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Is the Myers-Briggs personality test to be trusted? d psychologists no longer use it, but the internet sure does. How we might vibe. What their interests could be. Imagination: Carry me away. With that in mind, I started thinking about what each personality type might write in their Tinder profile, should they choose to be totally upfront and unfiltered about themselves. Here are my interpretations.

Would you swipe right? Basically cotton candy locked inside a steel cage.

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Looking for an intellectually stimulating partner-in-crime. Introverted extrovert and true enigma. Will likely eviscerate your best arguments, thrill you with banter and charm you to death. I have a billion ideas for date nights and business ventures. Never boring but always bored. Bossy, intense, electric. I have minimal free time but I make the absolute most of it. I know what I want when I see it.

Confidence is sexy, right? Extroverted introvert with a diverse range of interests. My book shelves are full of novels by women, history texts, science texts, and science fiction. Open to all applicants.

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Or go for a hike. Or go skydiving. Or all three?! I see possibilities everywhere, and will chase every last one of them. Easy-going on the surface with a deep, intense core of hidden emotions. Super-extroverted and super-sensitive. Note: Cannot go out in my neighborhood if you want alone time. Cuddly like a teddy bear. Warm like a ray of sunshine. Inspiring AF. Crazy confident and intense.

I never think twice about looking uncool.

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Appearance: Chillest person in the room who just loves to have a good time. Responsible, stable, looking for a partner-in-crime. Home owner. Will show up exactly on time, all the time. Will plan an awesome, thoughtful date. The best mistake of your life or the best thing to ever happen to you?

Message me again with IRL date plans, preferably an hour before they happen. Rarely check this thing. Free Brigg sex chat rock climbing, hiking, biking, skiing, surfing, running or hanging with my friends. Hit me up if you want to hang.

Love travel, friends, craft beer, camping, cooking, and firing up audiobooks before bed. Life is all about balance, humility and turning your dreams into action. Traditionalist in nature, but looking for someone who will challenge me to step outside the box and make me feel safer in the process.

I love old movies, reading on rainy days and deep conversations. Down for a date, but I appreciate when someone else takes the lead. Life is one big, messy adventure better shared with an awesome partner at your side. Love my friends, dancing, laughing, and getting out there in the world. Energetic, friendly, the first to show up and the last to leave. Who said trying hard is a bad thing?

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I really need a date who can deem to match my level of effort. No shame. The best listener on Earth, bar none. I fall for personalities, not just looks.

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The Tinder Bio of Every Myers-Briggs Type