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One tweak to your weekly schedule could make the difference between confidently accomplishing your strategic objectives and scrambling to keep up with the day-to-day. That simple change? Having a meeting-free day. Establishing one day with no meetings is a technique that I used throughout to complete a book proposal and write the manuscript for my third book.

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By giving yourself one meeting-free day per week, you reduce the context-switching that can slow down dedicated project work. You simply work. For those who have trouble keeping their focus, become bored easily, or are extroverted, a meeting-free day may be a productivity killer. Experiment to see what works. But for people who like to hyperfocus and find it difficult to switch tasks, a meeting-free day is a game changer. By following these steps you will increase your chance of success.

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I have owned my business for over 11 years. Even so, I struggled a bit mentally when I began to implement a meeting-free day. Despite some of the internal resistance, I decided to give it a try.

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To start, I blocked off every Wednesday on a recurring basis on my calendar. Making a meeting-free day a recurring event instead of picking the day week by week increased my chances of setting boundaries and following through. The hardest part at the beginning was when someone asked if they could meet on Wednesdays, and I had to suggest a different day. In time I became emboldened and let them know what I was doing — at the time, focusing on my book manuscript. I found that this transparency Meet after work wednesday my hesitancy and set an example to others that they could set similar boundaries.

Discuss your strategy with close colleagues and your boss. I recommend having certain times when you quickly scan for emergencies such as at lunch and at the end of the day and completely staying off the internet. The goal is uninterrupted focus. But for colleagues and direct reports, you may have more flexibility to reschedule meetings for a time that works for you. If you must have a meeting on your selected day, try to schedule it at the beginning or the end of the day.

Or consider a natural break point, like a lunch break or the mid-afternoon lull. In addition, set up physical boundaries. It could be simply closing a door, if you have one, going into a private work area, relocating to a coffee shop, or working from home. Work on projects that require focus and high-level thinking, such as writing, strategic thinking, analysis, coding, deing, or a project with a lot of complexity. You have to be proactive about being productive, instead of relying on other people to drive your productivity.

You also need extra commitment to focus on meaningful work. Write the goal down on paper or record them in your calendar.

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Decide to focus on moving these items — and only these items — forward. The goal is to have the urgent wait as you make room for the important. Having clear task goals will help you to stay focused. There may be some initial discomfort at ignoring or delaying s and daily tasks so you can focus on your planned project.

But once you get in the groove and realize how great it feels to get so much done, it will get easier. To put your mind at ease, consider putting up an out-of-office response, letting others know about your day of focused work. This out-of-office message gives you the freedom to postpone replies and prevents you from getting sucked into day-to-day work.

I find this really helps me to focus on the work that I know is important instead of succumbing to the siren song of the urgent. This strategy naturally forces you to pace the other meetings and work to fit in the remaining four days.

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By having a meeting-free day, you can not only change your schedule but also make getting important work done an easy, almost effortless part of your work life. You have 1 free article s left this month. You are reading your last free article for this month.

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Meet after work wednesday

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