than simply reaching for a chocolate bar when stressed. Some of the findings included:. Does this mean that women should scrap their nutritional plans? Of course not! No one reaches for a tub of broccoli when depressed. Emotional eating lends itself to high-fat, sweet foods, cookies, cakes and chocolate. Breaking this pattern can be as challenging as trying to stop other habits like smoking.

Sadly, there are no shortcuts or a magic pill that will automatically drop pounds. Diet and exercise have the longest-lasting .

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Raleigh Medical Group offers the services of a d dietitian to help patients create, and stick to, a healthy diet plan. Trying to lose weight is frustrating. Our internal medicine physicians have worked with patients throughout the Triangle area by helping them reach and maintain a healthy weight.

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Hallam, Jessica, Rebecca G. Boswell, et. JuneVol. The Mayo Clinic. Northwestern University. Share this post. Metabolism Men and women have different metabolisms. Emotional eating le to the wrong kind of foods No one reaches for a tub of broccoli when depressed. Strategies to help women lose weight Sadly, there are no shortcuts or a magic pill that will automatically drop pounds. Following are some useful tips: Avoid fad diets. Seek support. Find an exercise buddy or share healthy recipes with your friends. Make one change at a time. Trying to overhaul everything at once can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Short answer: yes, though it will take more effort.

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Comprised of three distinct practices: Raleigh Medical Group, Raleigh Adult Medicine and Cary Medical Groupwe tailor our treatments to provide the finest personalized health care available for each stage of your adult life. [link] to schedule an appointment. Sources: Hallam, Jessica, Rebecca G. How Does Skin Cancer Start?

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