Wife is away next weekend

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This is a slightly dramatized version of what I said to my husband this morning, as we were organizing our weekend schedule. Most of our time together is spent in maintenance mode. Even date nightsappreciated as they are, have a kind of rote quality to them.

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We frequent the same restaurantsmovie theaters and concert venues. How can we give our marriage a little jolt to revive that spark and help us reconnect on a more intimate level? One way is to take a vacation — nothing fancy, aka, expensive — just a weekend away from the madding crowd of our domestic bliss. Once you know what your partner really wants from the vacation, you can create a plan that is mutually beneficial. Truly understanding your partner's wants and needs and validating those with your behavior will go a long way in deepening your intimate connection.

Taking a cue from research regarding memory and emotion, we know that emotions are the glue that allow us to form long-lasting memories in the brain. So give yourself a chance to feel-all-the-feels with your partner while on vacation. As for the stuff you should do outside of your hotel room, therapists recommend trying out activities that are new to both of you.

Whatever activity you choose, ziplining, pottery or a brewery tour, just make certain it's a new experience for both of you. We juggle so many roles in our daily lives. On vacation, you and your partner should feel encouraged to let go of your titles and engage in a purer sense of self.

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Have an undistracted conversation and practice actively listening to each other. This is a term that traces back to Dr. Chapman asserts that we express and understand love through one of five languages: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service or physical touch. Learning something together is an experience that can deepen your bond as well as increase your feelings of excitement towards each other and make the relationship feel less stagnant. Michelle Fraley. When was the last time you talked about how you met or what your wedding was like?

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How recently did you really think about and name aloud, the qualities you love so much about your partner? Take this time to celebrate your origin story and to remind your partner specifically what traits they possess that you most admire.

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Rojas suggests taking up activities on your vacation that might foster the qualities that initially drew you to one another. Have a strategy for doing that once back in your daily routine. Alas, not even the most phenomenal vacation can mend a broken or wounded relationship, and a romantic getaway should not be framed as a time for serious healing. Keep it light and positive. Want more tips like these?

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IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Share this —. Follow better. Pop Quiz How often do happy couples have sex? Less than you think. How to keep the fizz from fizzling out in your relationship May 21, Survey Says These women say great sex boils down to these 5 things.

Modern Love Forget date nights.

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This therapist swears by 'day dates' in the wilderness. Use love languages to give mom something she'll really love May 10,

Wife is away next weekend

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How To Get Closer To Your Partner On The Weekend