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Miss me already? I will guide you through some general facts about their traits, where to meet Italian men, how to seduce them, you know, the regular stuff. By the way, did I mention Instagram profiles? Well, now you are making me generalize. You know how people differ within a nation, so I will try to introduce you to some prevalent physical properties of Italian men first and then move on to their personal traits. When somebody mentions hot Italian men, Joey Tribbiani from F. Of course, all of these are over-emphasized within a single man and are pretty close to the actual state of affairs.

Typical Italian men share some similarities with Spanish guys in terms of their height, for example. Their average height is cm approximately, but of course, you will find both taller and shorter Italians. Generally speaking, their faces are appealing without any rough features, and they are characterised by expressive eyes. Now, although their diet is mostly combined from various kinds of pasta, pizzas, and dough, the Italian men are surprisingly fit.

In addition, Italian males like spending time in the gym shaping their six-pack. They can go swimming any time you like so this is just another reason why hot Italian men look the way they do. Moreover, Italian men are rather healthy.

Unlike Germans, for example, handsome Italian men will always go for a casual and yet elegant look. This is not to say they will be wearing suits at all times, no. Merely, he will look well-groomed even in his working-out clothes. When dating Italian men, you will always feel like you are on the catwalk, since he will always be so fashionable. Moreover, Italian guys like an occasional ring on their fingers besides the wedding ring, which is uncommon for other Europeans, such as Englishmen. On top of the physical trait ratings for Italian men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Italian men we see on Tinder.

We call it the 1, Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are. We swiped through different profiles in all of the major cities of Italy and took note of how many handsome men there are. Here is a quick breakdown.

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Italian men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare.

To give an extensive explanation, I will break Italian guy looking for discreet fun traits down to those that you might find interesting once you embark on the international dating with your Italian stud. At any given time, handsome Italian guys will be all gentlemanly when it comes to dealing with ladies. With them, you will never have to worry about the little things that make your life miserable — carrying bags from groceries shopping, opening the doors for you, carrying your umbrella.

Moreover, they will even go shopping with you, if we are talking about groceries. On the other hand, however, if we are talking about shopping for clothes or shoes — you are on your own. Next, being traditional and raised as good hosts, they will never let you pay for meals in restaurants.

You will even have difficulties convincing them to split. They merely want to show they value you and want to do something nice for you. On the positive side, though, they can break Italian guy looking for discreet fun co-dependent bond in time, but you need to be a bit patient.

Still, they can be very decisive and stand by their word, which will make you appreciate him all the more. Hot Italian guys are loyal to their country, their favourite football club, their family, their mothers. They are raised to be loyal to their beliefs and people they hold dear such as their family and close Italian guy looking for discreet fun. When it comes to loyalty in a relationship, there are multiple Italian guy stereotypes going around.

They are said to be serial cheaters, but my experience shows otherwise. While it is true that they are flirty and have a bit of a wandering eye, this does not necessarily mean that they are going to cheat at all cost. Being raised in the surroundings where the family is deeply cherished and valued they will always make sure that their family is taken care of, and not only financially.

If you were to ask what are Italian guys like in terms of honesty, I would have to say they can be were hard to figure out at first. This might even go back and forth a couple of times. Even if he made a mistake, he will be man enough to admit it and he will be ready to deal with the consequences.

However, this is not to suggest that they will keep you closed in the apartment not allowing you to go outside and have fun. They are not possessive in this sense; but simply, if you should encounter any obstacle he will be your support and he will give his best to stand by your side during the good times and the bad times too. You will notice this streak of his even in the teeny-tiny details such as holding your umbrella to shield you from the rain or giving you his jacket to save you from the cold.

When dating a Italian guy, you will have to be prepared for all kinds of crafts he is able to pull. From earning just sufficiently to grant himself and his beloved a comfortable life to intelligent solutions to diverse problems, your Italian guy will be a fountain of endless resourcefulness. He will always be able to take you to a fancy restaurant and support you through a life crisis with no fuss. Another plus here is that there is no unnecessary drama, everything comes easy to them.

Just let them have a sip of wine and a bit of their favourite pasta, and he will do anything for you. And with everything I have said so far in terms of their personal traits, let me guess — you still cannot conclude how mature the Italians are. And sometimes on the very same day, he will invest in a new apartment deciding to break the life-with-the-parents cycle.

Annoying though it may be, he will still be man enough to apologize the next day. In various ways and multiple times. Typical Italian guys are self-confident over the rooftop. Although sometimes, they can be too much to handle.

Due to his self-confidence, he will have all the liberty of this world to approach and talk to you as if he is the one and only for you and your opinion about the topic is just not that relevant. You will recognize an Italian by his broad smile and willingness to connect with you immediately. They have no reservations when it comes to meeting new people and they are very open to foreigners no matter where they come from. In general, even when you talk to strangers in the street asking for directions, for example, they will not just look away.

Beyond going to the beach — which they have a lot of, these men can be found in bars, sports grounds, and many other outdoor activities. Would you be able to resist their charming and handsome faces; are there drawbacks to dating these hunks? A good place to start, before you get to know the Italian dating culture is online dating. While looking for Italian dates online, I myself have had plenty of luck through various channels, but InternationalCupid gave me the best experience. This is so great since you do not have to the photos, you just choose the best ones from your profile. Next, there is a variety of search filters so you can limit your international dating to your current location, i.

Besides location, you can filter by age or sexual preferences, for example, which makes you search all the more easier and precise. Moreover, they make sure that you provide detailed and extensive information about yourself so scam possibility is reduced to a minimum which grants you the best possible online dating experience. Besides, you can also download the app for Android and enjoy the InternationalCupid experience while on the go.

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When you get through the chatting and texting phase, it will only be natural to move on to real-life date. Brimming with the remnants of the Ancient Roman Empire, Rome and its surroundings offer plenty of sightseeing to engage in with your Italian date. From the ancient Colosseum deed for gladiator performance to a variety of Baroque buildings of historical ificance, you will have an exciting and at the same romantic experience of the city. Moreover, you know how they say When in Rome do what Romans do? Namely, the locals believe that if you throw coins into the Trevi Fountain your romantic wishes will come true.

So use the opportunity to throw two coins into the fountain, since it is believed that the first coin guarantees your return to Rome and the second one brings love. Now, once you meet up with your date in Rome, you can ride some of the buses that will take you on a city tour giving you the best view of the most notable views in Rome.

Next, once you dazzle your cute Italian by feeding him, take him to a local bar for some 21st-century experience of free food and good beer. In any case, relax and let this eternal city bring eternal love to you. Or at least a memorable one! Our next stop where you can meet Italian guy looking for discreet fun men is the second-largest city in the country, located in the north of Italy. It is an all-in-one city offering multiple entertainment sources. It is a city with history, a city of art and science.

As a former power centre of the Sforza family, Milan can also brag with multiple historical monuments you can enjoy in with your Italian date. Listen, he is a man, and an Italian, and he must be a football fan. So, take advantage of this fact, and suggest that he take you to San Siro Stadium. Meanwhile, learn a thing or two about the club and he will be all the more impressed. Still, be clever not to reveal too much and let him teach you a thing or two.

This is a sure guarantee that he will see you with different eyes. Besides these, Milan also lies on two beautiful canals, so to make your date a bit more romantic, you can take a walk down the Naviglio Grande, originally constructed in It will give a special note to your romantic dinner since it is lined with multiple restaurants where you can enjoy the rich taste of local wines and food. OK, we have established how Italy is a country with a rich history and to say any less of Florence would be simply untrue. Most notably, the city was a trade center during Medieval Europe and moreover, it was ruled by the famous banking family Medici.

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So, no need to tell you about the architecture and general style of the city. So you and your Italian date can try and act out some of the lines, just for fun. If you would like to avoid the crowd and enjoy with your date all by yourselves, you can pay a visit to Boboli Gardens or go to Piazzale Michelangelo from where you can have the perfect panoramic view of the city and the Cathedral. And, of course, in Florence, you will find the most famous genitals in the world.

Of course, I am talking about the magnificent piece of art that is the Statue of David. Once you get tired of all the walking and sightseeing with your date, you can take him or let him take you to any of the magical restaurants overlooking the river and enjoy the local Tuscany wines. After that, you can proceed to any of the local night clubs and dance it all out.

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This is where I will finalize my list of ideas where to meet Italian guys. The list can go on but these are some of the places I found the most appealing when it comes to how to meet Italian men. Dating any guy has its upside and downside. You will learn about the she-wolf that raised Romulus and Remus, the brothers that founded Rome, you will learn about Roman emperors and gladiators and much more.

He will display small s of affection from the moment he meets you making Italian guy looking for discreet fun feel like you are the only woman in the world. His sweet talk will get you all high that you will indeed feel a rise in your own self-confidence. Not to mention that he will focus on you. He will not talk about his material possessions nor do they think this to be relevant. As for Italian men in bed and related skills, let me just say that they are in the top 3 best male lovers in the world, right after the Spanish and Brazilians.

Italian guys in bed are observant, careful listeners, make good situation judgements, and moreover, they are very appreciative and understanding. I have already explained the what and how in this topic, so no need to put you through that again. Just be prepared to do a lot of patient waiting until he can do something without linking it somehow to his mother and her desires.

So, during an argument with you, he might start fooling around or making you laugh, so as to avoid facing the consequences of his behaviour. Also, he might go partying with friends without feeling the need to include you or let you know he is going to be unavailable. Winning the heart of an Italian is not so complicated. Most American women looking for Italian men think that they need to stick to the traditional values in order to be interesting to an Italian man.

Italian guy looking for discreet fun

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