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Recent decades have seen a ificant rise in the of women in the workplace. But true gender equality remains elusive.

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Improving workplace gender equality is a key goal of the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development. It highlights a International Monetary Fund studywhich showed that having more women in the workplace boosts productivity and economic growth. So, what advice do women have for those with their sights set on a great career? What are the key trends and challenges? More flexible workplaces, and the push for better work-life balance and employee wellness are allowing working mothers to fulfil both parental and work responsibilities — including taking on leading roles.

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According to Teo, Robert Half is observing a shift in Singapore towards more women assuming senior leadership positions at C-suite and board level as a result. Gorton says there is increasing awareness and action around women in the workplace. Increased parental leave, flexible hours and remote working are just some of the rewards that Gorton has seen.

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That includes feeling comfortable about being open and assertive, because transparency of thought allows for more clearly defined agendas and objectives. For Woodforde, further advancements in technology and our ability to be connected at all times will create greater opportunity for women to advance their careers on a part-time or flexible basis. Similarly, in Hong Kong, Lam believes more companies will offer flexible working hours and increased annual leave programs to attract more women back to the workforce.

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The next phase will be to ensure diversity is adopted and holistically implemented across an organisation. Alexander believes that clients are recognising the benefits of women in the workplace and diverse teams. At Robert Half, we encourage all professionals to strive for happiness in the workplace.

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While happiness at work means different things to different groups of people, the advice offered by our Asia Pacific leaders is aimed towards creating an appreciative, fair and respectful workplace that takes pride in its employees. Find out more.

But which one should you choose to study? As a manager or team leader, it's natural to want the best out of your team. But are you unknowingly creating a toxic work culture in your quest for ?

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Six questions that will impact women in the workplace today, and tomorrow. How do you expect the workplace to change over the next five years to encourage more women into work? If you want to go far, go together. More From the Blog

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Six questions that will impact women in the workplace today, and tomorrow