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My Wife and I got married at the Riverside 2 years ago and celebrated our 2nd anniversary again at the Riverside. Brought back many memories. The staff was excellent in the hotel, pool and the Sandbar. Little more per night. We had a great time. See you next year. We loved the atmosphere at this property.

The drinks and food around the pool were amazing and the full breakfast can be beat. We loved the location along the river and had a great time renting scooters around town with scoters available right at the hotel. The beds were a bit hard would be our only complaint. This has potential to be a great stay but our made it less than ideal. The positives: wonderful breakfast options at their buffet.

Comfortable beds, spacious, clean rooms and decor. The negatives: pool closure posted right before opening. Huge disappointment since this was the reason we chose to stay here. We had a long day of car travel ahead and planned our entire morning around having our kids swim for an hour before departure only to be offered "sorry, did you not get to swim yesterday?

We witnessed the staff arrive at the pool from our hotel room-pool view an hour or so upon a 10am opening and s weren't posted of its closure until right before. The stated they would open at so that tells me the "treatment" most likely takes 4 or 5 hours. Had this been managed better, the pool could have been opened when guests expect it to be. Unlike weather or toileting accidents, the chemical issue seems like something they could have controlled.

At the very least, offer more than a seemingly insincere apology. That would have gone a lot farther when considering another BW stay in the future. Another negative was that we booked a room for 5. When realizing there wasn't enough bedding in the room, we informed staff and was told "sorry, our rooms are fully booked.

We don't have extra bedding. We could get by with just a blanket. Our kids were tired and the 45 minute delay to getting to bed while they came up with bedding was frustrating but they did pull through. Lastly, regardless of a pandemic, buffets should have sanitizer available before Boise guy looking for fist use utensils in the buffet lines.

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They did have an omelette station where you only touch your plate and the cook does everything else, which was a better option but the line was very long for only one employee to be running she was amazing though. Would I stay here again? Hard call because the pool is a huge draw.

We were just very disappointed with the handling of the situation. We finally did over the Fourth of July and it was so relaxing and enjoyable! The Riverside Hotel is a very popular property in the garden city area of Boise. The walking and bike trails adjacent to the property are a big plus. Rooms were large with comfy beds. I loved every minute of my time here. Everyone is so kind and helpful and it is a beautiful venue. Also shout-out to out shuttle driver Steve who was a gem. He was so kind and helpful and welcoming. He made our trip lovely. Thanks to Steve we had a great time attending a wedding reception and trout fishing the Boise river.

Without Steve we wouldn't have made it to cabelas for the fishing gear and s, then up to Red Robin for the float back to the hotel. We were catching trout in between tubers and asked these two to take pictures and send them back. Good times for sure. Thanks again. Right on the Green Belt near great amenities - a happening place. It was fully booked for our last trip but they handled the crowd well.

We usually ask for a room on the river side, but truthfully all rooms are pretty quiet. We love our return guests and we look forward to seeing Boise guy looking for fist next time you are in the area. We have stayed multiple times at this hotel and every time is as good as the last!

The service is always excellent, the rooms comfortable and the pool area is fabulous! We enjoyed a meal at the sandbar and the food and service was very good, despite being busy they were really on top of things. We will continue to return when in Boise area! We really appreciate you and we will continue to work hard to EARN your business. We loved our stay! We chose this hotel for its proximity to the Boise Greenbelt and really enjoyed using that walking trail a few times during our stay.

We knew it would be a nice hotel but our expectations were exceeded for sure! The breakfast in particular was one of the best included-in-your-stay breakfasts we've had anywhere! I mean…an omelette station?! The room was comfortable. We would absolutely stay again and next time would come ready to enjoy ALL the amenities. I am so happy to read that we exceeded your expectations. That is always our goal.

I was also very glad to read that you would like to stay with us again. We look forward to welcoming you back. First let me say we love this place.

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Ive been coming here since the mid 70s. It has been kept up-to-date, the rooms are spacious, the beds are comfortable, the staff is helpful and friendly, the pool area is exceptional, it is clean and the grounds are well managed, and its nearly like a small resort. The restaurant is well managed and has great food along with its great staff.

This is why we love it when we come to Boise. So, why not "5" stars? The house noise music that is playing around the pool. They have live music that is wonderful. Thats not the problem. To bring atmosphere to the pool area they have recorded noise playing all he time live music is not playing. All you hear however is the continual "thump" "thump" "thump" constantly repeating itself all day long and past PM when you would like to sleep. You don't hear music. You just hear the thumping of the base.

Close the door and turn the TV and you still hear it. Come on. Its after PM People want to sleep. Sit outside during the day and you are tortured by the noise.

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I love music. This aint music and when you are feet from the speaker thank goodness you don't hear music. I suggest they look into other forms of music where the band doesn't rely entirely on an ongoing "base". And turn it off at PM. BTW: The manager Rick was everywhere! Always doing something including hauling peoples luggage to their room, checking the facilities, greeting people, picking up trash You name it, he was doing it!

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Great employee! I love hearing from our guests especially when this helps us to improve. I honestly have never noticed that the base is so loud in the pool area but tomorrow I am going to check that and find out what is going on. Thank you for helping us to get better. We arrived and turned down the bed; the bed had blue fibers, and there was a straw wrapper laying on the sheet. We felt the one bed was clean, so Boise guy looking for fist decided to sleep in that bed since it was so late and fix the problem in the morning.

We called, and they were accommodating and said they would send someone in the morning to change all the sheets. The next morning we marked the sheets so we would know if the maid had changed them. When we returned and checked the sheets, we didn't have to use our mark to tell if the maid had changed the sheets; the straw wrapper was still there, and so were the blue fibers.

The one bed had clean sheets, but the maid had just remade the dirty bed. We called the desk very upset, and they immediately sent someone to change the sheets. We enjoyed our stay at the hotel, and the service was outstanding, but dirty sheets do not make a great hotel for me. I am so sorry you did not have clean sheets on the bed. That is absolutely unacceptable and I thank you for making me aware of this.

Boise guy looking for fist

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