Lady with a plan

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Lady with a plan from British and French aristocracy, Veronica Levett-Scrivener is an entrepreneur never short of an idea. Having brought up four children, two of which have learning difficulties, as well as launching her own businesses, Veronica is not afraid to try new things.

An expert at all things related to British etiquette and an educated historian, Veronica is also an experienced side-saddle horsewoman, a burgeoning gemmologist, and has recently ed to a modelling agency. What more could she fit in, asks lady. His son Henry V and grand-daughter Elizabeth 1, need no introduction. My grandmother Lily Levett-Scrivener was a Chilean, whereas the English side of the family is very traditional, old and landed, with lots of Kings, Ambassadors and Knights.

But the Chilean side has made me a trader and entrepreneur by nature! In the 90s I started to build a buy to let portfolio and then created a company called Heavenly Property with a friend. It meant that I could pay the school fees, yet have time to be a full-time mother.

I would often be on a horse, on my mobile whilst discussing the next deal. The credit crunch changed the market overnight. It was not a housing crisis but a banking crisis that affected all markets. I have always loved selling, whether it's a jersey or a house! It started with a keen interest in jewellery, going to local auctions and buying antique rings and brooches.

The range has now expanded to include vintage clothes, side saddles, antiques and bygone kitchenware, hunting whips, gloves and hats. Basically, everything that is quirky and quintessentially British! Although i do love getting dressed up fro a party - especially if there's a good band to dance to!

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One of my ambitions was to learn to ride aside side saddle and I've hunted and shown riding side saddle, but my daughters Florence and Agatha are far more accomplished side saddle riders, in particular Aggie has excelled in the hunting and showing world riding aside. All of my four children ride well and all are pony club and hunt members. What are your thoughts on being a quintessentially well mannered 'English lady'? My car smells of horses, horse feed, horses tack, and horse muck and may be some evidence of dogs as well.

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The Chinese lady took one look at my car and said " You no lady your car dirty! You are not a lady just because you dress in a certain way, or talk properly, it is all about how you treat others. Good manners are more than a set of superficial rules, it is all about innate consideration for others. The use of AdBlocking systems can compromise the correct display of the website or prevent access to certain contents. This website does not use intrusive advertising, so we kindly ask you to disable AdBlock or similar while you browse our contents.

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Lady with a plan

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