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Story from TV Shows. Update: As the third and final season of The Deuce unfolds, we will be updating this post with the show's newest characters.

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Original post follows. The Deuce is a populous land. Rightfully so: The actual Deuce was littered with rich characters, so it's only natural that the new HBO show is burgeoning with fascinating folks. Trouble is, The Deuce doesn't want to waste time introducing you to these characters.

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Again, rightfully so: There's only so much exposition that can happen in an hour, and the show would rather swoop in in medias res than dilly-dally with small talk. There's also the small matter of Vinnie and Frankie, who are both played by James Franco. Still, it's helpful to know the names of the characters, at the very least so you can discuss the show with your co-workers on Monday mornings.

The people of The Deuce fall into roughly three : The women of the Deuce, the men of the Deuce, and the men who collude with Rudy Pipilo Michael Rispolia mob boss.

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These vaguely correspond to class — the women of the Deuce occupy the lowest status, while Rudy Pipilo reigns supreme. Speckled throughout these are interlopers, like Sandra Washington Natalie Paul and Abby Margarita Levievawho seem to exist partially as devices; they explain the seedy world for the audience.

Use this list as a reference as you continue to watch The Deuce.

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We will continue to update it as the show continues, adding in characters as needed. The tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman in devastated Hollywood, especially breaking the hearts of people who had fallen in love with the actor after h. Spoilers are ahead. But nearly the entire fandom was in agreement over their desperation for a new season of.

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Slight spoilers are ahead. Of all the questions raised by the new Gossip Girl reboot, one of the most intriguing for those who grew up with the original se. How Are They Han

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