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By that, I mean will you engage in this moment in a way that yields benefits to you or someone else for a long time to come, or will the reward of this moment die right here? One way we can invest our moments is by using them to set ourselves up for success in the future. For a very simple illustration, I always think about vacuuming the house. It may sound odd, but stick with me. But I always make myself do one more thing before I put the vacuum away…. Psychologically, I know the fresh start will mean more to me the next time I vacuum than ending my vacuuming job 30 seconds earlier will mean to me right now.

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Since vacuuming is already a chore for me, leaving the canister full of dirt would only put one more obstacle between me and getting started next time. So we have to learn to consistently practice more successful behaviors.

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Even while doing something as trivial as vacuuming. But that bill will be due the next time I vacuum. At work, do you end your day having knocked out everything on your to-do list?

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For most of us, there are still a few things that are left over for tomorrow. So what do you do? Will you endure a slight amount of pain now or risk throwing off your entire day by starting the day disorganized and out of focus tomorrow? Start a new business? Eat healthier?

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Exercise regularly? Right now you know you want to do it and need to do it… but where do I begin? Where can you invest a little extra time, attention or energy today that will make you better off tomorrow? What could happen if you did this every day for a year? Forget that. Just start with this week. Let me know what happens!

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