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Do you love Lingerie Diva? I love the thongs - mens and women's, I love how they fit. Now wearing stockings pantyhose and bras. So many great styles. I love that the products are inexpensive and high quality! I also like that they respond back to you immediately if there is an issue and give you the option to refund your order if it is not fulfilled. I'm wearing the teardrop panties right now, and friend was just here and he said that they looked good and that I have big balls to answer the door in only these.

I absolutely love my nurses outfit purchased. The quality in the fabric was great and it was true t Io size. The customer service experience was great. The buying process was easy. It arrived on time. The outfit fit perfect. I really love mens satin lace and thong underwear. I'm a well built construction worker who loves sexy underwear and panties. My girl loves seeing me in sexy little undies. We like to share pictures with men and other couples that feature me in place and sexy underwear.

She looks so good in Lingerie and with her acting the dominatrix our pictures are so hot. Thanks for providing us with the great sexy clothes that allow us to keep having so much fun. I just wish we could post a picture. I love the satin panties, black panty hose, Garters, and a sexy satin top. Love lingerie, specially the way it feels and looks on me. I am a closet fetish wearing lingerie freak. Love to dress like a sexy women. The way it looks on women and men mmmm!

I love buying items for my boyfriend. The quality is good, the prices are fair, and they always fit his cute sexy body.

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I love the 7 in platform pink bottom sandals!! They are so sexy! So much fun to wear! Lingerie Diva has such a great selection of the hottest, sexier outfits! Its been my most favorite place to shop! Men's thongs, I love the way they fit, the support is amazing, right fit every time. Service is good and easy to shop. The baby doll shear material is so soft and sexy. My wife looks so beautiful in every piece of lingerie that I have gotten for her at LD.

Fits her perfect and she loves It when I photograph her modeling each of the outfits. I love the thigh high stocking.

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I got 3 different set love how fit look and stay on my male leg. You carry the hosier and bra panties as a cross-dresser I love to wear. The hosiery is by far my favorite! I just love dressing up in the hosiery, lingerie, heels and make up with and nail polish, that my sexy man picks out and orders.

I love to get dressed in your products for my stud.

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I love the panties, teddies and babydolls all of them they fit great feel good and your panty sale I love it thank you! Great service, great lingerie. I love Lingerie Diva! I like panties, teddies and bodysuits. Which you have a good and extensive diversity of styles and sizes. I love your teddies the most but your panties babydolls are great to fit me great I love em all! I like everything you all have great service, great products that fit well. My favorites so far have been the bodystockings.

They fit a variety of sizes of women and are as fun to remove as they are to watch a lady putting them on. I only recently learned of Lingerie Diva, and have been surprised and pleased with the low prices, the wide selection, the good quality, and the quick delivery of the items I've ordered. I definitely plan to continue shopping there.

My favorite is your Jade mini dress, I've purchased one and waiting to get another when it comes in my size. Thank you for the service you provide. I have been so pleased of all aspects in your business. The quality and de of the product Outstanding and it's followed through right down to shipping. But the biggest gift I received was the twinkle in my husband eyes. Thanks again.

Absolutely love everything about LD! There's always a good selection of items, sometimes its hard to choose! Customer Service has Kansas City n h girls in thongs so great! My husband and I have purchased teddies, several beautiful corsets and a few babydolls. All of these items fit perfectly and show off my curves just the way they should! I love what you all do to make me feel beautiful and excite my husband. Lingerie Diva has very friendly customer service and a great website! I would say you are doing great! All of my purchases have been awesome!!

I love lingerie and I love this site. Since I started shopping with Lingerie Diva, I no longer shop in stores when looking for a new outfit. Keep up the great work! My boyfriend bought me a variety of panties from your store, and I loved how much it turned him on when I wore them. They bring excitement to the bedroom and provide that extra spice to take things over the edge. The sales that are offered are fantastic, making it possible for everyone to be able to buy something to make them feel sexy.

The stockings look sexy, and they stay up, and hubby loves them.

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I like the variety. Quick shipping is great. I really like the cami pj sets I have purchased, especially the satin sets from their Velvet Kitten brand!

Kansas City n h girls in thongs

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