Adult wants orgasm Lexington

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From 57th down to 42nd and between 10th Avenue and Lexington is prime real estate. Times Square is, of course, my asshole. We must speak before we go there.

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This is not a sampling from an "adult" real estate guide, or a porno version of Manhattan written and directed by Amy Schumer. It's a real woman talking about how to give her an orgasm in How to Make Me Comea Tumblr project featuring crowdsourced, one- personal essays by women instructing men on how to help them reach orgasm. Given the taboo nature of the subject matter, Sylvia wants to keep her identity under wraps.

A few months ago, an uninspiring sexual encounter that left her unsatisfied got her thinking about communication — or the lack thereof — during sex. After relating the experience to a friend, Sylvia realized she'd been much more upfront with her friend than she had with the guy she'd actually slept with.

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Why was it so hard to discuss the experience with a partner, when it had been so easy with a friend? So for the benefit of hapless suitors and single female-bodied women alike, she decided to solicit one- personal essays from women instructing men on how to help them reach orgasm. Real words from real women: How to Make Me Come features 71 personal essays, all from women writing on the subject of how they reach orgasm. There's a story from the woman who's only had an orgasm once, during penetrative sex with an ex-boyfriend who used to dry-hump her on the couch.

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There's the story from the woman who takes 45 minutes to even become aroused, for whom masturbation is like a "fucking Zen mind game. Although all are from women, the submissions come from a diverse array of sources, including queer women and women of color.

That said, there may be certain experiences straight women can especially relate to. The stories are poignant. They're sad. They're outrageous. They're kinda hot. Most importantly, they're revelatory.

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Even Sylvia said she was surprised by many of the personal stories, including the fact that many women reported coming simultaneously with their partners, or that they had orgasms from penetrative sex alone. Seeing that a lot of women experience that was surprising to me. So why is it so hard to make women come? If nothing else, the How to Make Me Come project shines light on the fact that despite the widespread prevalence of porn and our culture's near-gynecological interest in women's bodies, many men have no idea how to get a woman off — or even what a vagina looks likefor that matter.

With such a wide "orgasm gap" dividing the genders, Sylvia said she wasn't particularly surprised that men are so in the dark. But while men's rights activists may crow that deceitful women faking it has made hapless men woefully misinformed about what gets women off, Sylvia doesn't think that's the case.

If nothing else, How to Make Me Come proves that "it's not that women are faking orgasms.

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It's just that men are assuming that women are having orgasms, and both parties are too freaked out to speak up. Sylvia hopes that her male friends will stumble across How to Make Me Come and maybe pick up a lesson or two she's even considering doing a male version for women, should this project take off. But her primary focus is the stories of the frustrated women sitting in the dark with their partners, unsure what to do or so, just hoping against hope that they'll wander out of the depths of the Hudson River — or even Times Square, provided there's extensive discussion beforehand — and end up at Carnegie Hall, or 42nd Street, or wherever it is they belong.

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This article was originally published on Aug. By EJ Dickson.

Adult wants orgasm Lexington

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