Sexual partner online Charleston South Carolina

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It can be challenging to discuss sexual health problems. An underlying medical condition may be the cause, and we have treatments that can help you. You can feel confident that we will understand your concerns and provide compassionate care. Our specialists work with you to develop a safe, effective treatment plan, so you can live a full, active life. They can harm your relationships and self-esteem.

At MUSC Health Urology, we diagnose and treat your condition with the most advanced and safest methods to help improve your health and relationships.

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A healthy sex life is important. Healthy sex means have the desire to have sex and the ability to achieve and maintain an erection long enough for sexual activity. Medications, illness, stress, and environmental factors can all cause sexual dysfunction. Our providers have years of expertise and use the latest tools and technology for accurate diagnosis and safe, effective treatment. If you and your partner have not conceived after a year of trying, you may want to see a fertility specialist.

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Male infertility can contribute to about one-half of fertility problems in couples trying to achieve pregnancy, with many of these issues treatable. At MUSC Health, we perform a full medical evaluation, including a semen analysis, to pinpoint the cause of infertility.

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We then develop a treatment plan to help you and your partner have a baby. Learn more about male infertility and family planning. Men's Sexual Health. For Appointments Schedule an Appointment Online. Launch MyChart. This specialized expertise means that we can effectively diagnose and treat a wide range of sexual health conditions for treatment that meets your specific needs.

Sexual partner online Charleston South Carolina

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