Gentleman for your needs

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Read full profile. It can mean a generic man, or a solid, dependable guy, or it can be a cloying word for the halcyon men of s advertisements. Or perhaps the definition of what makes a gentleman a gentleman is changing and evolving with the times, rather than remaining rooted in older principles and traditions. So what makes a gentleman? And how easy is it to actually become one?

This one is a basic requirement, so come on, guys, be clean! Keeping clean not only makes you smell infinitely nicer, it also makes going about your day-to-day life much more pleasant for those around you. Having good hygiene also helps maintain self-esteem and boosts your mood—some things you need to be a gentleman.

Being late is never attractive—fashion and parties be damned!

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Becoming a gentleman means having a focus on other people and so arriving at least 10 to 15 minutes early is advisable. If your route to work is often hindered by traffic that makes you late, head out earlier or find a new route. This one is not optional either: being a gentleman means being polite and well-mannered all the time, no matter what the circumstances. The way to think here is to lead by example. Imagine yourself as an outsider. What would you look for in a gentleman? Impeccable manners and behavior are always near the top of the list, so make sure that you always use your pleases and thank yous, even if no one else bothers.

One of the hallmarks of a true gentleman is that he dresses according to his own style and owns it. If you have a suit—and you should own at least one—make sure it fits well, but not tightly. Many gentleman often plump for toned down or strong color palettes and investing in some clean shirts, pants and jackets in solid, subdued colors navy, maroon, black, grey, white, etc. However, cutting down on the everyday swearing will have a positive effect on yourself and those around you and is certainly something you need to do to be a gentleman.

You cannot control everything, the world does not dance to the beat of your drum, Gentleman for your needs what you can control is how you react to situations and the choices you make. Getting angry Gentleman for your needs verbally abusive? Not the work of a gentleman. A gentleman tries to keep cool and calm and removes himself from the situation quietly if he fears he is getting too angry.

On a night out, a gentleman never drinks more than he can handle because getting wasted might ensure all his good attributes go out the window and he winds up back at square one. Always go the extra mile to help out a friend or a neighbor. Call your loved ones often—send gifts if you can; just generally be an upstanding guy who cares as much about the new couple in the apartment block as he does an old friend.

Letting yourself become kind has nothing but good benefits and will ensure your standing as a gentleman. Being considerate means being aware of your surroundings and the way you affect the people around you. A gentleman offers his seat on the bus to anyone who looks as if they may need one.

Respecting everyone is something a gentleman always does, no matter the circumstances; and looking down your nose at someone who appears to be further down the food chain than yourself is possibly the most disrespectful, ungentlemanly thing you could do. Absolutely everyone is worthy of your respect, so treat them accordingly and warmly, no matter your personal opinion of them. This also goes for respecting yourself: do not tear yourself down every time you make a mistake and think that you have made a colossal error.

You are human, and the best thing we can do is accept our mistakes and learn from them to do better in the future.

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Being the best person that you can be is the way of the gentleman. A man cannot be perfect, but striving towards the basic core of humanity and decency is what makes a gentleman, once you dig beneath the suits and the smiles. A true gentleman knows his limits and keeps trying to stretch them, going further to both improve himself and to aid other people in whatever way he can. Find your best qualities and work on them.

Find your worst qualities and work on trying to improve them.

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Gentleman for your needs

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