Dirty girl loves sexy men

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Why do men find bad girls to enticing yet they know they are bad news? Ever dated a bad girl? Have you ever felt insecure when a bad girl talks to your boyfriend? So what distinguishes the good girl from the bad girl? Well, the good girl is almost like your soft pillow, your relationship will be filled with lots of love, comfort, and security. Via Pineterest. Men love nudie magazines! Guys love this kind of woman because their bedroom life will never be boring.

Most good girls are clueless or conservative when it comes to sexual adventures. Via mobsee. Leave the heavy sweaters and thick outfits for the in-laws and get into one of those sexy outfits. Bad girls are never afraid to show their sexuality, something that most guys cannot resist. She will show up at a date looking hot but comfortable. Via pxleyes. Bad girls do not care about borders, and especially when it comes to recklessness. One thing that guys love about the bad girl is that she is spontaneous, and will be willing to try out anything at least once.

In case you want to show your bad side to your man, the best thing would be to go out there and experience new things, get a feel of what life has to offer and let your guy understand that you love a good adventure every now and then. Via Howcast. If you have encountered a bad girl, then you probably know that they are little devils that will flirt and seduce any man they get Dirty girl loves sexy men making their intentions so obvious. The bad girls are alluring, fun and sexy talkers who are known to give guys an exciting time without even touching them. Via complex. Unlike most girls who believe in the theory of the knight in shiny armor, the bad girl believes in standing up for herself.

She will be quick to defend what she believes in without fear, something that turns on guys. Bad girls are determined and motivated, and would hardly let anything get in the way of their dreams or goals. The best part about it is that they can do this without the help of any man!

Therefore, if you are the type of girl who gets everything done for them, then you are not being bad enough for your man. Via glamour. So what really attracts bad girls to men? Well, they believe in themselves, and they do Dirty girl loves sexy men need to conform to the rules of society to fit in. She is a good kind of misfit. Most people around her will pretend not to appreciate the way she lives her life, but half of them want to be like her secretly. Believe in yourself a little. Via huffpost. This does not mean that you have to be mean to your guy when things are falling apart for him.

However, bad girls will show their man the facts and the nature of the situation as it is. They will tend to help him understand his mistakes rather than sugarcoat the situation by giving him false hope. Sugarcoating helps ease the pain during a bad situation but guys will rather get shot in the head once than five times on the chest.

Via grantland.

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The truth hurts, but guys want a low maintenance girl around the house but would rather be seen walking in the street with a high maintenance girl. While this does not mean you should ask for the new Ferrari this evening, it means you need a little sophistication every now and then.

Men love to flaunt their women once in a while. Via bloggingblondes. After dating Dirty girl loves sexy men a while, things get normal, and most couples will try less to impress their spouses, meaning they will dress less sexy, avoid the makeup, never shave or add serious weight.

Well, a bad girl knows better than this. She understands the secret behind seduction and attraction; her looks matter just as much as her personality. If you have been less caring, you better style up! Via herfloor.

However, this behavior will make the guy take the girl more seriously. If you are the nice type of girl who is always warm and compromises a lot, you will be taken for granted and get walked all over. If you are the type that lets your guy make all the decisions, then you are nothing close to what guys are salivating over. Via thoughtcatalog. Not having a fun weekend? Most bad girls will not wait for a guy to walk into her life to fix her problem, this is because she can be able to step into the real world and fix her own problems without any help. With or without the help of her drooling boyfriend.

If you are the type of girl who needs a man to do anything, then you are not the bad girl type. Men love this about bad girls. She is the type of girl who will scare a man into trying to impress her more to get her attention. Bad girls are go-getters and will stop at nothing to achieve what their hearts desire.

Men like it when they come easy, but they also like it when it takes a lot of effort to get something. The thrill of the hunt! Via chatelaine. Well, this might come out rather bruising to the good girls but this might need clarification to understand.

Some bad girls will look good in public but behind closed doors, they are vicious beasts. In this context, good girls are those who are good through and through, this is the kind of girl your mother wishes for in a daughter in law.

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These kinds of girls will never be good in bed because they are not adventurous. Via thesoundofmymusings. Well, no one likes to be heart broken, and especially when it puts your life to a standstill. Women have the ability to feel deeper levels of emotion than men, reason why heartbreaks are harder on women.

In a way, bad girls remind us that we are human. Although emotional pain sucks, men kind of like it. Are you easy to figure out? In fact, they are the most unpredictable of women. Men love puzzles, and in case you are the easy type of girl to figure out, then they will get bored. While not all guys fancy mystery, most guys appreciate it. Bad girls are very mysterious in nature. They are elusive and secretive. As much as it sounds stupid, men live for this.

If it takes a simple text to figure you out, you might not be half as interesting for him to want you.

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Dirty girl loves sexy men

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Dirty men: Why women love 'em