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InBritain was an imperial power with colonies across south and south-east Asia. Japanese forces invaded Malaya on 8 December In this photograph, taken in JanuaryJapanese troops are seen clearing pockets of resistance in the streets of Kuala Lumpur after occupying the city. By FebruaryJapanese forces had occupied Malaya. They then launched a new attack against the strategic island of Singapore, at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. On 15 FebruaryBritish forces in Singapore surrendered to the Japanese.

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This flag was carried by Brigadier Thomas Newbigging, as he walked with other officers as part of the surrender party. In February 3, British and Nepalese Gurkha troops mounted a long distance raid behind Japanese lines. This message identifies the bearer as an Allied soldier and encourages locals to offer help. After the surrender of Singapore, thousands of Allied servicemen became prisoners of the Japanese. They were subjected to a brutal regime of violence, callous neglect and forced labour. This golden nail was used during a Japanese ceremony to mark the completion of the railway.

British troops fighting the Japanese were threatened by deadly and unfamiliar tropical diseases. Infor every soldier evacuated due to battle wounds, soldiers were evacuated due to sickness. Malaria was a key problem, but other diseases included dysentery, skin conditions and typhus. It warns airmen against trusting in unofficial remedies or protections against malaria. British troops in Burma had to contend with unfamiliar weather conditions.

These could include high temperatures and high humidity, as well as monsoon winds and thunderstorms.

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This painting by British war artist Leslie Cole, titled Burma - 14th Army: The Battle of the Sittang Bendgives a vivid impression of the impact of monsoon weather. Overhead the sky is black with rain clouds. In spring Japan launched an invasion of India. It aimed to capture Imphala garrison town in the Indian border province of Manipur, and so prevent a British return to Burma. In order to isolate Imphal from a large supply base at Dimapur, Japanese troops attacked the small village of Kohimawhich became the scene of ferocious fighting.

During the Battle of Kohima, Smyth used this horn to rally his troops. Smyth was killed in action on 7 Mayaged As he has no known grave, Smyth is commemorated on the Rangoon Memorial. In the Fourteenth Army was formed in India. He was immensely popular with the Indian, Gurkha and British troops under his command. This is the badge of the Fourteenth Army, which was deed by General Slim. He planned to invade Burma from the north, and so the sword points downward. The war in Burma drew in troops from across the British Empire.

These are two examples of unit inia. The first is the inia of Japanese girls looking for date Duxford West African Division. It depicts the spider Ananse, a character from West African mythology. The division recruited from British colonies including Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia, and fought mostly in the coastal Arakan region of southern Burma during and Made up of troops from the Indian North-West Frontier and the Punjab, as well as Gurkhas from Nepal and British soldiers from northern England, the division fought throughout the Burma campaign from to Hit by anti-aircraft fire the aircraft missed Illustrious, crashed into the sea and exploded a few metres from the ship.

From the summer of American heavy bomber aircraft, based on captured Pacific islands, had been able to strike Japanese cities. By summer these raids had destroyed large areas of Japan's major cities and caused enormous casualties. The bomb's blast, fire and radiation effects would ultimately kill more thanpeople.

This glass bottle was found in Hiroshima. It has been deformed by the effects of the bomb blast. In the days following the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and later of Nagasaki, the Japanese government debated whether to surrender. American aircraft could destroy Japanese cities at will, the Soviet Union had invaded Japanese-occupied Manchuria, and the Japanese home islands were also threatened with invasion.

On 15 August, Emperor Hirohito announced Japan's surrender. On 2 Septembera surrender document was ed aboard an American battleship moored in Tokyo Bay. A series of further surrender ceremonies followed in areas still occupied by the Japanese. Though the war between Japan and the Allies ended in Augustother conflicts in Asia and the Pacific continued.

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In September, British troops arrived in Java to take the surrender of Japanese forces and to recover prisoners of war and internees. Relations between British and Indonesian forces soon broke down, with a major battle erupting in Surabaya. Japanese troops clear pockets of resistance in the streets of the Malay city of Kuala Lumpur, January Indian refugees on the Prome Road from Rangoon, January Souvenirs and ephemera.

Golden nail used during a Japanese ceremony to mark the completion of the Burma-Thailand railway. Uniforms and inia. Unit inia of the 81st West African and 17th Indian Divisions. Vehicles, aircraft and ships. Glass bottle showing the effects of the atomic bomb explosion at Hiroshima. Related Content. Courtesy of Vancouver archives CVA Photograph by Walter E Frostt.

Between 12 and 18 SeptemberAllied forces sank three Japanese steamships that were carrying supplies to support the Japanese war effort. But unknown to the Allies at the time, these ships were also carrying Allied prisoners of war POWs and Javanese slave labourers romushas.

By JuneJapanese conquests encompassed a vast area of south-east Asia and the western Pacific. Share this Share on twitter Share on facebook.

Japanese girls looking for date Duxford

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