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In an additional housing unit brought the de capacity of the OCC to inmate beds. OCC is a medium and minimum security facility. Turn right east onto Cuming Street. Cuming Street turns into Abbott Drive. Remain on Abbott Drive to Locust Street. Turn right east onto Locust Street and proceed to 23rd Street. Turn right south onto 23rd Street and proceed one block to Avenue J. Visitation within NDCS facilities has returned to normal procedures.

Wearing of masks is voluntary, not required. Facilities will continue to require scheduling of visitors in advance. To select a time and date for visitation, please click the button above to complete the online form. Questions pertaining to any of the information above can be directed to the facility.

Contact information is available on this. Incarcerated persons at the Omaha Correctional Center are limited to one visit per week. Visits may be scheduled in advance, as long as they do not exceed the quota mentioned above. Below is a brief record of every available program and service provided by this correctional facility. If it there is any additional facility-specific information pertaining to these programs and services, it will be found under the "Additional Information" tab. This treatment provides instruction and practice on basic anger control strategies in a group facilitated by clinicians.

This program helps participants maintain and strengthen the gains they made in other treatment programs. It also helps participants navigate new challenges and helps support the transition back to a community setting. Provides treatment on implementing coping strategies and managing symptoms of anxiety while increasing the individual's ability to function despite those issues. The Intpatient Healthy Lives Program iHeLP is an inpatient program available to individuals who have been assessed as a high risk for further sexual violence.

The Outpatient Healthy Lives Program is available to individuals who are assessed to be at a relatively moderate risk to sexually re-offend. Residential substance use program with a focus on relapse prevention and reentry into the community. This level of treatment is for individuals who need a higher level of care than an intensive outpatient program offers, but does not require a longer term inpatient treatment.

It is typically ideal for individuals who ly completed a residential program, yet continued to use. Inmates ased to residential treatment programs have been identified as having serious substance abuse issues. These programs generally last about six months. The Violence Reduction Program is an intensive treatment option Seeking Omaha mexican female individuals at high risk for violent re-offense.

The program also provides an important life skill module that teaches how to become emotionally proficient, which translates into better decision making and reduced conflicts. Provides parents with a menu of techniques that will aid them in building positive family relationships; preventing and correcting misbehavior; using consequences to improve behavior.

Teaches self-control and how to stay calm. Incarcerated fathers get Seeking Omaha mexican female they need to become more involved, responsible, and committed in the lives of their children. Critical and concrete tools are provided which help participants improve interactions with those who matter in their lives.

Subjects are knowing yourself first, smart love and making your own decisions. MRT is an evidence-based, cognitive behavioral intervention which le to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making and more appropriate behavior. This month program operates in a mission-specific housing unit and focuses on cognitive restructuring with faith-based content. Thinking for a Change is a high-level cognitive behavioral program developed by the National Institute of Corrections. The program uses role playing to concentrate on changing the criminogenic thinking of offenders.

Adult Basic Education assists adult incarcerated students work toward high school equivalency, or refresh skills regardless of diploma status. English as a second language ESL is deed to aid those students not fluent in English learn to speak, read, hear and write the language so they can better function in society.

Also prepares for other learning courses. NDCS operates its own school district with a high school. Students of all ages may attend high school classes. Individuals under 22 who have not graduated from high school are required to be in school. Students over 22 need to go through an application process. AA Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization which encourages members to read, and listen at meetings using the program as an opportunity to face the truth and become able for their addiction to alcohol.

This self-betterment club Seeking Omaha mexican female an opportunity to explore the root of the African American culture and heritage, including the past, present and future. Helps individuals recover from mental illness, addiction, or trauma with the assistance fo someone who has similar life experiences. Participants in this self-betterment club learn about the religious, cultural aspects, arts, customs, crafts, language, and the heritage of the Hispanic people.

Narcotics Anonymous encourages its members to attend meetings, read and listen to speakers to face the truth and be able for their addictions. Participants are given the chance to learn how to sing, pray and dance from a Native perspective. Variety of classes, workshops and religious services deed to help inmates with support and spiritual development. A variety of activities that encourage health pastimes are offered at all facilities. Please check with recreational specialists for more information. The Veteran's Group aims to assist all veterans and honorary members, including veterans of the United States of America and its Allies Forces in addition to their dependents and the widows and orphans of deceased veterans.

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The group provides opportunities for veterans to find employment upon release. Social workers provide assistance in obtaining and completing Social Security applications to individuals who Seeking Omaha mexican female and are 90 days from discharge, post-release supervision or parole.

Need addressed: Re-entry for those who may qualify for Social Security benefits due to age or disability. Reentry specialists work with individuals to ensure a reentry plan is completed. Deed to increase knowledge of sex offender registration laws, how to avoid registration violations and prepare for release with registration laws in mind. Provided on an as-needed basis, clinicians are available to assist individuals in a mental health crisis.

Risk Assessments and Psychological Evaluations provide diagnosis clarification, intelligence testing and Dementia screening. On-call Skilled Nursing Facilities manage crises dealing with medical emergencies, behavioral issues and suicide watches. Transition Services are available to those transitioning to or from general population or protective management. Mental Health professionals may assists with these services.

Social workers coordinate with a variety of community providers and agencies for mental health services, substance abuse treatment and medical services. Providers include the Veteran's Administration, DHHS, treatment agencies, private practice and non-profit organizations. Social workers assist individuals with high medical needs to set appointments for medication management, healthcare and provide resources to obtain medical insurance upon release:. Specialized Population Served offers services for inmates with mental illness or serious chronic medical conditions that are high risk and multi-needs.

Alpha promotes daily living skills and encourages character development. All classes are biblically based and open to anyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

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The program includes lessons on addiction prevention, understanding marriage, understanding parenthood and managing finances. Instruction and training in shaping, finishing, and refinishing damaged, warn or used furniture or new high grade furniture to specification.

Discusses deescalation; decision making and consequences; how trauma has affected a person; and how to overcome negative ways of dealing with stressful situations and crises. Need addressed: Life skills. Teaches CDL safety fundamentals, develops awareness of essential regulatory requirements and responsibilities not related directly to driving, explores practical CDL application of information to hands on training with a truck trainer simulator.

Used by employers, educators and others to provide evidence that job seekers have the skills employers are looking for. Planning with a Purpose teaches constructive thinking, conflict resolution, responsibility and goal setting. Helps participants examine behaviors and attitudes that may have contributed to their incarceration and focus on skills critical to reentry. This program targets entrepreneurial-minded individuals and offers intensive leadership development, business plan competitions, executive mentoring, financial investment, and startup incubation.

Learning and practicing meditation through body movements and stretches. All poses are deed to be done on bunks. Inmates at the facility are afforded educational opportunities.

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The facility attempts to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of the inmates through the programs and services of the religious activities. Through programming, the facility has been able to reduce inmate idleness.

Treatment programming is always at capacity due to the sizable of drug and sex offenders at the Omaha Correctional Center. The facility is always looking for committed citizens that have an interest in helping our inmates as volunteers.

Seeking Omaha mexican female

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