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Manigo closes her eyes to sleep and sees images of her mother.

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She recalls the doting mom who took her to zoos, aquariums and SeaWorld, and marvels at how fortunate she was to have a parent who loved her unconditionally. But those memories are now complicated by an extraordinary drama that has played out over the week since Ms. Manigo, 18, found out that she had been spirited away as a newborn from a hospital in Jacksonville, Fla. She is still trying to make sense of it all. She met with her birth parents, Craig Aiken and Shanara Mobley, last weekend. But in her first newspaper interview since the case made headlines on Friday, she said she did not have a cross word for Gloria Williams, the woman who now stands accused of lurking for more than a dozen hours around a Jacksonville hospital on the July day Ms.

Manigo was born, looking for a newborn to snatch. Manigo said in a telephone interview. Manigo said she never had cause to doubt her mother in the rural South Carolina community where she grew up. But the police say someone else clearly did.

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The woman wore flowered hospital scrubs and carried a purse, which seemed odd. The woman spent hours with the family and then left with the baby, saying the girl had a fever and needed some tests.

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They never came back. The family reached a legal settlement with the hospital two years later. The case also went cold. Late last year, two fresh tips came in, and they led cold-case detectives to Walterboro, S. There, the investigators found a young woman who had been born on July 10,just like Kamiyah, but with a different name.

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The detectives asked Ms. Manigo for a DNA sample. Do you have a warrant? The investigators returned with one. Conscious of the fact that the woman she knew as her mother will now face trial for kidnapping, Ms. Manigo is unwilling to discuss a lot about the case, including how her family life finally unraveled. She does not want to say which name she plans to use in the future, and she insisted that she was never suspicious — although the police said otherwise at a news conference on Friday. Manigo said. I always trusted her with it.

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She said that Ms. Williams was not mentally ill and that she had not been overprotective. Manigo met her biological parents on Saturday, at a teary reunion followed by a mother-daughter trip to the mall. She called them Mom and Dad, because she figured those were words they had been waiting a long time to hear. Manigo said about her biological mother, who could not be reached for comment. They feel like distant family. Bamberg, Ms. She needs identification and a Social Security card. A large financial settlement was won on her behalf, and now that she is 18, it has to be determined whether any money was set aside for her.

Among the few people who can really relate to what Ms. Mobley is experiencing is Sarah Cecilie Finkelstein Waters. When she New lady seeks Jacksonville of friends a preschooler living with her mother, her father took her, and it was not until she was a teenager and saw her picture on a milk carton that she realized that she had been abducted.

Waters eventually reconnected with her mother, distanced herself from her father and, as an adult, befriended other survivors of abduction. Waters, now 46, married and a mother herself, living on Long Island. Who really loves me? Who is telling the truth? Since Ms. Mobley seems devoted to the woman she believed was her mother, Ms.

Geoffrey Greif, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work who has studied abduction cases, said some psychological effects were common. But cases like Ms. Thousands of children are abducted each year, but usually the abductor is a family member, most often a parent. And abduction by a stranger often has a tragic end — sexual abuse, death or both. A spokesman for the hospital, which is now called UF Health Jacksonville, said the medical center was thrilled that the young woman had been found. Manigo, somehow, has taken it all in stride so far.

And for her, Mom still means Ms. Williams, who is being held at the Jacksonville jail without bond. I love that.

New lady seeks Jacksonville of friends

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