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My wife and I swap with her best friend. It was supposed to be a one time thing but it was too good to stop. My wife and her friend are polar opposites. My wife is 4'11 very petite, very pretty, large dark eyes, black shoulder length hair, athletic body, firm b-cup breasts, a tight ass and legs from a lifetime of playing soccer.

Her friend is 5'10", very long very blond hair, large Dcups, long long legs and a small but. She has piercing blue eyes and a huge smile and is very cute. Both women are very sexual in their own ways. Both flirty both outgoing, both like to show off. They also both like to talk about sex both in private and sometimes when we would hang out as a couple. My wife loves to fuck, loves to suck cock, likes to talk about sucking cock, mine and those who went before me. She likes mild bondage, and used to fantasize about fucking a guy with a big dick. Used to. Her friend, not much when it comes to giving head, she'd joke about having only given her husband three blow jobs in ten years.

He'd fake joke about it and was obviously very frustrated. Turn around was fair play because she loves getting her pussy eaten but her husband wasn't into it, at all. So both were deprived of oral sex. She also had difficulty having sex because her husband was hung, as in well hung.

My wife used to tell me secretly that her friend's husband was close to ten inches and according to her friend as thick as a cucumber. And her friend hated sex with him due to discomfort and pain. My wife would tell me how frustrated our friends were and would joke about swapping so she could live out a fantasy she had about being with a guy with a huge dick and I could fuck her friend hard with my normal sized dick.

Over time, the more we jokes the more sense it made. Lets see, her friend would get her pussy eaten, wouldn't have to suck my cock as I get it constantly from my wife, I'd get to be with a hot blond and my wife could live out her big dick fantasy sucking it to her heart's content and fucking it or at least trying.

My wife ended up not joking anymore, she was dead set of us swapping and talked Got wife swapping want blow n go into it. I was uncertain how she would make it happen. I shouldn't have been concerned, she simply asked her friend who after a little convincing was in.

Her husband was going to be the challenge. One night after a few drinks, my wife "jokingly" brought up loving giving blow jobs after another of her friend's timely jokes about hating them and then said maybe I should give your husband blow jobs when he needs them and hey my husband can eat you out when you need it he loves it.

He asked if we were serious, I said well if every agrees why not?

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Before he could respond his wife said that we could fuck too maybe my wife could handle his dick. He was shocked and said wait do you want me to fuck her. His wife said well maybe try. After a long talk about fulfilling each other's neglected needs we were all agreed. Two weeks later we got together at their house, we were all very nervous, we had a couple drinks and my wife started things off asking if she could start. She did. He sat back, she rubbed his dick, it got hard and she looked at me and her friend like "holy fuck.

I underestimated her. She sucked his cock like a champ and he was in heaven. He claimed never to have had head like that before and he ended up cumming. She was really happy and proud and her friend was excited-her husband had had a great blow job. Then it was my turn. I too his wife and took her clothes off and lay her down. She was amazing, I had to play with and suck her tits first and then slowly explored her pussy with my fingers and tongue and finally went to work on her clit and she lost it-so much loud moaning and squirming-her reactions made my cock hard a s steel.

She came three times and I didn't want to stop. I heard the sound of someone sucking cock, looked over and my now naked wife was sucking his once again hard dick like she was born to it. Me and his wife watched and were amazed when my wife took his cock right down to his balls, she was so into it that he almost came again and had to make her stop so they could fuck.

He spun her around and she squatted over his hard pole, and then slowly slid down on it, leaning back me and blondie watched intently as his fat dick split my wife's pussy open, stretching her lips around it as she sank lower and lower, bottoming out she groaned, steadied herself and began to fuck him. Up and down moaning and building to orgasm she was in heaven. Most of the time she was only taking half of his cock but when she was about to cum she lost control and pounded the full length into her body cumming and sinking ball deep, he was close and gripped her hips to thrust upward into her cumming for the second time deep in her pussy.

I was amazed, hard as a rock and mesmerized as she slid of his dick, her pussy momentarily hanging open before closing back up. She loved it and said so. Me and blondie were so ready, we intertwined in the missionary position and I fucked her as hard as I could and she was now in ecstacy, thrusting her pussy at me with each pump of her pussy, she came on my cock then came again as I was about to cum.

I violently thrust as fast as I could when I was close and we both came together-her crying out in pleasure. My wife loved his cock. Loved sucking it, loved swallowing his cum, riding his cock. Somehow her little petite body could take that guy's huge dick with gusto but her much larger friend Got wife swapping want blow n go can't handle it and loved my much smaller dick. So naturally, we were not going to do it again until before long my wife was thinking of that big dick again and her friend wanted to get fucked hard again and damn I wanted to fuck her.

So its a perfect arrangement for us. We get together every couple of weeks and we go away for vacation together now and again where he spends the Got wife swapping want blow n go with my wife and I spend it with his. We've even gone on separate weekends a few times.

During one of these I took his wife's anal virginity and a few times later my wife, who loves anal, let him try with her. She said that after a difficult start it was fantastic. So were not true swingers but we do swap wives and all of our sex lives are improved-improved a lot. This was basically how my husband and I became friends with a coworker of my husband and his wife. They got to talking, teasing and then us wives found out about it. We got into the talking and teasing and then we finally decided to go for it. My husband ate both wives up and the other wife blew both guys to get hard then we banged in the same room and then in the middle of it, the two husbands swapped wives and we banged like crazy to finish.

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It was supposed to be a one time thing but it was too much fun so we messed with them until my husband got transferred and we moved states. Over 42, Adult Confessions Shared! Toggle Toggle. up. Next. Comment this.

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Can't read the image? I'm Not a Robot. Top Sex Confessions 01 I'm a 31 year old straight dude and I've always been curious about guys. On a lat But a few weekends ago, I was All Top Sex Confessions. Popular Confessions Some time ago I had problems with sleepwalking do not worry I am ok nowa few d When I was a sophomore in high schoolthere was an announcement and letters sent Caught my step dad checking me out sexually a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm con I like scoring less marks in my exams because that helps me get a spank in my ass My Step dad is horny for me.

Please don't start giving me crap, cause this is w All Popular Confessions.

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Got wife swapping want blow n go

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