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Real help for hurts and habits inZimmerman, MN. Internet, substance abuse, gambling, co-dependency, sex and pornography addictions. I specialize in sexual additions for men. I have been successful in helping many men stop looking at pornography on a daily basis. My approach is based on the premise that pornography is a behavior that stems from another issue. If we can address the other issue than the need for pornography or other unhealthy sexual outlets becomes unneeded.

When it becomes unneeded it ends up naturally stopping. Men who have struggled to maintain free from sexual temptations are often struggling because they are improperly using that to address another need in their life. I am straight forward in how I communicate about this topic so if you are ready to be free give me a call! How can you help? How can you get them to stop? How can you get control of your own life again? Over the years, I've helped clients figure out their role when they love someone who uses substances. I will Adult seeking real sex MN Zimmerman 55398 you figure out your options and make a plan that makes sense for your unique situation.

If you're the one using or has hurt others with your past use, you will learn how to take better care of yourself and those you love. I treat individuals working through sex or porn addiction. I am seeking certification as a Sex Addiction Therapist. I work to help you understand your patterns and obsessions and work towards finding new ways to relate for a healthy sexuality. I work with couples to help heal sexual betrayals. I also use EMDR to help my clients work through past traumas that might be contributing to your addictions. Whether it is an addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, spending, or any other type of compulsive behavior, we have specialized clinicians that can help.

We are able to assess and diagnosis addiction and can help with the recovery and management of addictions. We also help address the underlying issues that drive most people's addictions, which greatly enhances your chances of long term recovery. NE, suite 40, Blaine, Minnesota At Center for Mental Health and Wellness we provide counseling for individuals who have recovered from addiction and substance use issues. Often mental health issues may surface once substance use has ceased.

Thus, individual therapy can be a helpful way to work on some of those underlying concerns. Working with a therapist after recovery from addiction can reduce the likelihood of relapse. This is a strong are of specialization for our clinic. Addiction is becoming one of the one issues of this country. There is often a genetic potential and can be greatly influenced by early development in dysfunctional families. Addiction is often a coping mechanism to deal with mental health or other issues. Any coping mechanism that is taken to the point where it becomes a problem out of controlcan become a problem, including alcohol, substances, gambling, food, anger, and sex.

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If you are feeling controlled by your addiction and feel like you are losing your quality of life, I provide individual therapy for various addictions such as food and alcohol. While in therapy you can begin to learn about this out of control aspect of yourself. Addictions are a of a need for help and intervention. Coming to understand what this part of your life serves for you and it's destructiveness is part of the healing.

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Often shame, grief and depression inhibit the ability to reach out for help. Breaking this cylce and reaching out for professional help can be the first step to change. We have several therapists experienced in helping individuals and families with addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders. We work with individuals, family members, adults, adolescents, and parents in guiding them toward health and wholeness.

Our therapists use several therapeutic modalities including CBT, motivational interviewing, step, and family systems theory to connect and provide support for growth and change. Whether you are struggling with sex addiction, chemical addiction, alcholol abuse or a behavioral addiction like shopping, psychotehrapy can help you get in contriol of your life. Addiction is a way that people escape bad feelings. Psychotherapy for addictions can help you get your life back, a life where you are in control and not the addiction.

Abstinence may be your goal but if it's not, I'll support you in structuring your life to see if you can successfully reduce your use. I'll help you process the shame and negative experiences that are part of addiction and overuse. I'll work with you to identify your needs are and how to meet them in ways that increase feeling connected and cared for, and give you a sense of pride and purpose.

I work with a wide variety of addictive and compulsive behaviors. These include chemical, sexual, eating, shopping, Internet, gambling and relationship addiction problems. Not all addictions are the same, there is no one size fits all approach that is always effective. I will use a collaborative vs. Contact me with your questions about how i can help. I have experience working with people on all types of addictions.

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I am comfortable working from an abstinence or a harm reduction model. People struggling with addictions benefit from my use of Solution Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy to reduce the influence of shame and to increase the level of agency they feel they have over their addiction. It has a land area of The phone was not in a valid format. Please manually dial the.

The is. Top addiction therapists in Zimmerman, MN. Zip Minnesota Addiction. Addiction Counselor. Michael, Minnesota Let's Connect Call me View my profile. Shoreview Mental Health Center. Minnesota Mary Hendrickson, Psy. Plymouth, Minnesota CenterLife Counseling. Lino Lakes, Minnesota Princeton Elk River Nowthen St.

Adult seeking real sex MN Zimmerman 55398

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